What Year BMW X3 Is The Most Reliable?

If you are looking to purchase a reliable used BMW X3, there are several years to choose from. While there are nearly two decades of BMW X3s to choose from, there is one clear answer regarding which one is the most dependable.

The 2009 model is the most reliable BMW X3. This model received a perfect reliability rating and has a lifespan of 200,000 miles. With routine maintenance, expect up to 14 years of service from this vehicle. The 2009 X3 has a limited number of issues regarding the airbag and electrical components.

To learn more about the dependability of the 2009 X3 as well as other used BMW X3s on the market, then continue reading below to discover additional information about the topic.

2009 BMW X3

The most reliable BMW X3 to date is the 2009 model. This year received a 5-star reliability rating, a well-earned perfect score, from U.S. News. The X3 was first released in 2003 and rereleased in 2007. These early years were not known for their reliability.

However, BMW has made significant progress since the initial release. A flawless reliability score is hard to come by, however, the X3 obtained it during its early years of production. This vehicle pleasantly surprised owners and critics alike at the time of its release. Everyone seemed to be pleased with it, as it was a dependable car that was sure to get drivers to their destination without fail.

The 2009 model was subject to three different recalls, two of which affected over 700,000 vehicles. These recalls involved the airbag malfunctioning as well as the risk of a fire due to a short circuit in the PCV heater. To avoid injury to the drivers or passengers, BMW issued a recall for these problems. In general, the BMW X3 is a reliable car, well worth the purchase.

Other Reliable Years for the BMW X3

While the 2009 BMW X3 is the most reliable, there were several other models with similar rankings. Learn more about these models below.

2019 is the second most reliable year for the BMW X3. It obtained a reliability rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from U.S. News. Because of this high dependability score, it is a highly recommended vehicle. It is a fairly new vehicle which means that it still has over a decade of life left.

The 2019 model has a limited number of issues. The received complaints of this vehicle include engine and electrical problems. These problems include sudden, unexpected acceleration and an unexplainable check engine light. Neither of these issues affect the longevity of the BMW X3, although, they do cause annoyance and could pose a potential threat for the drivers.

Another year that has considerable reliability is the 2018 model. This year received a score of 4 out of 5 in terms of reliability, just below the 2019 model, from U.S. News.

There have been 8 different recalls for this model year. However, some of the recalls were fairly minor. Some recalls affected less than 20 vehicles. Others, however, were more serious and affected over 200,000.

The recall that impacted the most vehicles was announced in 2019 due to the backup camera failing to display images. While a back-up camera isn’t a necessary feature, for vehicles with reduced visibility, it is extremely beneficial.

Like the 2018, the 2012, the 2016, and the 2015 BMW X3s received a reliability rating of 4 out of 5 from U.S. News. While these vehicles were deemed reliable when they first hit the market, their nearing five to seven years on the road. For these slightly older models, there’s likely less than a decade left of driving life before they start showing signs of irreparable damage.

The 2012 model is high in reliability, however, it still comes with its own fair share of problems. For instance, this model has been said to have difficulties steering at top speeds in warm weather. However, most of these models seem to do well on the freeway and this issue is not a common complaint.

The 2016 model only had 2 recalls, which is impressive for any vehicle. The first recall regarding damage to car seat anchor bars was announced in 2016. If a crash were to occur, a child would be at increased risk of injury, which is why this recall came so soon after the release date. This recall affected over 180,000 vehicles.

The second recall was not announced until 2018, and was regarding a coolant leak. The coolant leak had the potential to start fires. This recall affected over 44,000 vehicles.

Regarding the 2015 model, there were complaints about its interior. One of these complaints was that the frontal collision warning system was not working. Since luxury car owners pay extra for these functional safety features, it is extremely important that they actually function.

The 2015 BMW X3 has had 4 different recalls issued so far, 3 of which have affected over 3,000 vehicles. However, in general, this model is still one of the most reliable option available for purchase.

While the 2013 BMW X3 might be older, it received the highest reliability rating of 5-stars, from U.S. News. Such a rating would lead drivers to believe that the 2013 model is among one of the best. However, there are numerous complaints regarding this year, which makes many potential buyers hesitant, and rightfully so.

There are a vast number of complaints about the 2013 model, leading many to question the accuracy of the high reliability of this vehicle. An overwhelming amount of complaints are about its engine, including stalling, a broken timing chain, and total failure.

Although the 2013 model has been given a high reliability rating, those who are looking to purchase an X3 should stay clear of this year. It is old in age and predisposed to engine issues that can be of great severity. Additionally, this older vehicle’s lifetime is almost up.

While you might consider purchasing a used BMW X3 too risky, its something you should seriously consider. Brand new BMWs can cost more than $50,000 to $60,000. Meanwhile, used BMWs can be purchased for less than $30,000. While they may cost more to maintain, you’ll save with the initial purchase.

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