Best Mirrors for Jeep without Doors (Use These and Go Doors Off Legally!)

Jeeps are famous for their role in several wars and boast a rugged, all-American image. If you’re like most Jeep enthusiasts, you likely have a strong sense of adventure and a need for durability. 

Off-roading in your jeep is best when the doors are off. Of course, to remain legal, you’ll have to reattach a mirror or two somewhere. Depending on the type and model of your mirrors, installation locations include the windshield, tube doors hinges, or some part of the body paneling. 

Knowing your state’s doorless offroading requirements and having the proper mirrors on your Jeep will ensure that your next doorless adventure goes smoothly. Here’s a look at state laws and the best mirrors to choose from. 

Mirror Requirements by State

The number of mirrors you must attach to your Jeep after removing its doors varies by state. Most states require one or two mirrors. A few states have stricter and more specific laws. 

States where you need two side-view mirrors:

  • California
  • Arizona
  • Colorado 
  • New Hampshire
  • Washington
  • Oklahoma
  • Rhode Island

States where you need only one mirror:

  • Florida
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Connecticut
  • Alabama
  • Indiana
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Massachusetts
  • Maine
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • Tennessee
  • South Dakota
  • South Carolina
  • Wisconsin

What about other states? The remaining states have more specific requirements for where to place your mirrors. For example, the following are states that require one side-view mirror on the left as well as an interior rearview mirror:

  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maryland 
  • New York

Two states simply require mirrors for larger vehicles: 

  • Michigan
  • Nevada

Meanwhile, Ohio requires that you have all three mirrors: two side-view ones, and one rearview. 

Lastly, Missouri state laws require that you keep the same number of mirrors the vehicle came with before detaching its doors. Additionally, no mirrors are needed for car models older than 1968. 

Top Jeep Mirrors for Doors Off

The mirrors on this list are all easy to install, albeit to varying degrees. These all come with different types of brackets, and setup will depend on the type of Jeep you have. You can also keep most of these mirrors on even if you decide to put your doors back on. 

JeCar Door Off For Rear View

If you need your Jeep to survive extreme weather conditions, these mirrors are a great option. Their anodized steel material provides excellent protection against the elements and rusting. Additionally, their shape and size help minimize blind spots. 

Another practical feature of these mirrors is the locking-knob mount, which facilitates installation and removal. However, some drivers have reported minor issues with stability at higher speeds. If speed isn’t crucial for you, these mirrors may be ideal. 

Freeform Adventure Jeep Mirrors

These Freeform mirrors are easy to install and are compatible with all Wrangler models. They offer great visibility and have a sturdy build. You’ll only need one nut to install or remove them as well. 

Like many other models, they have a slight vibration issue when driving at higher speeds. That said, the company has made great improvements in this department, and new designs are not as shaky as previous ones.

Aurelio Tech Doors Off Mirrors

Aurelio mirrors feature a broad, rectangular design that offers excellent visibility. With their locking knob mechanism, they are easy to keep in place at different speeds. Thanks to their nylon washers and anodized steel, these mirrors are resistant to corrosion and rust. 

The design offers a transparent lens and a long, malleable arm for easy adjustments. Drivers report superior adjustability than with other brands. However, a downfall of this design is that its installation is more complicated than other mirrors’. In addition, these won’t fit every Wrangler model. 

Another point is that these mirrors are priced lower than many other models. If you’re on a budget, these are worth considering.

Rugged Ridge Quick Release Mirrors

If you’ve got tube or safari doors on your Jeep, these will give you a nice fit. These are also some of the easiest mirrors on the list for installation. The arm is highly adjustable as well and features a malleable design. 

For drivers who prefer long warranties, Rugged Ridge may be the ideal choice. You should consider that the material for these is glass, however. Thus, while the 5-year warranty ensures you won’t waste your money, keep in mind that these are not as durable as other mirrors. 

On the other hand, Rugged Ridge includes several extra components with your purchase:

  • Tow hooks
  • Winches
  • Recovery gear

Liberrway Off Door Mirrors

Whether you’re wary of using drills or you just want as quick an installation as possible, Libberway’s Off Door mirrors offer unbeatable installation. The alloy steel design features a bracket-bolt on, so there’s no need for many tools. 

Another plus of this design is that the arm sticks out at a longer angle than many other mirrors. This gives you a wider field of vision than you’ll have with many other designs. At approximately $30, they’re reasonably priced and come with a 2-year warranty. 

ICARS Textured Adventure Mirrors

The arms on these mirrors don’t stretch out as far as other designs, but they still offer high visibility. While more compact, these mirrors are easy to adjust and eliminate blind spots. One of its best features is that the manufacturer’s improved design uses a fixed pole to minimize vibration. 

Most drivers reported being happy with the stability and durability of the construction. That said, many reports also described more whistling at high speeds than with other brands. 

Calbeau Jeep Mirrors

Calbeau mirrors are durable iron and sprayed for extra protection from rust and corrosion. These are quieter than other mirrors on the list and feature a squared shape and tempered lens for improved visibility. The installation is relatively simple as well. 

You can’t use these mirrors with all Jeeps, but they fit most models after 2007. 

Rowa Wrangler Side-View Mirrors

These mirrors use glass and rubber materials and fit all Jeep Wrangler models. The lens feature omni-directional joints and have a width of 7.8 inches. You can easily mount these on a bolt bracket. To remove, all you need is a wrench. 

The supporting rods are triangular in shape and have a fixed hold to reduce shakiness and vibration. 

AL4X4 Square Doorless Mirrors

Made of Alloy steel, these side-view mirrors are sturdy and durable. They also scored high among consumers for resistance to rust as well as vibration. These are wider than many other designs and give you some of the best blind-spot reduction. 

Although they fit most Jeeps, many drivers reported these being too big to fit into a Jeep TJ. 

Voodonala Reflection Side Mirrors

If you prefer to place your side-view mirrors on your door hinges, these ones install very simply. Though this design features a glass material, it is somewhat resistant to rust because of their coated finish. They’re a universal fit and great for the following Jeep Wranglers:

  • CJ
  • YJ
  • TJ
  • JK
  • JL
  • Unlimited

Tips for Installation

YouTube is a great resource if you need help installing your mirrors. There are many great tutorials on how to install new mirrors after taking your doors off, such as this one or this one

Before you remove any doors, make sure to bring the windows down to avoid damaging the glass. Check under your dashboard for the footwell and unplug any power cables. Ensure no fragile parts are exposed before carefully taking the door off its hooks. 

Depending on your year and model, the best location to attach your mirrors may vary. Some mirrors are also better than others for a windshield attachment. 

You can also look for a universal fit on your mirrors if you don’t want to browse through many options for your specific Jeep. 

Final Considerations

Taking the doors off your Jeep is one of the best ways to enjoy off-roading. Finding the right mirror will depend on several factors and what features you prioritize. When in doubt, always check your state’s doors off mirror laws to ensure you buy the correct kind and have the proper placement. 

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