Is Porsche Maintenance Expensive?

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Porsche is a brand steeped in luxury. There is no doubt about it: these cars are fast, fierce, and beautiful. The only caveat is that they are also expensive, not just when they are purchased, but also when it comes to day-to-day maintenance.

Porsche is among the most expensive vehicles to maintain. While Porsches are built to last, they require premium fuel and expert mechanics, which increases the price over time. Ten years of Porsche maintenance will cost approximately $17,764. Porsche repairs are more expensive than others.

Now that you know that maintaining a Porsche is expensive, you are likely wondering why it costs so much and if there are ways to avoid paying that much when you maintain your Porsche. Keep reading to find out.

A Luxury Brand: Why Maintenance is So Expensive

If you’ve ever crashed a Porsche, you know the gravity of repair and maintenance costs for luxury vehicles. Even a rock chip will have you dishing out $1,000 to repair the windshield alone. Basically, you need to know that it isn’t cheap to repair and maintain luxury vehicles before you purchase one.

Porsches are like any luxury car: crafted by the best mechanics with a fierce attention to detail. They have a sleek exterior, interior wood paneling, leather seats, 3-D sound systems, high-tech touch screens, and sometimes more. Not to mention a high-performance 300HP engine and Porsche PDK transmission system. This is a vehicle that is built to drive efficiently and make you feel like you’re flying.

Because Porsche is built so efficiently and crafted to perfection, it is meant for last years. Like any other vehicle, Porsches require regular upkeep and the strictest maintenance so they can run as long as possible and still look amazing.

Porsches should only be driven when they have the highest quality oil; anything less will damage the engine and hurt your wallet in the long run. Due to the fact that Porsche is a luxury brand, when you go in to change your oil, it will require special oil and filters that typically cost over $400 per oil change!

Common Costs of Maintaining a Porsche

Maintaining any car comes with a long list of to-dos, and Porsche is no different. Here are some of the common costs- not including fuel and insurance- that are associated with owning a Porsche. Costs will vary slightly by region and repair shop rates.

  • Oil and filter change- $400
  • Service- $200-$400
  • Nitrogen tire service- $200
  • Multi-point vehicle inspection- $200-$250
  • Battery inspection- $200-$270
  • Brake replacement- $1800-$3000
  • Windshield repair- $1000-$2000
  • Spa and detail- $250-$350

All these costs compounded on a regular basis add up to about $17,764 for a decade of costs and repairs. If you get into a crash or a dent occurs in the metal of your Porsche, that number will increase exponentially.

Ways to Reduce Cost

So far, there has been nothing that downplays the extravagant costs of owning and maintaining a Porsche. Now, you may be thinking to yourself: there has to be a way to reduce those costs, right? Indeed, there are ways to lighten the load on your wallet that owning a Porsche adds.

One way to reduce the cost of maintenance is to sign up for the company’s Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan, or PSMP. This might seem like a sneaky way for Porsche to get more money from you, but it’s really not.

If you sign up for PSMP, your costs stay the same every year. Your vehicle checkups will stay consistent, in both timing and price. This is a good thing for your wallet because the cost of servicing your vehicle won’t rise with the market and value of Porsche parts. It’s also a good thing for your Porsche because consistent and timely maintenance will increase the life of the engine dramatically.

Another way to reduce cost is to perform your own vehicle maintenance. This may sound like a huge chore, but it will save you a massive amount of money in the long run. Even learning how to change your own oil can save you thousands of dollars over time. Not sure where to start? Check YouTube! You’ll find loads of mechanics who will teach you how to DIY your maintenance and oil changes.

If you don’t want to pay for a Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan or learn how to do your own maintenance, there is another thing you can do to reduce the costs of owning a Porsche. This is to find a skilled, but unauthorized mechanic. But make sure this is someone you trust, and who knows Porsche cars well, or you may be compromising quality maintenance for a small amount of savings.

Is a Porsche Worth It?

If maintaining a Porsche is so expensive, why do people buy them in the first place? The costs of buying and maintaining a Porsche are nothing to scoff at, but there certainly are perks to having a Porsche as well.

One is the overall beauty of the vehicle. As a prime luxury car, Porsche is made with the finest materials: leather and gloss, uncrushable metal, cutting-edge technology, and one of the classiest vehicle interiors you’ll ever see. Although Porsche is well-known as a sports car brand, this attention to detail makes it undoubtedly a luxury car as well.

Nowhere will you find a smoother drive. The body of the car absorbs bumps and shockwaves like a waterbed, leaving driver and passengers to glide smoothly on the surface of the road. Porsche’s high-powered engine is one of the best, starting at 300HP and featuring titanium connecting rods, forged pistons, and dry-sump oil return. The car gets 516 lb-feet of torque and 560 horsepower. As an engine made for a race car, this is the kind of engine that roars when you drive.

Looks aside, these vehicles keep their integrity for a long time. Compared to other luxury car brands, Porsche maintains its value longer and breaks down less. Its resale value is high as well, with the Porsche 911 depreciating only 37% over a five-year period.