Best and Worst Years for Ford Expedition (An Honest Buyers Guide)

The Ford Expedition has plenty of different car years with many different features inside the car. Every year Ford releases new models, but some cars have performed better than others. What are the best and worst years for Ford Expedition models?

Best and Worst Years for Ford Expedition

What Are The Best And Worst Years For Ford Expedition Models?

The 2006 and 2003 are the worst years for the Ford Expedition, while 2019 and 2020 are some of the best.

Although some car years have some of the biggest complaints, others have excellent car reviews. It is important to be careful of what car year you are picking.

Continue reading the article to find which car years to purchase and which ones to avoid. A Ford Expedition could be a great addition to your life if you pick a good model!

The Worst Years For The Ford Expedition

The worst years for the Ford Expedition are definitely 2006 and 2003. Both have tons of complaints and multiple recalls.


One of the worst years for a Ford Expedition is 2006. The 2006 Ford Expedition had the most complaints about engine problems and paint coming off of the car.

According to the website, one of the biggest problems for the Ford Expedition was the engine shutting off when the fail-safe light comes on.

This averaged around $720 to fix and was the most common for engine problems. Overall, this was not a great year for this particular vehicle.

A common complaint about the Ford Expedition was that their car was stalling on the highway. Many people said that when their engine came on, it lost all power and was not safe to drive. A few car owners included some of their common solutions.

This problem occurred because of the throttle body. Some owners shared that their car needed a throttle body replacement, a new sensor, and a throttle body cleaning. These owners were unhappy about paying the extra cost to fix their throttle bodies.

On, one driver talked about how they were on the highway in severe weather and their engine continued to fail with safe mode flashing across the dashboard.

They talked about how there was no throttle power and they had to coast across the bridge. The car continued to have problems and they could not figure out what was wrong.

Another common problem with the engine was difficulties with the spark plugs and the engine running rough.

The engine light flashed often, and the engine needed to be replaced. Some car engines would jump out of gear and go into fail-safe mode.

The engine averages about $3,350 to fix. The most common solutions for fixing the engine light were replacing the engine and replacing bad coil packs.

One owner had trouble with their car on hills, the acceleration not working properly, and the loss of power.

A common problem for car owners is the rough stop and start of the engine. The engine has trouble starting, and there is a loss of power. This is a recurring problem in the 2006 Ford Expeditions.

There are numerous body and paint problems in the Ford Expeditions. The paint repair is expensive and costs $5,000 on average.

The Ford Expedition has problems with the paint peeling off. The car rusts easily and the paint on the front and back of the hood peels off often. The paint often bubbles all over and has rust appearing on it.

The Ford Expedition is also reported to have transmission problems, AC and heater problems, and interior accessory problems. One big problem with the manual and automatic transmission was erratic shifting.

This includes the poor performance of the transmission and hard shifting. The gears do not shift properly and the car may not go past a certain speed.

Some motors may sound rocky and not go past a certain gear while the car is on the highway.

2006 make of the Expedition dealt with many problems that cost a lot of money to fix. People addressed their concerns and reasons not to buy this year of a car.

There were many engine difficulties, acceleration problems, and problems with the paint on the car. These owners had plenty of reasons why you should never purchase the 2006 Ford Expedition.

Some years of cars are made better than others, and 2006 was one of the worst years.

A lot of these people have similar situations with their 2006 car and want to make sure they purchase the correct car year. If you are looking for a Ford Expedition, do not purchase this year.

What to look for in a used Ford Best and Worst Years for Ford Expedition (An Honest Buyers Guide)


The 2003 Ford Expedition had a lot of complaints about engine problems. According to Car Complaints, one of the most common complaints was that the spark plugs blew out.

On average, this costs people $1,160 to fix. Many car owners said this happened with a loud popping noise and no warning.

It is a common problem, and people had to pull over immediately. One solution to this problem includes replacing the engine head.

One Expedition owner talked about how they were driving their car and heard a sound they had never heard before.

Their vehicle started making strange noises and they could not determine the issue.

The owner got home, checked under their hood, and noticed that one of the spark plugs was disconnected and needed to fix their vehicle. This is a common problem with this year of the car.

People have also had problems with their engine stalling or shutting down while driving. The repair cost for this problem averages around $610.

When this problem occurs, the car unexpectedly shuts off and then may restart. The car also has a complete loss of horsepower. The car may lose power in the steering wheel or the breaks.

Ford Expedition
2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition

The next huge problem was with the interior accessories. One problem is the door being ajar and the dome lights staying on.

The most common solutions to this problem were checking the locking mechanism, replacing the sensor, or replacing the door ajar switch. When the interior lights stay on, it drains the battery overnight.

The door alarm may also go off, causing the lights to come on. For car owners, the sensors may go off when you are driving the car on the highway. When the sensors go off, the car is not working properly and does not register correctly.

Another common problem is with the AC and the heater. The most common problem with the AC is the door clicking with the air conditioner. The actuator clicks and does not change the direction of the airflow.

There is an annoying clicking sound while the car is on, and the sound only gets worse. Some people have had problems with the heat and the AC not working.

It blows the wrong air they want and may not be too hot or too cold. Most people addressed that they had problems with the air and the defrost not working.

They were not happy about paying extra money to fix the problem.

A few Ford owners have also addressed some electrical problems that they had. The average cost for electrical problems is around $300.

The most common problem with this is a light staying on or the interior lights not turning off.

One person had a problem with their automatic headlights turning on and the radio not turning off. They addressed that the electrical issues on the car’s interior gradually got worse and worse as time passed.

People have had problems with the car turning off, plenty of transmission problems, backup sensors failing, and rough engine surges.

Overall, the 2003 model of the Expedition had plenty of problems. Many people have addressed their concerns with this make of the car and plenty of negative experiences they have had.

There were countless problems with the car’s engine, AC, and accessories. These problems cost owners a lot of money to get fixed.

ford expedition years to avoid

The Best Years For Ford Expedition

The best years for the Ford Expedition are the 2019 and 2020 models. They have powerful engines, a sleek, ergonomic design, and the fewest driver complaints of any Ford Expedition model years.


One of the best years for the Ford Expedition is 2019. Although 2019 is not the newest model, it is a great make and a great year.

This year holds one of the fewer problems for cars and most people were very satisfied with the car year. According to consumer reports, there were high ratings of excellent driving experience for the 2019 Ford Expedition.

2019 Ford Expedition has a very capable engine. The engine has great acceleration and power for towing huge things.

The V6 engine can tow up to 9,300 pounds. There is no trouble with accelerating onto the freeway, and the sport mode is excellent.

It has adaptive cruise control, collision warning, and automatic brake emergency. The breaking is consistent and stable. Unlike some cars, you should have no problem when driving this car onto the freeway.

According to, this car has the #1 rating for the largest and most affordable SUVs. The Ford Expedition has comfortable seating that includes three rows.

It can comfortably fit up to eight people and is a smooth ride on most surfaces. There is plenty of room and overall, it is a great vehicle. One great thing about this vehicle is the interior.

The vehicle has 15 cupholders and some cubbies for storage. The steering wheel is leather with a wooden center console. The heat and AC run great. The second and third rows fold flat, making it easy to carry cargo.

 The 2019 Ford Expedition includes some great technology features. One of the best things is the rearview camera and parking sensors. The 360 camera is helpful when parking this oversized vehicle.

The car has great GPS navigation in some trims and a DVD player. There is an audio system and a non-touchscreen infotainment system. There are USB ports, auxiliary ports, and Bluetooth. The car has plenty of entertainment options for small children or for going on long road trips.

One car owner talked about how the interior was massive and comfortable. There were plenty of rows for her family, a large amount of cargo space, and plenty of legroom. This is perfect for a large family.

Many car users had positive experiences with the 2019 Ford Expedition, and there are plenty of reasons why this is one of the best car years.

They addressed a few problems in their reviews, but there were rarely any negative complaints among the many trim levels.

Car owners loved the oversized vehicle and said the Ford Expedition was great for road trips and vacations with their families. They never had any problems with storage, space, or entertainment.

ford expedition years to avoid


The 2020 Ford Expedition is a great full-size SUV for large families with plenty of room. The vehicle has an excellent engine with fantastic interior and exterior designs.

This V6 car has a transmission that is smooth enough never to notice shifts in the car.  There are big wheels and tires, good styling, and a clean look on the outside. The car is safe in the event of a crash and kid-friendly.

One car owner talked about how the acceleration is good for such a big vehicle. The inside of the vehicle also has plenty of room.

The inside of the car has third-row seats and comfortably seats seven passengers. Plenty of legroom is in the third row, and it is easy to get in and out of the car with little effort. There is plenty of footroom under the seats as well.

The 2020 Ford Expedition features a huge dashboard and a fantastic sound system. There are plenty of bins, cubbies, and trays.

There is a glove department, a giant side mirror, and a camera system. There are six USB ports located throughout the car. The charging ports are easily accessible for anyone throughout the car.

Another great feature is the climate control system. The climate control system is great for long winters or summer days.

It performs well in all types of weather. During hot summers, the air conditioning runs well. In cold winters there are heated front and second-row seats.

Car owners never have to worry about the weather outside or the air conditioning. They can adjust the temperature to fit their needs.

2020 is one of the latest years for the Ford Expedition and has all the latest upgrades.

It holds some of the greatest technology features and has the perfect amount of room in the car. Owners were happy about the smooth ride and the build of the vehicle.

The 2020 make has great improvements in their camera system, their backup cameras, and the easily accessible storage space in the car. It has high-quality sound systems, and owners are happy about their purchase.

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