Can You Use Flex Seal On A Car Engine?

Flex Seal is a very handy product to have around. It’s not only effective in fixing leaks, weatherizing, and sealing out moisture, but it’s also great for carrying out minor repairs on automobiles including convertibles, ATVs, trucks, RVs, and more. 

You can’t use Flex Seal on your car engines. Using the product on car parts that are continuously subjected to high pressure and heat causes it to lose effectiveness. However, Flex Seal products can be used to carry out minor repairs and to provide an extra layer of protection to your car.

Available in various forms, Flex Seal is a convenient and durable way to fix many car issues — but not all. Let’s take a look at when and how to properly use this versatile and long-lasting product.

Can You Use Flex Seal on a Car Engine? 

Man or auto mechanic worker hands checking the car engine oil and maintenance

Using Flex Seal on your engine isn’t recommended as it can’t withstand the heat. It doesn’t work effectively on car parts that are continuously exposed to high heat. 

You can, however, use Flex Tape (on Amazon) to patch up a hole in your exhaust system, but remember that it’s a temporary solution. This tape will most likely melt over time as engine parts can get really hot.

How Can You Use Flex Seal on Your Car?

Flex Seal (on Amazon) and related products work great on many surfaces including metal, plastic, fiberglass, aluminum, and glass among others.

As these materials are often used in cars, Flex Seal can be used on your car too, in the following ways:

Secure Exterior Trim 

Exterior detailing, weatherstripping, and trim can become loose with time. Since your car’s exterior is frequently exposed to moisture, it’s best to use a waterproof adhesive to fix these issues.  

From a truck’s bed trim to RV weather stripping, Flex Glue (on Amazon) works effectively even in wet conditions to maintain your car’s exterior. 

Headlight Casing Repair

Damage to your headlight casings due to sun deterioration, a fender bender, or road debris can make your car look unsightly. You need to fix the casing to protect it from further damage and to stop the water from pooling inside. 

Flex Tape can patch up a headlight casing without any trouble. This strong weatherproof tape protects the bulb while allowing the light to pass through. It’s also available in a travel size that’s very convenient to store in the glove compartment for repairs on the go.

Fix Side View Mirrors

Driver hands adjusting side view mirror of a car

Your side view mirrors can easily become damaged in minor accidents. Sometimes, instead of replacing it, you just need a quick fix to keep the side mirror attached.

Flex Tape’s super strength makes it possible to keep the mirror in place until you can replace it.

Prevent Damage to Wheel Wells

The wheel wells of your car are frequently hit by mud, dirt, or rocks while driving. This damage can be even worse if you drive your car off-road. 

Flex Seal spray adds an extra protection layer to your car’s wheel beds, providing you with complete peace of mind. Spraying parts of your car with this spray creates a waterproof, rubberized barrier that reduces damage from debris and rocks and keeps away rust.  

Repair or Add a Truck Bed Lining

Flex Seal spray can also be used to repair or add a truck bed liner. Truck beds get damaged with regular use, and the exposed metal in their lining can also become rusted when damaged. 

Spraying Flex Seal over the truck bed lining helps to keep the moisture out while creating a rubberized, protective barrier. 

Fix Fabric Covers

Fixing fabric covers that develop a tear or rip is a breeze with Flex Seal products. Don’t throw away your damaged fabric covers — fix them with Flex Tape instead.

This strong, rubberized waterproof tape helps to extend the life of snowmobile, motorcycle, or ATV covers, convertible tops, RV awnings, and more. 

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