Are AAA Car Batteries Good Quality?

What do AAA batteries offer that other batteries don’t? 

Are AAA batteries reliable, or would you be better off buying a battery yourself?

Are AAA Car Batteries Good Quality?

Are AAA Car Batteries Good Quality?

AAA’s batteries are about the same as conventional batteries that you would buy at an auto repair store. They use the same batteries and mark them with their brand name, but they are almost identical. They primarily buy Johnson Controls’ batteries, which also manufacture top-of-the-line batteries.

There have been mixed reviews on AAA’s batteries, but the company works hard to keep your business. 

They’ve made some improvements over the years, but do you know what they do and why you should use them?

How does AAA’s Service Work?

AAA’s business is based on roadside assistance for private vehicles with services ranging from a flat tire repair to a radiator problem, or even a dead battery. 

If any roadside hazard like this happens to you, you can call AAA, and they will dispatch a technician to help you. 

AAA operates nationwide to help in various situations and vehicle types, including RV owners. 

They have three plan types which include a $10 first year fee:

  • The Basic plan is $60 a year, includes 4 roadside assistance calls, and up to 10 miles of towing.
  • The Premium plan is $100 a year, includes 4 roadside assistance calls, and up to 100 miles of towing
  • The Plus plan is $136 a year, includes 4 roadside assistance calls, and up to 200 miles of towing

With all of those benefits, it’s generally a good deal for most car drivers, especially if you live somewhere remote or somewhere away from family. 

The four roadside assistance calls come with all of the plans. 

Members can use them for flat tires, engine failure, fuel delivery, battery issues, overheating, starting issues, and even locking your keys in your car.

If fixing car problems is not your forte, or if you’ve ever locked yourself out of your car far away from home, AAA may be the solution for you. 

Is Buying a Battery From AAA a Good Deal?

The short and simple answer is yes, if you need someone to come, test your battery, and replace it, then it’s worth it.

It will be a bit more expensive than a typical battery, but you’re also getting help from a professional technician. 

Better yet, this cost includes the new battery and the installation. 

You can buy one of their batteries at the member discount rate and change it yourself at about $20 to $30 less than another retail battery from an auto-repair shop. 

If you have to go into a service center with a battery problem, testing, replacement, and a new battery are all included in a discounted price that they give to their members. 

AAA puts their brand name on normal Interstate, Duralast, Die Hard, and Bosch batteries.

It’s a normal battery that comes with the service and peace of mind that if you need help, you can get it. 

If you’re not a car person, AAA would be a good deal for you or your family.

How long does a AAA battery usually last?

Are AAA Car Batteries Good Quality 1 Are AAA Car Batteries Good Quality?

The batteries that you get from AAA services have a 3-year warranty.

The company also prorates replacement costs up to 6 years. 

Their batteries of today seem to be working well for customers. 

There have been some negative reviews from a few years ago saying that the car batteries from AAA were not durable, but there have been zero negative reviews in the last four years.

It appears that AAA has worked out a problem that they had in the past with the batteries as they buy them from established manufacturers.

What Is The Most Reliable Car Battery?

It depends on your car and its needs, but the most reliable battery brand would be Optima. 

It’s produced by Johnson Controls, the same company that manufactures Interstate batteries, which AAA uses. 

They make high-performance batteries for consumers at a bit higher price, but they’re meant to last, and they have three different colored batteries for different performance needs.

Second to Optima would be ACDelco. 

They also make batteries for military, commercial, and civilian use with large reservoirs that helps them keep their charge.

Unlike Optima, they are manufactured by General Motors.

The next runner-up would be Odyssey batteries from EnerSys Energy Products Inc.

Finding the right battery will likely depend on the vehicle type and preferred usage.

Most any battery could be reliable when properly maintained.

Don’t let your battery die, especially in the winter time. 

If this happens, the brand won’t matter, it will likely need replaced.

What If I Live in a Remote Area?

Although remote areas don’t have as many options as AAA’s service centers, they will connect you to the closest shop. 

The best thing to do would be to call your local AAA and see what your options are. 

The AAA Plus plan is very useful with its 200 miles of towing, especially if you live in a remote area with few auto centers nearby. 

If you’re living in a warmer climate, you should also keep in mind that batteries don’t hold up as well in the heat. 

You might consider AA’s battery replacement to save money. 

The same can be said for areas with extreme cold.

Another reason to want AAA if you live in a remote area would be simply for the locksmith option. 

Locking yourself out of your car can be a frustrating and expensive mistake. 

You can tow your car to one of their approved repair locations, or service centers to have it fixed at their discounts.

Another nice thing about AAA is that the membership follows the member.

You can use one of your four calls for someone else’s car.

So, if you and your friend were stuck and needed a jump, you could use one of your calls on your friend’s car and be on your way. 

Either way, if you need help with your car, AAA is a great option for you.

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