Can You Lift A Dodge Durango? Legally? How Much?

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An underrated upgrade for many SUVs like the Dodge Durango is a lift. You can do this to increase vehicle performance and give it a sleek look. If you want to increase your tire size, you will struggle to go too big without lifting the vehicle. The extra ground clearance is essential to make it work, and this is why so many people opt to lift a Dodge Durango. 

Can You Lift A Dodge Durango 1 Can You Lift A Dodge Durango? Legally? How Much?

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Can You Lift A Dodge Durango? 

Yes, you can legally lift a Dodge Durango but consider finding your options from a technician with experience. You should only lift your Durango between 1-3 inches to slightly increase ground clearance and allow for larger tires to increase off-road driving stability, handling, and performance.

Another thing to consider when trying to lift a Dodge Durango is the suspension system. Because you are raising the vehicle, it could cause problems and require you to upgrade the suspension. This would be an expensive upgrade, but this guide will help you determine all of these questions. 

With years of experience working with lift kits and different SUVs, we can provide accurate analysis and information about what vehicles you can lift. This includes Dodge Durangos and how they operate.  

Can You Lift A Dodge Durango?

You can lift a Dodge Durango, but you need to consider a few factors to ensure it is done safely. You should also consider why you want to lift your Durango to get the right equipment for the job. 

For example, many drivers choose to lift a Dodge Durango to increase the tire size of their vehicle. This helps with more off-road stability. 

By lifting your Durango, you will increase the ground clearance and eliminate any risks of the larger tires making contact with the fenders.

The tire treads will wear down faster, and the fenders can break when this happens. This ends up costing a lot more money in repairs over time too. 

Be aware that some high-level adjustments are needed, and if you have no experience with a lift kit, you may be better off bringing the vehicle to a mechanic to do this. 

How Much Can You Lift A Dodge Durango?

In theory, you can lift a Dodge Durango as much as you want within reason, depending on the stock tires, wheels, and body type. However, too much lift can have a reverse effect.

If you were to lift the Durango too high, you would sacrifice vehicle balance and stability. We recommend a lift between 1-3 inches on average. 

However, the perfect lift amount will always depend on the tire size. You will need more lift if you plan to use 35-inch tires than sticking with stock tires. 

What Do You Need To Lift A Dodge Durango?

Can You Lift A Dodge Durango 1 1 Can You Lift A Dodge Durango? Legally? How Much?

The Dodge Durango is a four-wheel-drive SUV with a height of 6.2 feet. This means that it is not the best option for off-road driving and can be challenging to leave the ground on steep inclines.

Many different modifications can be made to the vehicle to fix this issue, such as adding a body lift kit, the installation of larger tires, or replacing the suspension system with a more aggressive one.

Lift Kit

A lift kit is a modification for a truck that raises the truck’s height. The goal of this modification is to improve the truck’s looks and make it more difficult for other vehicles to get under it.

You will need this hardware kit or an alternative leveling kit to successfully lift a Dodge Durango to your desired lift height and ground clearance.


If you want to use your Durango off-road, upgrading the shocks to increase absorption capabilities is necessary to avoid damaging your suspension while driving. 

Some suspension lift kits will also include shocks, but most of the time, you will need to find a new set that matches your lift amount and vehicle type. 

Bigger Tires

When you lift your Durango, the stock size likely won’t match. To maintain the exact tire size and prevent tire wear, you will need to replace your stock tires with bigger ones.

The bigger tires may also need a different wheel size, resulting in having to buy new wheels or simply upgrading your current set.

Suspension Upgrade

Another thing you may need to upgrade is the suspension. This most likely won’t be necessary, but if it fits the budget, it is worth the investment. 

This is especially true if you plan to take your Durango off-road more. You can get a suspension better built for rugged terrain to improve handling, traction, and horsepower. 

Why Should You Lift A Dodge Durango?

Lifting a Dodge Durango could be the perfect solution for you, depending on your driving style. It will give you extra ground clearance, better driving ability on larger tires, and improved off-road handling. 

Extra Ground Clearance

The Dodge Durango is a great truck, but installing an aftermarket lift kit can give you extra ground clearance and make driving safer and more enjoyable.

You can also adjust the lift to provide your desired amount of ground clearance. This gives you plenty of versatility, depending on other components of your vehicle. 

It is typically used to increase ground clearance and improve handling by adding more weight over the wheels.

This means that you can drive around in your lifted truck without worrying about scraping your bumper on anything.

Better For Larger Tires

You can put larger tires on your Dodge Durango when you lift it. This is one reason why many people do it, especially for off-road riding.

The size of the tires will change the shape of the wheel wells, and therefore, you’ll have to replace some parts of the suspension system and other components.

Improved Off-Road Handling

A lifted Durango can be an excellent choice for those who like to go off-roading. It is best to add larger tires to go with the extra ground clearance to build the perfect off-road machine.

The reason this is so effective is that the wheelbase gets bigger too, making your vehicle much more stable. This allows improved handling on the rugged terrain of an off-road drive. 

Is It Safe To Lift A Dodge Durango?

There is no such thing as a factory-approved lift kit, so you won’t find anything from Dodge claiming it is safe to do. But Durango drivers do it every day successfully.

However, it is only safe when it is done correctly. This is why consulting with a professional technician who understands how lift kits work is the safest option. 

They will be able to recommend the ideal lift amount that suits your vehicle. You can also take measurements on your own to determine what will work best.