Why Does My Nissan Murano Alarm Keep Going Off? Fixed!

Getting woken up late at night because of a random car alarm can be annoying. And if it keeps happening to your Nissan Murano, we can help you figure out why. If your Nissan Murano’s alarm goes off repeatedly and you don’t know why there are several possible causes. It is necessary to identify the issue with your Murano because your alarm will randomly wake up the neighbors until it gets fixed. 

Why Does My Nissan Murano Alarm Keep Going Off 1 1 Why Does My Nissan Murano Alarm Keep Going Off? Fixed!

Why Does My Nissan Murano Alarm Keep Going Off?

The alarm on your Nissan Murano keeps going off for no apparent reason can be caused by a low car battery, broken key fob, malfunctioning alarm system, or sensitive shock and vibration sensors in the vehicle. You can disable or stop the alarm with your keys or by removing the battery to fix it. 

Your Nissan Murano car alarm keeps going off for no apparent reason, and you can’t find the noise source. This happens to many Murano owners, and the cause can vary depending on the vehicle, but this guide will tell you why it is happening. 

To get the correct information on this issue, we went under the hood of a Nissan Murano to better understand the alarm system. It is essential to read your owner’s manual and learn more about why things happen with your car. 

Why Does My Nissan Murano Alarm Keep Going Off?

The Nissan Murano car alarm has a sensor that detects any break-in attempts of the vehicle and triggers the alarm when it senses any kind of excessive force or vibration. It can also be triggered by an impact or break-in attempt.

But without proper vehicle care, you can experience an issue where the alarm keeps going off despite no break-in attempts. 

Typically, a Nissan Murano alarm is triggered when the vehicle’s sensors detect a potential threat. The most common triggers are if the car is bumped or jolted or someone tries to break in.

If this happens to your vehicle, consider some of the possibilities below as the cause for an alarm that continues to go off. 

Low Car Battery

Car alarms are designed to be triggered by the car battery. When the battery dies or gets low, the alarm keeps going off.

When a car battery is low, it sends a signal to the alarm system that triggers it.

When you have a dead battery, you should use jumper cables to connect your car to another vehicle with a working battery.

So, always make sure that your battery is fully charged before leaving your vehicle in a public space.

Broken Key Fob

A broken or faulty key fob can also cause the Nissan Murano car alarm to continue. When it works properly, you can lock and unlock the car seamlessly.

However, if the battery in the fob gets low or something internal goes wrong with it, other things can happen. This includes triggering the car alarm regularly.  

Malfunctioning Alarm

Sometimes the problem is simple, and the alarm is simply malfunctioning. A technician can diagnose this, and replacing the alarm could solve the problem. 

We recommend checking other factors like the key fob and car battery before considering this possibility. 

Why Does My Nissan Murano Alarm Keep Going Off 1 Why Does My Nissan Murano Alarm Keep Going Off? Fixed!

Sensitive Shock Or Vibration Sensors

If your car is broken into, this level will sound an audible alarm and activate your car’s horn until the threat is eliminated. 

You can also turn off the alarm by pressing a button on your remote key fob.

This happens because the shock or vibration sensors are triggered. However, they can also become too sensitive after time. 

If this were to happen, you would hear the alarm go off, but no break-in would be happening. This is because the sensor picks up movement from passing cars, wind, etc. 

You would need to have the vehicle looked at by a technician to fix this. They would be able to replace or reset the sensors to the proper level.

What Triggers A Nissan Murano Alarm?

A Nissan Murano alarm is triggered when the car is moved without the key in the ignition. This will set off a high-pitched alarm that will give you enough time to find your keys and turn them off.

To stop an alarm from going off, you need to have your key in the ignition and turn it on. 

If you do not have your key with you, then look under the driver’s seat or inside the glove compartment of your car.

There are a few primary triggers for this car alarm. Keep in mind that alarms are more advanced depending on your Murano’s year and model type. 

Opening The Front Or Rear Doors

If the car is locked and the alarm is activated, opening either the front or rear doors on either side of the vehicle could be an alarm trigger.

This will only happen when the car is locked, and the vehicle is opened without unlocking the doors correctly. 

Opening The Rear Hatch

If your car is locked and the rear hatch gets opened without unlocking the vehicle, this will also trigger the alarm to go off.

It could also happen if the sensor isn’t working correctly. 

Battery Disconnection 

If the battery is loose and disconnects and reconnects, it will almost always automatically trigger the car alarm. 

The battery is designed to alert the alarm when something is wrong. Always check the battery connection if this keeps happening. 

How To Stop Nissan Murano Alarm When It Goes Off

The Nissan Murano is a luxury crossover SUV that offers a smooth ride and plenty of power. It also has an alarm system that goes off when the car senses an impact.

If you are trying to stop the Nissan Murano Alarm when it goes off, there are a few ways to do it successfully. 

Use Key Fob

The first way to stop the Nissan Murano Alarm is by pressing the remote control button on your keychain or using your door lock key fob. 

This is the fastest way, and it can be done from a distance away from your vehicle. If you don’t have a key fob, you will need to try a different method.

You can also hit the lock or unlock button on the key fob. This should halt the alarm from going off. Be sure to regularly change your key fob battery too. 

Use Physical Key In The Murano Door

Nissan Murano owners should know that there are multiple ways to turn off the alarm. 

They can either use the physical key or press the button on the door handle to open the door and then close it again.

This requires having the physical ignition key in many cases. Only on the newer models can you stop the alarm from going off without it. 

Remove The Battery

You can also remove the battery from the car if the Nissan Murano battery keeps going off. This can be a hassle, but it serves as a suitable fix temporarily while you address the issue. 

If you don’t have much experience under the hood of a car, it would be best to consult a technician or an expert to take the battery out of the vehicle for you. 

We wouldn’t recommend this for most people because it becomes a significant chore to connect and disconnect the battery consistently. 

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