Does The Ford Edge Have Transmission Problems?

Ford is a company that has been around for a long time.

Ford Edge is one of their newer cars, and it seems to have transmission problems. 

Ford’s website says the following about this: “The Ford Edge features an all-new 10-speed automatic transmission that provides best-in-class acceleration and towing capability with improved fuel efficiency.”

Does The Ford Edge Have Transmission Problems?

Yes, many Ford Edge owners have had problems with their transmissions. This is not an isolated incident with the Edge, as there have been many reports of Ford vehicles having transmission problems in the last few years.

Read on to find out more!

Do Ford Edge Cars Come with Faulty Automatic Transmissions?

There have been several Ford Edge motorists who claim that their vehicles’ automatic transmissions are faulty. 

Unfortunately, this is not the only Ford model to suffer from transmission problems! Many Ford models such as the Fusion and Escape experience these issues too. 

Ford’s automatic transmissions are manufactured by Ford themselves, who moved away from Ford to an outside supplier.

This is what Ford has to say about their Edge models: “The Ford Edge features an all-new automatic transmission that provides best-in-class acceleration and towing capability with improved fuel efficiency.” 

The statement goes on further, saying how the new model will be better than ever before! It comes equipped with a ten-speed gearbox, which they claim is more efficient. 

But this might not be true for everyone.

What Are The Ford Edge Transmission Problems?

Ford’s automatic Ford transmission problems vary and can range from slipping gears to faulty control modules, which often result in the vehicle stalling unexpectedly. 

If you own a Ford Edge or any other type of car made by Ford recently, chances are your vehicle may also come equipped with one of those highly defective automatic Ford transmissions.

This is a quote from one Ford Edge owner: “My Ford edge has been nothing but trouble since I bought it! It stalls out on me even when I’m going slow! Sometimes it does not shift properly as well.”

Do Ford cars have faulty tranny? 

This person claims that their Ford Edge was very unreliable and had to be taken into the shop multiple times before they could fix whatever issues there were with its transmission. 

They go on further about how this car stalled many times while driving only at low speeds or just sitting still completely idle.

What Other Ford Edge Problems Are Most Common?

The Ford Edge has several different problems, and they happen to be more common than you might think. 

Ford’s automatic transmissions have been causing issues for many Ford owners recently, with the most popular being this:

  • Transmission slips gears/ won’t shift properly or at all
  • Vehicle stalling unexpectedly while driving or completely idle
  • Automatic transmission overheating issue leading to malfunctioning parts that cause failure soon after being repaired multiple times by mechanics following an initial fix from Ford itself. This problem is prevalent since the heat experienced in these engines tends to expose any faulty components on those defective Ford transmissions sooner rather than later.

Ford Edge problems are very common, but Ford’s automatic transmissions seem to be the most problematic.

What Can Be Done?

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do but get your Ford Edge towed to a Ford dealership or repair shop for them to look at it and determine what might be causing these transmission issues with their car. 

They will probably tell you that they need to keep your vehicle overnight to run diagnostics on your Ford transmission (which could take up several hours) before coming back with an answer regarding the problem! 

However, if you act quickly enough, this should not cost you too much money, if any, since Ford already has extended warranty coverage when customers purchase their cars brand new from dealers.

Are Some Ford Edge Model Years Better Than Others?

Ford claims that its newer models will be much more reliable than before, and Ford Edge owners seem to agree. 

Ford’s Ford Edge models from 2011-2013 were known to have noticeable transmission problems that Ford only recently began recalling and fixing to improve their Ford edge reliability. 

This is what Ford has to say about the newer (2014) Ford Edge: “The all-new Ford Edge comes equipped with a ten-speed gearbox, which they claim is more efficient.” The statement goes on further, saying how the new model will be better than ever before!

What Are Some Ford Edge Pros and Cons?

Ford Edge Pro’s – Ford claims that their newer Ford edge models (2011-2013) are much more reliable than before.

Additional warranties are provided when customers purchase Ford cars brand new from dealers. 

This warranty is only given to the original owner of a car and not if it has been sold/transferred to someone else since then. 

Ford Claims this covers any transmission problems with their Ford transmissions.

Cons: People who bought their car used or second-hand do NOT get additional coverage under these extended warranties unless they purchased them after 2013, even though the problem still exists in older model years. 

If you own one of those older Ford Edge models made between 2010-2012, then your vehicle will be entirely out of luck since Ford does not have any extended coverage for those models.

You are entirely on your own if you buy one of these used Ford Edge cars made before 2013!

What Can I Do to Minimize Transmission Problems?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it other than repairing whatever damage might be done by attempting a repair yourself or taking them into a car shop and paying for this service. 

Some mechanics claim they cannot even fix some Ford transmissions successfully without ordering new parts that will cost more money out of pocket. 

It has been recommended by many people who are well versed with how these Ford transmissions work that you should always take your Ford Edge to a professional no matter what the problem might be.

If I have Transmission Problems, Should I Trade in My Ford Edge?

That is up to you, but Ford Edge owners claim that their car’s transmission problems don’t get fixed and continue to persist. 

However, the good news about this problem with Ford transmissions is that it appears to be a lot less common among newer models of Ford cars (2014-present). 

Owners who bought brand new Ford cars from dealerships should not have any trouble getting extended warranty coverage on their vehicles since they will be covered under warranty for as long as 12 months after purchasing their vehicle.

What Kind of Transmission Fluid Do I Need?

Ford suggests using only “licensed” products made by them to avoid possible problems and Ford edge transmission failure. 

Ford Edge cars have a Ford-specific type of Transmission Fluid that you can only purchase from your local Ford dealership or an authorized Ford parts supplier.

How Long Does a Ford Edge Last?

Ford claims Ford Edge cars last “up to 100,000 miles,” but it is unclear if they mean that the Ford Edge will have zero problems or just some minor bugs here and there.

Ford’s website states: “All Ford Edge models are designed with a long life in mind.” This statement seems more like a way of saying their Ford transmissions might fail at any time without warning, so be prepared!

What Does This All Mean for Me?

If you buy one of these used Ford Edge cars from 2010-2012 model years, then you need to purchase an extended warranty on top of your regular car insurance policy.

There isn’t much you can do about it other than going into debt by purchasing an extended warranty that Ford claims won’t even fix the problem anyway! Ford has not made any announcements about fixing these Ford transmissions for their older Ford Edge models and seems to be implying they will continue to fail.

Closing Thoughts

If you want a Ford car with fewer problems, then we suggest purchasing one of their newer 2014-present model years that seems like it would have significantly fewer issues overall.

Even if your transmission does go out, however, Ford edge owners claim that there is no way of knowing when this might happen unless you constantly check your dashboard computer screen. 

Finally, Ford edge owners claim that Ford’s extended warranty is completely useless and a waste of money. 

It seems like Ford knows their transmissions are faulty but do not make any announcements about the problem to avoid having to pay out on all those warranties they sold.

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