Can You Add A Sunroof To A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Having a sunroof in your car allows you to enjoy ample fresh air and sunlight while driving. It also gives you a nice view of the sky, making you feel closer to nature. But can you add a sunroof to your Jeep Grand Cherokee? 

You can add a sunroof to a Jeep Grand Cherokee. However, the cost of sunroof installation varies depending on the type of sunroof and the mechanic you employ to have it installed. Adding a sunroof improves the aesthetics of your Jeep and increases its resale value. 

Let’s take a closer look at the process of installing a sunroof in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, the benefits of doing so, and what it’ll cost.

Can You Add a Sunroof to a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Yes, it’s possible to add a sunroof to some Jeep Grand Cherokee models. If your Jeep Grand Cherokee doesn’t have a sunroof, you can add it as an aftermarket item, which is an add-on that’s not available from the auto dealer. 

The three standard terms used to describe a car’s sunroof feature include a panoramic sunroof, sunroof, and moonroof.

A sunroof is essentially a glass panel above the front seats that can be opened electronically. A moonroof is similar to a sunroof, but it has a tinted glass panel that doesn’t allow as much light through.

Finally, a panoramic sunroof covers a much larger area, often extending from the front of the car toward the back, covering both the front and rear passengers.

All three options are available in Jeep Grand Cherokee’s respective trim models.   

Which Grand Cherokee Models Have a Sunroof? 

Several Jeep Grand Cherokee models come with a sunroof or have the option to install it as an aftermarket item. However, not all models have the option to install a panoramic sunroof.

The following is the list of Jeep Grand Cherokee models that can be fitted with a sunroof, moonroof, or panoramic sunroof:

  • Trailhawk: moon/sun/panoramic (all optional)
  • Laredo: moon/sunroof (optional)
  • Upland: moon/sunroof (optional)
  • 80th anniversary: panoramic/moon/sunroof (all optional)
  • Limited: panoramic (optional), sun/moonroof (optional), no sunroof (base model)
  • Limited X: panoramic/moon/sunroof (all optional)
  • High Altitude: panoramic roof (standard), sun/moonroof (optional)
  • Overland: panoramic roof (standard), sun/moonroof (optional)
  • Trackhawk: panoramic/sun/moonroof (all optional)
  • SRT: panoramic/sun/moonroof (all optional)
  • Summit: panoramic roof (standard), sun/moonroof (optional) 

How Much Does Sunroof Installation Cost?

The cost of sunroof installation varies depending on factors including the type of sunroof, the type of vehicle, and the installer. 

Let’s look at how much a sunroof costs if its factory installed or added as an aftermarket product:

Factory-Installed Sunroofs

Although a sunroof has become a standard feature on many car models these days, it also appears as a premium add-on for many models. Depending on the model of the car and the type of sunroof, a factory-installed sunroof typically costs between $1,000 and $2,000.


A simple, tinted glass panel that allows more air into the cabin can cost around $300, excluding installation. Adding an aftermarket sunroof to your vehicle that pops open for ventilation can cost around $300 to $800.

However, a motorized sunroof, also known as the ‘spoiler style sunroof,’ starts around $750 and can cost up to $1,800 with installation. And adding a sunroof that slides open inside the car can cost up to $3,000 with installation.   

Remember that the quality and prices vary in the aftermarket. Sunroofs that aren’t very expensive may feature dot matrix, screened glass that blocks only 50% of the sun’s heat. High-quality sunroofs, on the other hand, are more expensive, and they use reflective glass. 

Is It Worth Installing a Sunroof on a Jeep Grand Cherokee? 

Jeep Grand Cherokee unbranded

Before installing a sunroof on a Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s crucial to weigh its pros and cons.


The following are some advantages of adding a sunroof to your car:

  • A sunroof allows more light to enter your vehicle.
  • A sunroof is ideal for drivers who are claustrophobic. It gives the car a more open feel so that drivers don’t feel too trapped, especially on longer car trips. 
  • Having a sunroof adds value to your car and makes it easier to sell. Depending on the model and make, adding a sunroof typically adds about $500-$2,000 to your car’s value. 


The disadvantages of adding a sunroof to your car include:

  • A sunroof can reduce the headroom in the car. For tall people, this can be a serious factor that affects their comfort.
  • A sunroof allows more light into your car, which can make the cabin extra hot on a sunny day. You may need to run your air conditioner at a higher setting to stay cool, which could result in more fuel usage.
  • Adding a sunroof to your car can also make it heavier. Typically, lighter vehicles get better gas mileage but adding this feature could affect their fuel efficiency negatively.  

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