Jeep Vibration at Highway Speeds

“Vibration at highway speeds” is a common search online.

For those of us that own 30-year-old Jeeps (well mine is 29, but who’s counting), rattles, squeaks, and vibrations give us something to work on in the garage.

I just got done making a 5-hour road trip in my Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and I noticed above 60 mph I would get a vibration.

From the research I have done, the vibration is likely caused by a bad U-Joint or possible the driveline is out of alignment. There are other reasons, but these are two things to check first.

From my searching, here is a multi-part tutorial on the types and brands of U-Joints.

Take a look…

These videos helped me in understanding my options:

Part 1: Universal Joint Introduction


Part 2: Universal Joint Comparisons


Part 3: Universal Joint History and Terminology


Part 4: Universal Joint Driveline Inspection

Part 5: Universal Joint Tools and Removal



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