Towing A BMW Behind A Motorhome: A Step-By-Step Guide

If you are looking to bring along your BMW for your RV road trip, you may be asking yourself, can you tow a BMW behind a motorhome? Is it possible to tow a BMW behind a motorhome? Can you safely tow a BMW behind a motorhome? Can you tow a BMW behind an RV?

Towing A BMW Behind A Motorhome 1 Towing A BMW Behind A Motorhome: A Step-By-Step Guide

Can you tow a BMW behind an RV?

You can tow a BMW behind a motorhome. But, the method you will use will depend on the vehicle’s design. If the BMW is manual, then you can flat-tow it behind a motorhome. If the BMW is an electric or automatic, you can’t flat tow it. Instead, you will have to dolly tow it behind your motorhome.

In this guide, we will discuss whether you can tow a BMW behind a motorhome, including dinghy towing. So, if you’ve been wondering whether it’s possible to do it safely, then the answers are right here.

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If you are heading out on an RV trip, having to take your motorhome everywhere can be extremely inconvenient, especially when it comes to sightseeing and shopping. And this is where bringing along a vehicle comes in.

Towing your car behind the motorhome will give you an extra set of wheels, which will help you to get around easily. Whether you are going to purchase groceries or explore local sights, a car will make it easier for you to get around with less luggage and for less fuel.

Furthermore, if your motorhome needs some repairs, you can simply leave it at the repair shop and use your towed vehicle to drive to a motel or restaurant in town. Without an extra set of wheels, you may be forced to sit and wait until your motorhome is fixed.

As you can see, towing your smaller car behind your motorhome comes with numerous benefits. The question is, can you tow a BMW behind a motorhome? We will cover this topic in detail in this article.

Towing A BMW Behind A Motorhome

If you are going hit the highway with your motorhome, you may want to bring your BMW along. And you may be wondering whether you can tow your BMW behind a motorhome. The short answer is yes. You can tow a BMW behind a motorhome. However, the method you will use will depend on the make and model of the vehicle.

Towing A BMW Behind A Motorhome 1 1 Towing A BMW Behind A Motorhome: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Tow Your Manual BMW Safely

If your BMW has a manual transmission, you can tow it behind your motorhome using the conventional flat-towing method. Here are the steps to follow to tow your manual BMW safely behind your motorhome.

First, you will need to gather the tools for the job. In this case, a tow bar, a tow hook, and a socket wrench. The socket wrench is optional since there are other tools that can do its job.

Chances are, you already have a tow hook. A tow hook comes standard in all BMWs. So, unless someone has removed it from your car, then it should be inside the trunk.

You simply need to pop the trunk, and you will find a hook-like object in the tool kit section.

Once you’ve gathered the necessary tools for this job, you can then proceed to the next step.

Second, you will need to locate the tow hook mount. The tow hook mount is usually hidden by a cover on the front wheels and rear end of your BMW. For the front tow hook, you will notice a small square or round cover on the BMW’s bump. 

You simply need to push this cover slightly with your finger, and it will pop open, revealing the tow hook mount.

Third, once you’ve located the tow hook mount, you will then need to screw the tow hook onto the mount, which is basically a threaded socket. The tow hook comes in two parts. These are the base and the hook itself. 

You will first need to remove the base of the tow hook, hand-tighten it in the socket and then use the socket wrench to tighten it further. After that, you will re-attach the hook to the base.

Fourth, after you’ve attached the tow hook to the mount on the front of your BMW, it’s now time to attach a tow bar. As its name suggests, a tow bar is simply a long sturdy piece of metal, which you will connect to your BMW’s tow hook and then to the motorhome.

It’s not advisable to use ropes or other similar towing items in place of a tow bar. While they can still do the job, there’s a high chance they will break or fail. Furthermore, your BMW may sway on the road during the towing process, resulting in costly damage.

Therefore, you should never use any of these materials in place of a tow bar. Also, you should make sure the tow bar you purchase is rated for your vehicle’s weight.

After you’ve finished setting everything up, you are now ready to tow your BMW behind your motorhome. The only thing remaining is to switch on your BMW’s ignition and then place it in neutral. And, you are ready to hit the road.

How to Tow your Automatic or Electric BMW Safely

Towing a BMW behind a motorhome via the standard flat-towing method is only applicable to manual transmission cars. 

Towing electric or automatic BMWs using this method can result in costly damage. So, what happens to those who would want to bring their BMWs to their RV road trips, but they are automatic or electric?

Well, the safest means of bringing your automatic or electric BMW along is by using a flatbed trailer. However, if you will be going on road trips frequently, then the costs to hire a flatbed trailer can add up quite fast. At the same time, purchasing one can be out of reach for some RV owners.

If you happen to find yourself in this situation, you can simply purchase a tow dolly. Besides being considerably cheaper than a flatbed trailer, a tow dolly will accomplish almost the same purpose as a flatbed trailer.

With a tow dolly, you will tow your electric or automatic transmission BMW behind your motorhome while it remains in the park. Therefore, it will protect your vehicle from any form of damage. 

You simply need to ensure you purchase the right tow dolly for your vehicle. Also, you need to make sure the BMW wheels are securely attached to the tow dolly.

Bringing your BMW along for your RV trip can add a whole new level of convenience to your travel experience.

And as you can see, it’s possible to tow it behind your motorhome, regardless of whether it’s a manual, automatic, or electric. You just need to follow the tips we’ve shared here, and you should be able to tow it easily and safely.

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