What are Mini Trucks Used For? [Explained!]

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You’ve probably seen mini trucks out and about. They are small and slightly silly-looking when compared to large trucks, but what are they used for?

Mini trucks are used to carry lighter loads. While a cheaper alternative to pickup trucks, they are smaller and less powerful. However, they get better gas mileage than large trucks. Mini trucks are commonly used by gardeners, hunters, and those who deliver packages or large furniture.

Mini trucks are quite diverse and used for many purposes. However, there are cons to buying a mini truck. Learn more about the uses and downfalls of a mini truck below.

What is a Mini Truck?

A mini truck is, as the name states, a miniature version of a pickup truck. The cab, bed, and engine are smaller. A mini truck cab generally seats two. The average bed length is 6 feet and they are only 4 to 5 feet wide. Mini trucks can carry up to 700-800 lbs of cargo.

A mini truck is much less powerful than the average pickup truck with 30-65 horsepower. Mini trucks have rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive, making them more versatile while maintaining their handling on rougher road conditions. Mini trucks come with stock tires ideal for rough roads, ice, and snow. They have thick, sturdy tread.

One downside to a mini truck is the safety ratings that they typically receive. Because they are so compact and can only drive at low speeds, they aren’t equipped with airbags. In a crash, passengers in a mini truck are at high risk for injury. Mini trucks can’t be driven over 87 mph, but even at slow speeds, crashes can cause severe damage or be fatal.

What are Mini Trucks Used For?

Mini trucks have a wide variety of uses. They are convenient for their size and price. The versatility of a mini truck makes leads to a large target audience.

Mini trucks are sometimes used by a prop manager to transport props during the production of a film. While mini trucks can’t hold many large, heavy items and their top speed is low, they get great gas mileage and are useful in many fields of employment.

Because some come with the option of a side dump, they are ideal for transporting mulch or gravel for landscaping and gardening. They are a cheaper alternative to a pickup that can be used for light yard work and hauling.

Some people use mini trucks to transport bicycles and mountain bikes. The bed can hold a few bikes easily, and you can mount racks to more easily transport your bicycles on the truck bed. Watch the following video to see what kinds of upgrades you can make to a mini truck!

Some have even used the mini truck as a hunting vehicle. While it can’t transport heavy loads and struggles in off-roading scenarios, it can hold gear and some game.

With some upgrades and improvements, it can become a great off-road replacement for an ATV. If you decide to use a mini truck while hunting, remember that the weight limit is usually 700 to 800 pounds. Additionally, you should localcheck trail vehicle restrictions before switching to a mini truck for hunting.

Mini Truck vs Pickup Truck

Mini trucks are much smaller than pickup trucks, but how else do they compare to the average pickup? View the table below to see how they compare.

Mini TruckPickup Truck
Load Capacity700-800 lbs1000-3000 lbs
Gas Mileage35-50 mpg22-27 mpg
Top Speed87 mph120 mph

Pickup trucks have much more power and are suited for carrying heavy loads. Meanwhile, mini trucks are more affordable and can handle most work that people need a truck to help with. Additionally, mini trucks get incredible gas mileage.

Should I Purchase a Mini Truck?

If you are considering purchasing a mini truck, you should think about its intended use. What sort of jobs do you need to accomplish with the vehicle?

If you don’t need the truck to have much power or speed, but you need cargo space, a mini truck may be what you need. If you need something that can handle large, heavy loads, you may want to consider a smaller pickup truck instead of a mini truck.

There are other factors to consider when purchasing a mini truck such as the rust rate, part availability, safety, and comfort.

A mini truck draws attention. Mini trucks look odd and will spark many conversations with strangers. People will ask you about the function, capacity, gas mileage, and other specifications of your mini truck. This may make you uncomfortable.

Mini trucks can only go up to an average of 87 mph, so if you enjoy speeding along on the freeway, it may not be for you. You will have to factor your vehicle’s top speed into your estimated arrival time. When a mini truck reaches its top speed, it becomes loud and uncomfortable for the driver.

It is important to remember that running the engine at top speeds can cause significant wear on the engine as well.

When looking to purchase a mini truck, keep in mind that they rust faster than pickup trucks, especially older ones. While some may look great on the outside, they might have underlying rust issues. You may have to replace some parts due to rust damage. However, if you get a new or well-maintained used mini truck, rust likely won’t be an issue.

The truck cab and bed of mini trucks are smaller than pickup trucks. The inside of the cab only seats two, and it doesn’t do so comfortably. The cab roof is low and the seats are close together. Carrying gear in the cab isn’t practical, but you can mount a toolbox to the bed to increase available cargo space. 

When it comes to parts and replacements, it is easy to purchase mini truck replacement parts. Most of the parts on a mini truck are standard rather than custom, making them easier to find. Some parts do need to be imported, but even those parts are easy to acquire.

However, it is difficult to find tires that fit your mini truck correctly. Although mini truck tires are durable, they will wear out eventually. Since mini truck tires are considered specialty tires, you likely won’t find them at your local tire store.

Mini trucks help people transport small loads. They are affordable and get fantastic gas mileage, but are less powerful than traditional pickup trucks.