Gifts for Toyota Tundra Owners | 14 Must-See Gift Ideas!

If you know someone who just bought their first Toyota Tundra, it is time to get them a gift to celebrate. Even if this isn’t their first Toyota, you might be wondering what to get someone for the upcoming holidays. Don’t worry, there are tons of gifts for Toyota Tundra owners; all you have to do is look around.

Right now is the perfect time to find gifts for Toyota truck owners especially if you don’t have a clue as to what to give for a birthday, holiday or just because.

14 Gifts for Toyota Tundra Owners

If you have been searching for the perfect gift or gear but have had no luck, start with this list. Every item is easy to get and perfect for Toyota truck owners. Start shopping now.

Toyota Tundra Center Console Insert Organizer

Think about getting this insert organizer if you have a friend who loves to stay organized and has a 2014-2020 truck. They will have a place for their keys, coins, and more. There is space for a wallet and even places for family members to put their stuff. It takes just minutes to install and is made out of durable ABS plastic. The best thing about this gift for Toyota Tundra owners is that it is super easy to sanitize and clean every week or month.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

If your friend or loved one needs something to help clean out their Tundra, this is the best gift ever. It is a portable handheld vacuum that makes cleaning out the car no hassle. It comes with four different attachments that help suck, scrub, and clean the floors and seats of the truck. It comes with a small charger and a bag to keep all of the pieces in. The bag fits snugly under the seat or in the back of the truck to get to easily.

Silver Toyota Tundra Keychain

If you want something personalized for your Toyota owner, this keychain is the perfect solution. It comes with a silver plate on a real leather band attached to a keyring. On the silver plate, it has the word Toyota etched into it. This is a cute stocking stuffer or a good small gift to go with a bigger gift. It is meaningful without being an over-the-top gift.

YETI Rambler 20 oz Tumbler

Trucks are known to be some of the best options for the winter months. This gift is perfect for those Toyota drivers who are also headed to work on snow days. They can grab a hot cup of coffee on the way out and know it will stay warm in their cupholder. This tumbler is insulated so it will keep the drinks hot, and the top has a slider that opens and closes. You know the liquid will stay in the cup while driving around through the snow. No one wants sloshing drinks!

Car Trash Can

Is someone on the road a ton? This car trash can is the perfect gift for Toyota Tundra owners. It comes with storage pockets to hold extra garbage bags and, best of all, a lid to keep the trash in. The best part about this gift is that it comes in various colors, making it the perfect gift for men or women. This trash can has a two-gallon capacity, making it a great size for a truck and collapsible. When it’s not in use, it can be folded right up.

Car Phone Mount

Many states want drivers to be a “hands-free” state, which means that drivers should not be holding their phones. This gift is a good solution for those who hold their phones when using the GPS or calling someone on speakerphone. They can hook up the mount easily to the front of their dash or somewhere they can view it. It has an adhesive on the bottom, making it easy to place anywhere with a flat surface, and the arm can be moved in different directions after being put in place.

Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats

During the winter months, salt and dirt can easily accumulate in a truck. One of the best gifts to give your loved one this year are heavy-duty floor mats. These are made of thick rubber, and the best thing is they can be shaken out easily and even mopped later on. They are easy to place in and easy to remove later on. It is a good item for weather protection and protecting the floor of a car. These can come in various colors, so you will find one that matches the Tundra.

Raised Tailgate Insert Letters

Made with ABS plastic, these car sticker letters will last through all seasons. These are classic raised letters that spell out the word TUNDRA. This is a great gift for Toyota Tundra owners. This is great for anyone who has a 2014-2021 Tundra and wants to show off their car. It is a way to make the tailgate stand out and look unique among all of the other Tundra owners. The best news is anyone can install these stickers one at a time with light pressure.

Car Detailing Putty Car Vent

If you notice your friend has dusty car vents grabbing them detailing putty. They can grab a handful of the putty and smush it on the car vents. It will pick up any small little dust mites that may go unnoticed. This car putty has a cherry blossom aroma that has been formulated to get all the nooks and crannies of a car. It is reusable and simple to use. Anyone can pick it up and start cleaning while they’re not driving. They can also use this for other objects in their home like keyboards and TV remotes.

Custom Liner Accessories

One of the best gifts for Toyota Tundra owners is custom car liners. These can sit in the console and even the cup holders giving the truck a super sleek and edgy look. The best feature about this is they can easily be replaced with a different color depending on the vibe of a person. You can choose white, black, red, blue, and silver. Whatever color of car they have is a good color to stick with if you are unsure. These liners are compatible with Tundra 2014-2021 versions.

Harmony Audio R104 Dual 10″ Sub Box

Looking for a subwoofer for a Toyota Tundra owner? This is your best bet! The sub box is bundled with an HA-A400.1. Unfortunately, you will have to ensure the Toyota Tundra is a 2007-2013 and not a newer model for this gift. It can be installed under the car seats, making it good for those owners looking to conserve space and still get the best audio in their trucks. This is a more expensive gift but is good for those gift-givers who have a bigger budget.

Glove Box Compartment Car Accessories Organizer

This soft zipper pouch organizer is perfect for new truck owners to keep their registration and other car receipts in. It can help hold things like car insurance and owner manual in too. Everything can be kept in one place, and no information will be lost with the help of this awesome gift. It will keep clutter to a minimum and will allow them to find their information quickly and efficiently.

Echo Auto- Hands-free Alexa

Everyone has an Alexa now, but what you may not know is that there is an Alexa for your car or truck now. It can be hooked up inside of the car and connected to the user’s cell phone. This is great for playing music, asking questions, or even keeping the kids entertained. However, with this gift, you will have to ensure their car is compatible with this device. Not all Alexa’s will work with all car models.

Lifeline AAA Premium Road Kit

This 42 piece kit is something all truck and car owners should carry with them. If your family friend or loved one does not have a road kit yet, it’s time to get them one. This kit comes with jumper cables, flashlights, and a first aid kit in case of emergencies. All of the pieces come in a small compact kit that can easily be hidden under the seats of the truck or in the back.

Summing It Up

If you have been searching for the best gifts for Toyota Tundra owners, these are good places to start. There are tons of gifts meant for various cars, but you can also find specific items for Tundras. Right now is the best time to start shopping before it is all sold out and before the new Tundra gets released.


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