How To Reset the Maintenance Light On A Fj Cruiser

Simplicity and efficiency have been the hallmark of the design and manufacture of Toyota FJ Cruisers

Over the past few years, Toyota has used a standard way of resetting Toyota maintenance required light. 

At 4,500 miles, a blinking light on the instrument panel will notify you that the oil and filter need to be replaced. 

This can also happen when there is a need for a replacement or inspection of other components at that mileage interval. 

The light will stop blinking at 5,000 miles and stay on until it is reset. 

After an oil change, the light must be reset so that you get a proper notification for the following oil change. 

How to Reset the Maintenance Light on A FJ Cruiser

You can reset the maintenance light on the Toyota FJ Cruiser by using the trip odometer and turning the keys in the ignition in the right combination of steps. It’s a simple process that shouldn’t take more than a minute to complete if you know what you’re doing.

Here are the steps to follow to reset the maintenance light on an FJ Cruiser:

  1. Put the FJ Cruiser’s key in the ignition
  2. To get the accessories on (ACC) or Lock position, turn the key forward one click
  3. You can now reset the odometer by pushing the odometer reset button. FJ Cruiser will show Trip A and Trip B on the dashboard display screen, and then the actual odometer reading
  4. Turn the ignition key one more time while holding the odometer reset button down with your other hand. Without the engine running, the instrument panel lights and other electrical components can be activated in this position. 
  5. While holding the odometer reset button, keep an eye on the six dashes on the screen till they disappear. It will take about five seconds for this to complete. 
  6. Release the odometer reset button as soon as six zeroes show instead of the fading dashes. 
  7. Take a look at the display panel on the dashboard of your FJ Cruiser to see if the “maintenance required” light has gone off. Repeat the procedure above if the issue persists. 

This remains the standard procedure for most of the Toyota FJ Cruiser of model years 2007 through 2011. 

In some models, the maintenance required light is referred to as the oil replacement reminder light. 

This is common for models sold in the United States of America. 

The light serves as a reminder to change the oil in your vehicle’s engine.

A few seconds after the ignition key is turned ON, this light will come on.

As soon as you drive 4,500 miles following an engine oil change, this indicator glows for around three seconds and starts flashing for about 12 seconds with the ignition switched to ON position.

You risk damaging your engine if you continue driving in this state without changing the engine oil. 

The engine oil plays a significant role in the overall health of your FJ Cruiser.

When the oil is leaking, or the level is low, it will even cause more damages since the moving parts will not be adequately lubricated. 

The maintenance light alerts you to change the oil (routine maintenance) to your FJ Cruiser. 

This process doesn’t require an expert mechanic. 

But if you don’t have the necessary skills to change the oil, consider using the services of an expert. 

Once the service has been done, you must reset the light.

If your maintenance was done at an authorized service center, the technician will reset the maintenance light and set the next maintenance period.

But if you did the maintenance yourself, you must consider resetting the light by following the steps above. 

If unsuccessful, the light may continue flashing on the FJ Cruiser dashboard. 

How To Reset the Maintenance Light On A Fj Cruiser 1 How To Reset the Maintenance Light On A Fj Cruiser

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

After how long should I wait before servicing my Toyota FJ Cruiser?

Toyota advises that you have your FJ Cruiser serviced every 5,000 miles or six months, depending on whichever comes first. 

But you should not wait until the six months elapse if you feel that something is not working fine.

Also, if you have driven more than 5,000 miles in fewer than six months, it is critical to have your FJ Cruiser checked and serviced.

The “maintenance red” light may start flashing at this point. 

It is advisable to have it serviced and reset before you embark on another trip with your car. 

Are Toyota FJ Cruisers high maintenance SUVs?

Although the Toyota FJ Cruiser has a powerful engine and a huge physique, the PMS expenses of this car are very low compared to its competitors of the same class and price range.

Toyota has always stayed true to its ethos of designing affordable vehicles both in initial price and maintenance costs. 

Maintaining a Toyota FJ Cruiser is cheaper than its counterparts like the Fortuner and the Hilux. 

How many miles can a Toyota FJ Cruiser last?

If you follow the manufacture’s recommended maintenance plan, the FJ Cruiser can go over 250K miles without experiencing any major mechanical issues. 

The longevity of these SUVs is entirely dependent on regular repair and adhering to its strict scheduled maintenance. 

Many car owners have reported driving the Toyota FJ Cruiser more than 300,000 miles with only a few minor cosmetic flaws. 

This makes the Toyota FJ Cruiser one of the most reliable SUVs from Toyota Motors. 

Is it ok to buy a Toyota FJ Cruiser with high mileage reading?

Buying a used vehicle has no guarantee of longevity, but a used Toyota FJ Cruiser is one of the safest high mileage SUVs to buy. 

Thanks to the FJ Cruiser’s reputation for dependability, longevity, durability, and minimal maintenance expenses. 

Toyota Motor ensures that all vehicles in their lineup are designed to last longer. 

Every model year comes with significant improvements to ensure they are safe and last even longer. 

Also, if you are in the market for a used vehicle, insist on seeing the vehicle’s maintenance history. 

If the vehicle was maintained as stipulated in the manufacturer’s manual, it is likely to give you a good and lasting user experience. 

Is the Toyota FJ Cruiser a reliable SUV to buy?

Yes, Consumer Reports says that the Toyota FJ Cruiser is a very reliable vehicle. 

Whether you are looking for a vehicle with the best off-road capability or a workhorse for your jobs, the FJ is a great choice. 

It is powered by a potent engine and comes with a spacious interior for carrying more cargo.

This adventure-ready SUV will handle any terrain with ease, thanks to its high ground clearance.

Compared to other SUVs of the same class and price range, the FJ offers an above-average reliability rating that rivals fail to achieve. 

How many years can an FJ Cruiser last?

With proper maintenance and strictly following the manufacturer’s schedule, the FJ Cruiser can last over 25 years and still give its user desirable service. 

The Cruiser lineup has its roots dating back to the ’50s and is designed to survive the most difficult condition and outlast many other vehicle brands. 

It is designed to handle off-road terrains while performing well on the highway and streets. 

If used as a commuter vehicle, the FJ Cruiser is capable of lasting much longer. 


Routine maintenance of your Cruiser FJ is very important to keep it running in its best form. 

While you can continue driving even after the light starts flashing, this is very risky and not recommended.

All maintenance alerts should be addressed immediately they happen to reduce the risk of incurring costly repair costs when other parts of the engine are damaged. 

Driving the FJ Cruiser on low oil or when it requires maintenance will reduce its life. 

For longevity, you must ensure that the vehicle is checked as recommended by the manufacturer on the owner’s manual. 

These intervals may differ from one trim level to the other. 

But the most critical is that it should not be skipped whatsoever. 

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