What is the Most Luxurious Nissan SUV?

Nissan is one of the premier car companies in the world. 

This Japanese brand is known for their car’s reliability, affordability, and dependability. 

Based on customer and industry surveys, Nissan’s are famous because their vehicles are held to a high design, reliability, and safety bar. 

These are all essential qualities to have in a car. 

In recent years, Nissan SUVs have burst onto the scene and have become popular. 

Nissan has several SUV models, including Kicks, Rogue, Murano, Pathfinder, and Armada. 

All of these SUVs hold Nissan’s high standards. 

But let’s be honest here, if you are like me, there are other variables to consider besides how well a car will run. I enjoy a comfortable and stylish ride as much as the next gear head.

I’m going to settle the debate once and for all, what is the most luxurious Nissan SUV?   

What is the Most Luxurious Nissan SUV?

The Nissan Armada stands out among Nissan’s SUV lineup as the most luxurious. The Armada is a luxury full-size SUV with all the bells and whistles of the far fancier vehicles. On top of that, you can get one at a reasonable price. 

Keep reading to find out about the Armada’s competition for the most luxurious Nissan SUV and why the Armada took home the prize. 

Nissan’s SUVs

To identify Nissan’s most luxurious SUV, I had to take a deep dive into all of their vehicles in this category

For the sake of this competition, I evaluated Kicks, Rogue, Murano, Pathfinder, and Armada. 

Nissan Kick

The Kick is Nissan’s entry-SUV. The Kick is not much larger than a sedan, and I don’t know if I would consider it a proper SUV. 

This vehicle is best described as a crossover or compact SUV. 

Starting at $20,925, it is an affordable vehicle. 

The exterior of the Kick is stylish but hardly luxurious. 

I would describe the interior as functional and user-friendly but nothing near fancy. 

The interior feels spacious for this vehicle and comes with ample storage. 

The color accents on both the exterior and interior give it a hip but not luxury vibe. 

The interior lacks the thoughtful design that I expect in a luxury vehicle.

It might not be luxurious, but Nissan Kicks are quality cars

Nissan Rogue

The Nissan Rogue is slightly larger than the Kick. However, I would still classify this vehicle as a crossover or compact SUV. 

Like most Nissans, the Rogue is a well-designed and built vehicle

Like the Kick, it has a stylish look, but it is not luxurious. 

The interior of the Rogue is best described as functional.

It has usable storage cubbies and excellent design elements that give the interior some nice flair.

The cabin is spacious and comfortable. 

The Rogue comes standard with cloth seats, but you can get genuine leather on the Platinum Rogue. 

Platinum rogue also comes with heated seats and a heated steering wheel, as well as three-zone climate control. 

It is far classier than the Nissan Kick.

While the Rogue is a step in the right direction, the family-friendly nature of the Rogue keeps it low on my list. 

Nissan Murano

The Nissan Murano is the first Nissan SUV that can begin to compete for the title of most luxurious. 

For many years the Murano was far ahead of its mid-size SUV competitors both in style and functionality. 

However, this model has not aged well, and more recent models look nice but lack the quality engineering you would expect from Nissan. 

The Murano has an outstanding interior. It is well equipped both from a stylistic and functional perspective. 

The Platinum edition has leather on the seats, doors, and armrests, and the dark teak-wood trim is a nice touch. 

Additionally, the seats are comfortable and stylish. 

The Murano sacrificed some cargo space to accommodate more extensive and more comfortable seats. 

The connectivity of the Murano is good, and it comes with all the most recent safety and driver-assistance features. 

The stylish interior and exterior of the Murano caused it to come in second, behind the Armada. 

the Most Luxurious Nissan SUV 1 1 What is the Most Luxurious Nissan SUV?

Nissan Pathfinder

The Pathfinder is one of Nissan’s full-size SUVs. It features three rows of seats and is significantly more extensive and powerful than the Murano, Rogue, and Kick. 

The Pathfinder returns to Nissan’s high quality of engineering and design that has gone missing for the Murano in recent years. 

The interior of the Pathfinder is distinctly rougher than the Murano, in a good way.

The Pathfinder is designed to be a tougher and more rugged vehicle.

The interior is more reminiscent of a truck than an SUV.

Additionally, the Pathfinder has a significant amount of storage. 

The Platinum version of the Pathfinder comes with leather seats, heated and cooled front seats, and a gorgeous panoramic sunroof. 

It also comes with all the most recent high-tech safety and driver-assistance features. 

Although it is a fantastic full-size SUV, the Pathfinder comes up short in the competition for the most luxurious Nissan SUV.

Simply put, I find the Pathfinder to be too practical. 

The style on both the interior and exterior is far too rugged and functional to be considered a luxury.

That is not to say that this isn’t an ideal vehicle, but luxurious it is not.    

Nissan Armada 

If I am honest, the Nissan Armada blew me away. I did not expect this full-size Nissan SUV to be so luxurious. 

Like the Pathfinder, the Armada is a full-size, three-row SUV.

Unlike the Pathfinder, the Armada has a classy cut both inside and out. 

One of the characteristics that set a luxury vehicle apart from its competitors is the comfort of the ride. 

The Nissan Armada nails this aspect of a luxury vehicle. 

The Armada has an independent rear suspension that gives it an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride. 

Additionally, Nissan has done an outstanding job soundproofing this vehicle. 

Even at highway speeds, the interior of the Armada is practically silent. 

The smoothness and quietness of the ride alone set the Armada apart from the other Nissan SUVs.   

I would describe the interior of the Armada as classy. 

Whereas the Pathfinder was rugged and functional, the Aramad’s interior is all about comfort.

This goes well with the chic exterior. 

The Armada is a big vehicle, and the vehicle’s interior is spacious, which adds to the sense of luxury. 

The premium Platinum Armada features a quilted leather interior and gorgeous wood trim. 

Additionally, the 13-speaker Bose speaker system provides outstanding sound quality and adds to the air of luxury. 

Overall, the Nissan Armada went far above what I expected in Nissan’s line of SUVs.

It has many luxury features that I would expect to find in far more expensive vehicles. 

Based on the exterior and ride alone, I would have considered it the most luxurious Nissan SUV, but when you add in the gorgeous interior, it is head and shoulders above the rest.  

Wrapping Up

The word luxury is not often associated with Nissan’s SUVs. I would agree with this statement for the majority of their SUVs. 

However, the Murano and the Armada are classier than Nissan’s other SUVs. 

The Nissan Armada blows the Murano away in comfort, ride, style, and comfort. 

The Armada is easily the most luxurious Nissan SUV.  

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