What Tires Come on a Jeep Rubicon?

The Jeep Rubicon has the power and strength necessary for off-road adventures, but what about the tires? Your tires play a role in the type of terrain your Rubicon can cover. 

With the wrong set of tires, your Rubicon is stuck driving on paved roads.

What Tires Come on a Jeep Rubicon? 

The Jeep Rubicon comes standard with 17-inch rims and 33-inch tires. Some models can also accommodate 35s, but it depends on the vehicle’s release year. You can make some modifications to your Rubicon to accommodate larger tires, but most drivers are satisfied with the standard package.

Ready to learn more about what tires come on a Jeep Rubicon? We cover this and what tires you can fit on the vehicle.

How to Tell the Tire Size on a Jeep Rubicon 

The tire size on your Jeep Rubicon can vary by year, but most models come standard with 33s, but you might be able to go smaller or bigger.

Not everyone is familiar with tire sizing, especially if the vehicle is purchased through a private sale. 

You are probably missing some of the manufacturer’s paperwork detailing the vehicle’s specs.

A previous owner may make modifications that include switching out the factory tires.

Don’t worry; you can still find out the tire size without heading to the dealership.

Tires are sized in millimeters or inches. Both measurements use sets of numbers to reference the tires’ height and width.

In millimeters, the first set of numbers is the tire’s width, and it denotes the diameter from top to bottom in inches.

The second set of numbers gives you the speedwell aspect ratio in millimeters. The percentage lets you know the height and width of the tire’s sidewall. 

Tires not using the metric system use the second number set to reference its width in inches.

The third number set is in inches for both measuring systems. It denotes the diameter of the rim.

A capitalized alphabet letter is included between the second and third number sets. It refers to the tire’s inner build and should be an R for radial. 

An occasional Rubicon owner may find a B. It stands for Bias Ply, and you often see these tires on vintage vehicles.

Radial and Bias Ply Tires 

Bias Ply tires are pretty easy to recognize. The tires have a slightly smoother and narrower tread, giving them a classic look.

The name references the internal construction. 

Nylon and polyester cords form a crisscrossing pattern at 30-45 degree angles, and the overlapping cords create a strong but rigid tire with a narrow tread.

Radial tires use ply cords crossing at 90-degree angles. You get a strong tire with a wider tread for more traction and grip. 

Unlike narrow tread tires that can’t conform to the road, radials can grip it with ease. 

The flexible cords conform to the terrain and skim over rough trails.

With a wider footprint, radials give you improved traction on wet surfaces, along with improved cornering. 

For off-roaders, traction is critical over the classic appearance of Bias Ply tires.

What Tires Come on a Jeep Rubicon 1 What Tires Come on a Jeep Rubicon?

Tires That Can Come on a Jeep Rubicon 

You know the Jeep Rubicon comes with 33s. These are versatile tires and ideal for a variety of on and off-road situations.

The tires ride effortlessly through the city, handling turns and potholes. It also has the clearance and traction necessary for off-roading fun.

However, sometimes you need to go bigger. 

Going up to 35s or possibly even 40s has pros and cons.

Larger tires give you more clearance and traction. Some Rubicon owners also think it improves the jeep’s appearance.

Before you decide on larger tires, consider the work and expense. A lifting kit is necessary to trim the guards and liners. 

Depending on the Rubicon model and tire size, except to cut off an inch or more before the larger tires fit. Larger tires can interfere with vehicle performance and decrease fuel efficiency.

Rubicon drivers spending most of their time navigating off-road trails may want to consider larger tires regardless of any downsides. 

Having traction and clearance can be key in keeping you from getting hung up off-road.

Jeep Rubicon Tire Sizes 

If you want to go bigger than 33s, take a look at 35-inch tires. They can handle city streets and off-road conditions. 

You also only need to make a few modifications to the fender liner to slip the larger tires on.

Switching to tires larger than 35s will require some extensive modifications to compensate for the decrease in power and fuel efficiency:

  • 37s are still versatile and can handle paved roads, but the tires work best off-road. You get plenty of traction and clearance. But you also have to lift the suspension 4” for the tires to fit.
  • 38s may only give you an extra inch of clearance, but it can make a difference going off the trail. The tires are difficult to turn and not ideal for city traffic.
  • 40s are for serious off-roaders that don’t drive their Jeep Rubicons in the city. You can clear almost any obstacle other vehicles get stuck on. You also have to lift the car about six inches unless you pay for expensive modifications.

You can also go smaller, but it requires severe modifications and significantly decreases performance.


What size are stock Rubicon wheels? 

The Jeep Rubicon comes with 17-inch aluminum wheels and all-terrain 33-inch tires

The tires are great for on and off-road driving, but they may not have the clearance and traction avid explorers need.

Are Jeep Rubicons worth the money? 

Jeep Rubicons are worth the money even if you aren’t driving off-road. Their 33-inch wheels provide traction on wet, oil-slick city streets. 

It’s also designed for rough terrain off of paved roads. If you’re still deciding on the tire size, go with the Rubicon. It comes standard with 33s, and it’s easy to modify if you want to go larger.

How long do Rubicon tires last? 

How long tires last on a Jeep Rubicon depends on the driver. If you stick to city streets with an occasional off-road adventure, the tires can last around six years or 60,000 miles. 

Frequently driving off of paved surfaces will shorten the lifespan of the tires.

Read the manufacturer’s warranty before purchasing a set of tires. You are getting what you pay for. 

If off-roading is in your future, you want tires that come with an extended warranty. It also means you are probably paying more, but it’s worth it in decreased replacement costs.

Does a Rubicon come with a lift? 

Your Rubicon does not come with a lift. The vehicle already sits higher than standard and most modified SUVs.

The lift is usually around two inches. It’s why 33s fit on a Rubicon without modifications.

If you want to put larger tires on, you need a lift kit to remove the trim. Removing the trim allows the larger tires to fit in the wheel well.


Your Jeep Rubicon comes with 33-inch tires on 17-inch rims. It’s exactly what you need to tackle paved and rough terrain. You get performance, control, and traction, along with a smooth riding experience.

If you want to go bigger, the Rubicon is the ideal vehicle. You don’t need to make severe modifications unless you are thinking of going up to 40-inch tires.

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