What’s The Difference Between a Ford B Max and C Max?

Ford is well-known for coming up with vehicle models that are hard to resist. Every model year on the Ford lineup comes with improved features and enhanced performance. 

Right from their sedans, SUVs, trucks, vans, and now the Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPV). 

The Ford MPVs lineup offers ample space and functionality that is suitable for a family. 

It provides a more comfortable and better ride compared to the hatchbacks. 

The Ford lineup of family-centric MPVs includes two outstanding models, the Ford B-Max and the Ford C-Max. 

Ford B-Max’s design was based on the Fiesta platform, while the Ford C-Max model was based on the Ford Focus platform.

The difference between these two models is so subtle to be noticed at first glance. 

But on further scrutiny of the features, the differences become more visible. 

What’s The Difference Between a Ford B Max and C Max? 

The key differences between the Ford B Max and the C Max are the styling, interior design, engine power, driving experience, and reliability. The B Max offers more unit volume space for your cargo and legroom for passengers. The C Max comes standard with superior features but at a higher price.

Other specific differences include:

  • Ford B-Max comes standard with four valves per cylinder, while the C-Max has two valves
  • B-Max has 80 percent more trunk carrying capacity of 318L against the 65L of the C-Max
  • B-Max is lighter in weight compared to the C-Max
  • Ford C-Max offers more engine power from its four-cylinder engine, compared to the three-cylinder engine on B-Max.
  • Ford C-Max offers more torque compared to the B-Max. 

Read on for more info and side-by-side comparisons of the Ford B-Max and C-Max.

Exterior Styling: Ford B-Max Vs. C-Max

Both MPVs offer stunning styling, but the C-Max has a more modern appeal compared to the B-Max, thanks to its model year refinement and update. 

Looking at the front of the B-Max shows the attention to detail and unique design elements that are typical of the Ford Fiesta model.

These vehicles are similar in many ways. 

The Ford C Max headlights are round, which gives it a more artistic look. 

However, the restyle of the C-Max has seen the grille being narrowed and more rounded on the edges with jagged lighting to give it a more aggressive look. 

The standard C-Max has regular back doors, but the B-Max features sliding doors. 

The C-Max comes with an optional seven-seat upgrade. 

Interior Design

The elegance of the Ford B-Max and Ford C-Max multi-purpose vehicles doesn’t stop on the outside. 

Inside, these Ford models are a work of art. 

They have stood steadfast to the ethos of Ford vehicles that prioritizes class, comfort, and prestige. 

As expected, the Ford B-Max and C-Max have plenty of commonalities on the inside, just like the outside. 

The differences are not so noticeable and may be hard to spot quickly. 

The two models sport a spacious cabin with ample five-seater arrangement and come standard with high-tech features that give them a premium interior ambiance. 

However, if you are shopping for more cargo space, the C-Max’s interior will win out because of its many extra cargo spaces in the cabin and a large glove box. 

In terms of dashboard design, the Ford B-Max and the C-Max appear to have a relatively similar layout. 

However, the C-Max comes with additional frills like a DAB radio and a touchscreen interface. 

The quality of Ford’s interiors has greatly improved in the recent model years, and so has the B-Max. 

Even though both the Ford B-Max and C-Max feature basic interior styling, they compensate by using premium quality material and good design quality. 

The two models have a solid build quality, which is essential for a family-friendly vehicle. 

Engine and Performance: Ford B-Max vs. Ford C-Max

Under the hood, these two vehicles come with a lively engine that offers enough torque and power to get you anywhere. 

The MPVs are capable of propelling this adventure-ready family choice vehicle with ease. 

These multi-purpose vehicles are the best choice for your camping needs. 

The engine choices for the Ford B-Max and the Ford C-Max include economical gas and diesel options that make the two MPVs fun to drive. 

It comes standard with a lively 1.0-liter EcoBoost gas engine ideal for your local commute and long-distance travel. 

While the base trims come with a 1.0-liter engine, the higher trims for the B-Max offer a 1.4-liter engine that gives superior refinement and gives a collective 57.7 mpg. 

For highway driving, the C-Max engines offer more ideal options with a 1.5-liter engine producing 148-hp and reaching 62 mph in 10 seconds with a 60 mpg. 

Driving Experience

The capable engine that comes standard for the Ford B-Max and C-Max, coupled with the swift-shifting transmission, offers these models an easy-to-handle driving characteristic. 

The handling of the B-Max is comparable to that of the smaller Fiesta. 

This is ideal since it means you will have the convenience of an MPV without sacrificing an enjoyable driving experience. 

The 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine complements the vehicle perfectly, making it quick enough for the city and highway ride. 

Also, the 1.0-liter engine in the C-Max performs admirably, generating 123-hp for a thrilling ride. 

If anything, the C-Max’s handling and agility are superior to those of the B-Max, even though these aren’t characteristics often associated with the MPVs. 

On the other hand, diesel options are ideal for use on highways and long-distance travel. 

They offer high-performance while at the same time are fuel-efficient.

The Ford B-Max and C Max provide a pleasurable drive compared to many other MPVs of the same class and price range. 

They provide a comfortable ride, thanks to the suspension that ensures the ride is not bumpy. 

Reliability and Practicality

The Ford B-Max and C-Max are both reliable and built to serve you for the long haul. 

These two MPVs have been on the top list of the most reliable vehicles for a while now. 

In terms of practicality, the two multi-purpose cars come very close. 

C-Max offers a Grand seven-seater arrangement despite having the same cabin volume as the Ford B-Max. 

This makes the Ford B-Max and C-Max very practical choices for a family getaway or when you wish to haul both people and cargo. 

Ford B-Max’s doors stand out more; they eliminate the need for a central pillar that separates the front and back door. 

Consequently, passenger convenience is unmatched. 

This is good for a family trip that requires carrying the child seat. 

It is even easier to arrange your cargo in these MPVs. 

The 318-liter trunk space can be expanded by removing the decoy trunk floor. 

Although the rear folding door is absent from the five-seater C-Max, the trunk is nearly 100 liters greater than the B-Max. 

The back seats are similar three-way adjustable with an option of removing it entirely if necessary. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Should I buy a Ford B-max or a Ford C-Max? 

It is hard to choose one from these two MPVs since they come with lots of commonalities. 

Both vehicles feature potent engines, are enjoyable to drive, are economical, and each has its own unique set of advantages. 

To make it even more complicated, the two vehicles receive almost the same review and star rating in different categories online. 

Both are good family-centric choices. 

However, if you are seeking a seven-seater, the Grand Ford C-Max is what you need. This will come at a slightly higher price than the B-Max. It is hard to justify the price difference, but since the Ford Grand C-max offers extras, it is always the first choice for drivers. Also, the C-max has a more appealing and modern look hence the best value for your money.

Ford B-Max vs. Ford C-Max: Which one is bigger? 

The Ford B-Max is larger than the Ford C-Max by a few inches. 

The Ford B-Max And The C-Max

If you are in the market for a Ford multi-purpose vehicle, the Ford B-Max and the C-Max offer a great choice. 

Whether you have a family or just looking for a spacious ride for your daily commute, the Ford C-Max offers a great selection. 

Under the hood, the two are offered at different powertrains. 

Both vehicles offer a delightful driving experience and are all designed for maximum comfort and security inside the cabin. 

The cabin is lined with premium material that enables the occupant to enjoy the classy ambiance. 

The two Ford models come standard with unique styling both inside and outside. 

The exterior styling will confuse you if you don’t have a keen eye for details. 

These two are stunning to look at and come with almost similar designs and styling. 

If you have some extra bucks to splurge on your next vehicle, the Ford C-Max is your best bet. 

Otherwise, the Ford B-Max is equally good and will give you a pleasurable fun-to-drive experience. 

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