Why Does My Nissan Murano Beep? [Explained!]

Modern vehicles like Nissan Muranos have built-in sensors and alarms that chime and beep. Some of them beep to let you know they’re working, and some chime to inform you of a potential problem. 

If you find yourself irritated and asking, “Why does my Nissan Murano beep?” you don’t need to worry. Most reasons are simple and take seconds to fix. 

The most common reasons your Nissan Murano beeps include:

  • The driver’s door is open when you turn off the ignition
  • An unlatched seatbelt
  • The lights on after the car is off
  • Proximity detector warnings
  • Locking and unlocking 

Everything from low oil pressure to an electrical malfunction causes alarms to sound on some vehicles. Some beep often enough to become annoying, like with every dashboard warning light. 

The Nissan Murano only has a few beeps to warn you of problems. During regular operation, equipment like backup sensors and tire pressure monitors use sound signals to help you, too. 

Will Fixing This Be Expensive?

In some cases, you might need to take your vehicle in for an inspection to determine the problem. Most beeps indicate only minor issues, though. 

If you’re trying to diagnose a beep, you’ll find several possible reasons for it below. To answer the question, “Why does my Nissan Murano beep?” pay attention to when it beeps to help you find the cause. 

Beeps When Turned Off

Cars typically beep when you turn off the engine for two different reasons. 


Leaving the lights on to drain the battery rarely happens these days. Automatic headlights turn off and on for you, so you never have to remember to turn them off. 

You can still turn the lights on manually, which overrides the automatic shut-off. The Murano will beep at you if you forget to turn them off and open the door. 


If your door is open when you turn the car off, an alarm sounds to alert you. The security system in modern vehicles expects the driver’s door to be closed when you turn it off. 

When the door is open, it beeps for you to close the door so the ignition can be locked and the system set. A second reason for this alarm is to remind you to remove the keys and avoid locking them in the car. 

Rear Door Alert System

Some Muranos will now have a Rear Door Alert (RDA) system. If a rear door opens before a trip, the system will alert you afterward with a chirp if the door doesn’t open again. 

This safety system helps remind people to check the backseat. The goal is to prevent the tragic death of children left in car seats. 

Beeps When Locking Doors

The Nissan Murano horn beeps when you lock the car. This sound is part of the proper operation of the locking system. The lights come on for several seconds, too. 

If you want to disable the sound when you use your Intelligent Key system to lock the door, it takes two seconds to do. 

On your Intelligent Key system, press the unlock and lock buttons together and hold for at least two seconds. Your Murano’s hazard lights will flash three times to indicate that it worked. 

When you lock the car after that, the horn won’t chirp.

You can turn the beep back on by holding the on and off buttons for two seconds again. When the hazard lights flash once, the horn will chirp and reset. 

Beeps While Moving

The most common beeps from a moving Nissan Murano involve the sonar detection system and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). The Murano also has a seatbelt warning that beeps if you haven’t buckled your seatbelt. 


Not every model comes standard with these systems. Base models won’t have the same features as more loaded models, which means every vehicle won’t have the same alarms. 

When you’re driving or reversing at a speed of 6mph or less, the sonar detection system engages. If you get too close to something, the system will alert you. 

Some sensors will beep if a car or person comes from the side to move behind you. The Moving Object Detection System lets you know that something’s moving so you can stop in time. 

The Nissan Murano doesn’t have backup warning beeps like some other vehicles. If your Murano beeps when you back up, it’s alerting you that something could be in your path. 

Sometimes rear sensors pick up exhaust fumes, usually in cold weather, and go off when nothing’s there. If this happens, it doesn’t mean something’s wrong with the system. This false alert happens with many similar proximity warning devices.

Advanced Driver Assistance System

If you get a Murano equipped with the ADAS, you’ll benefit from more sensors like cross-traffic warnings, lane departure warnings, and blind-spot detection. 

The camera view will show a 360-degree view of the space around your vehicle. Beeps alert you to anything too close or in your path to help you avoid collisions, damage, and injury.  

Seatbelt Warning

A series of beeps reminds you to buckle your seatbelt after the car starts. This alarm will sound until you buckle the seatbelt to keep from driving without one of the primary safety features offered in modern vehicles. 

If the car detects weight in the passenger seat, it will sound an alarm until that seatbelt latches, too. The Murano assumes that weight means a person, so if you put something heavy in the seat, prepare to buckle the seatbelt to stop this alarm. 

Speed Warning Alert

A beep while moving can also indicate a speed alert warning if you have a speed limit alert set in the Navigation settings. Touch the Settings icon on the launch bar, then touch Navigation. 

The Speed Alert Warning shows its status on the right-hand side. Touch OFF to disable it, or touch the setting to change the speed limit. 

Set Your Murano to Beep When Filling Tires

If your Murano comes with the Nissan Easy Fill Tire Alert System, you’ll appreciate the beep that keeps you from overfilling your tires. 

The system won’t beep when your tire pressure is low, but a dashboard warning light will come on. When you’re ready to add air to one or more tires, you have to turn the system on to use the alarm.

Follow these steps to benefit from this helpful tool. 

  • Park and engage the parking brake. 
  • Turn the ignition off, and turn the key to the on position, or the accessory mode, without restarting the engine. 
  • The headlights flash when you start filling the tire.
  • When the horn chirps, stop. The tire is at the correct pressure. 

If you happen to overinflate the tire, the hazard lights will flash, and the horn will chirp again. 

If you’ve ever been frustrated by using a manual tire pressure gauge, you should love this system. 

Why Does My Nissan Murano Beep at Other Times?

Other beeps aren’t standard warnings or alerts. If your Nissan Murano beeps and nothing in this list explains it, you might have a sensor going out or some other part malfunctioning. 

Try searching online for help at Murano sites like Nissan Murano forums or other places car enthusiasts gather. 

If you can’t find the answer, you’ll need a professional to find it for you. Remember when and how often the car beeps to help your mechanic narrow down the possibilities. 


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