Jeep Remote Start: How Long Will It Stay On?

Most people appreciate Jeeps for their power and ability to handle difficult terrains, but sometimes it’s the less glamorous features that really make a difference. For example, with Jeep remote start, there’s the option to preheat the vehicle and de-ice the windows before you leave the house. But how long does the Jeep remote start stay on?

Jeep remote start keeps the vehicle on for 15 minutes and then it shuts off automatically, unless you enter the vehicle and turn on the ignition with your key. If there’s an engine fault or the fuel level is very low, the engine will turn itself off a few seconds after the remote start is activated.

The remote start feature is very useful in a handful of circumstances, as long as you know how it works. Let’s take a closer look at the feature, including how long it stays on, how many times you can use it, and which Jeep models have it.

What Is Jeep Remote Start?

A Black Jeep Parked on the Roadside

Jeep remote start is a feature that mimics the engine starting sequence you’d ordinarily trigger when you turn on the ignition with your key. However, as the name implies, it works without a physical key in the ignition. This is possible with the help of a control module wired into your starter mechanism and ignition switch.

You’ll know your Jeep has the remote start system by checking your key fob. For models that have it, the remote start button is usually marked with an “x2” inside a circular arrow. 

You press and hold it twice to activate the feature. And if your Jeep didn’t come with the feature, you can use an aftermarket kit upgrade to achieve a similar effect.

The feature allows you to start the engine from as far as 328 feet away and activate the climate control system at the same time. Upon starting, the vehicle reads the ambient temperature and determines whether it needs to be heated or cooled. 

If the outside temperature is below 40 ℉ (4.4 ℃), the highest heat settings in the car get triggered automatically. The heated front seats and steering wheel also turn on, if your model has them.

That said, the remote start feature is more than a convenience; auto experts agree it’s beneficial for your engine. This especially goes for turbo and diesel engines, because they’ll warm up enough before you start driving.

Warming the engine lowers your motor oil’s viscosity and makes it thin enough to flow easily and protect your engine parts in wintry weather. As a result, the preheating may also help extend the lifespan of your drivetrain.

Note: Since remote starting is only available on Jeeps with automatic transmissions, you should never activate the feature unless the vehicle is parked outside in a well-ventilated space.

How Long Will Jeep Remote Start Stay On?

Jeep remote start will stay on for only 15 minutes, meaning the engine will shut off automatically after this period — unless you enter the vehicle and turn on the ignition with your key. Also, if there’s an engine fault or the fuel level is critical, the vehicle will start and shut down in just a few seconds.

15 minutes may not seem like much time, but this feature is designed to conform to the US and EU governments’ fuel economy and anti-pollution mandates.

Remember, your engine works hardest during cold weather, and nothing will warm it up more efficiently than driving the vehicle. If you remote-start the vehicle while getting ready for work, you only prolong the warm-up period to a great degree. Over time, this puts unnecessary strain on the engine, which can be damaging.

If you added an aftermarket kit to enable the remote start feature, you could change the runtime to 20 minutes. Some Jeep remote starters are programmed using the valet button and require a computer adapter to change the run time.

How Many Times Can You Remote Start a Vehicle? 

You can only remote-start your Jeep twice — after that, you must use the ignition switch to start the engine. And if you try to do it twice in quick succession, the system may not work. To fix this, you have to get into the vehicle and turn the ignition “ON” and then “OFF” again.

Moreover, as a precaution, you shouldn’t use remote start when your vehicle is in a closed space, like a garage with the door closed. It’s best you refer to your owner’s manual for a detailed explanation of how and when to use the feature.

Which Jeep Models Are Compatible With Remote Start?

White Jeep Cherokee Suv Near Stacked Brown Pallet Boards

Nearly all the latest Jeep SUVs and trucks have the remote start functionality, except for some standard models. The Jeep Wrangler and Grand Cherokee SUVs were the first models to feature the remote start capability.

Here’s a highlight of the Jeep SUV models that are compatible with the remote start feature:

If you’re looking for a midsize Jeep truck with remote start, look no further than the Gladiator. Since its debut in 2020, it has had a mix of remote start offerings across the range, with only the base Sport lacking the feature.

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