Can You Take the Back Seats Out of a KIA Soul? Easy DIY Guide

If you are considering a KIA Soul, you know that it is a small crossover vehicle with limited space and excellent gas mileage. It works well for cross-country trips, commutes, and city drives, and will save you money on gas in the long run.

However, if you want to camp in it, you will need extra space. Can you take the back seats out of KIA Soul? 

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Can You Take the Back Seats Out of a KIA Soul? 

The KIA Soul seats five people, two in front and one bench in the back. However, the seats don’t fold flat, and it can be aggravating if you are on a solo road trip and want to sleep in the back of your KIA or have a lot of stuff to pack. 

While the back seats of a Soul don’t come out easily like some minivans, it is possible to access the bolts that keep them attached to the floor of the car.

With the proper tools, you can take out the back seats and fly solo in your KIA Soul. You can take the back seats out of KIA Soul, but it takes some work. 

They are bolted down to the body of the car and don’t lift out easily like some other models. However, once you take the back seats out, you have much more room for packing and camping. 

The back seats of a KIA Soul might be in the way when you need to camp or pack it full, but you can take them out with the right tools. This guide will lead you through the steps of taking out the back seats and how to put them back in once you need to transport more passengers. 

How Do You Take the Back Seats Out of a Kia Soul

To take the back seats out of a KIA Soul, you only need to loosen and remove the bolts that hold the seats in place, then pull the seats out. This sounds simple, but there’s more to it than that. 

Part of answering the question “can you take the back seats out of a Kia Soul?” is knowing how to do it. Here is a guide to pulling out the seats in your KIA Soul and putting them back in when you need to. 

Make Sure the Seat Belts are Loose

Fortunately, the answer to “can you take the back seats out of a Kia Soul?” is easy. But, you need to take some steps.

In some models of the KIA Soul, you will have to remove the seat belt mounts to prevent them from tangling with the seat. 

Most older models, however, you can simply take them off the seat and leave them hanging or hook them into the ceiling. 

Loosen and Remove All Bolts

Underneath the carpeting on the back of the folded-down seats are eight bolts. 

These bolts hold the backs of the seats down to the floor of the car. 

While they are tightly screwed on, you should be able to loosen and remove all eight of them on your own. 

When these are removed, set them aside so you don’t lose them. 

There is one more bolt holding the seat down to the floor. 

It should be in the middle of the bench and larger than the others. 

Once you get this out, the entire bench should be loose enough to pull out of the car. 

Can You Take the Back Seats Out of a KIA Soul 1 Can You Take the Back Seats Out of a KIA Soul? Easy DIY Guide

Pull Out the Seats

After the bolts are out, you can simply lift and pull the seats out of the car. 

It’s best to do this through the trunk, as that will give you the most room to maneuver the bench out of the car. 

If it doesn’t come out easily, check for more bolts or anything it might be caught on. 

With that, you’ve completely removed the back seat of a KIA Soul.

You’ll be able to pack it up with camping supplies or move all of your stuff in it without overloading the car. 

Although the KIA can’t tow much, it will be able to do more without the back seats. 

How to Put Back Seats Into a Kia Soul

Once you’ve gone on your trip, you might decide you want the seats back in your Soul. That’s perfectly acceptable. After all, it’s always nice to be able to take more passengers. 

It’s an easy process to put the car seats back into the Soul. 

All you have to do is reverse the process of taking it out. 

Maneuver the seats back to their original position and lock them in place. 

Once they are back where they belong, it should be easy to reposition and tighten the bolts again. 

Make sure that the bolts are extremely tight at this point so that any potential passengers are safe. 

If you are missing hardware, replace it before allowing anyone to ride in the car. 

Once the seats are in, reattach the seatbelts (and mounts if you took those out) and ensure that everything is safe. 

Check the manual or the KIA website if you have questions or problems with your backseat.

However, the entire system should be relatively quick and easy. 


Can you take the back seats out of a Kia Soul? Yes. Despite this guide, you might have some further questions

If we haven’t answered your questions already, check out these frequently asked questions and their answers for more information. 

Where should I store my KIA back seat? 

If you’ve taken out the backbench of your KIA, you probably want to keep it just in case you need it again. 

Put all the bolts and hardware in a plastic sealable bag or container and keep them in your toolbox. 

Without these, you won’t be able to put the seat back in the car. 

Ensure the car seat is covered properly, so it doesn’t gather dust or get eaten by vermin, and store it in your garage. 

Do Kia Soul seats fold flat? 

Can you take the back seats out of a Kia Soul? Yes, but you might not want to. You might be thinking that you could save a lot of work if the seats of a KIA fold flat. 

However, KIA Soul seats fold down, but not entirely flat. 

While it’s okay for packing and transporting things, it would be cramped and uncomfortable to sleep in the back of a KIA Soul with the seats folded down. 

How big is the back of a Kia Soul?

The back of a KIA Soul is 61.3 cubic feet with the seats folded down. 

With chairs in their normal upright position, it is 24.2 cubic feet. 

This space is a huge difference and is even more substantial when the seats are removed.

The length of the trunk of a KIA Soul is great for camping or packing. 

Can you lay down in a Kia Soul? 

With the seats folded down or taken out, it is easy and comfortable to lay down in a KIA Soul. 

You can go on a camping trip or sleep overnight in it without any problems (although we recommend using a memory foam pad or an extra thick sleeping bag).

It might be somewhat cramped with two people, but it is still doable. 

Final Thoughts: Can you Take The Back SEats Out Of A Kia Soul?

Can you take the back seats out of a Kia Soul? The answer is yes. This article gives you all the tips to do so!

Now you know how to take the seats out of a KIA Soul. Should you need to go on a cross-country trip and need a place to sleep, don’t count out the back of your car!

You can also pack a lot more into a KIA Soul with no backseats. As always, be safe on the road and enjoy your journey. 

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