10 Essentials For Jeep | Safety, Recovery, and Survival Gear For a Jeep

If you’re a jeep owner, you know how it feels to hit the open roads and cruise down some rough and bumpy trails. Adventure calls your name, and you can’t help but answer the call. 

But even the most adventurous jeep owner should have their ride stocked with the best safety, recovery, and survival gear. No one wants to imagine something going wrong, but that’s why we use the phrase “just in case.”

Below are 10 essentials for jeep owners, covering safety, recovery, and survival gear to use with your jeep. 

  1. Rhino USA Off-Road Towing Rope

One of the most important pieces of recovery gear you can buy is off-road vehicle towing ropes. 

When you’re off-roading, there’s a long list of things that can go wrong. In the best-case scenario, your jeep gets stuck in a heaping pile of mud. Worst case scenario, your vehicle goes over a steep cliff. 

Either way, these ropes will help you reel it back in and back on the trail. 

The Rhino USA recovery tow strap is one of the strongest and toughest straps in the game. It’s lab-tested to hold over 31,000 pounds, which is more than enough to retrieve a jeep from treacherous territory. 

It comes in several different lengths and is conveniently packed in a heavy-duty drawstring back. The bag leaves plenty of space for any other accessories you might have in your jeep. 

  1. Nilight D-Ring Shackles

Many jeep owners may already have some D-ring shackles installed on their vehicles. If not, it’s a good idea to get some and at least keep them inside your jeep or in your recovery kit. 

The Nilight D-ring shackles have an impressive 4.75-ton capacity with a universal design that’s perfect for jeeps – along with several other sport-utility vehicles and trailers.

The heavy-duty design features an electro-galvanized layer and a powder coating for rust resistance, along with a detachable black isolator that protects your bumper from damage.

This set of two comes in three different colors, which allows you to customize your jeep and keep the look you desire. The sturdy and reliable rings also come with a two-year warranty, leaving you with no risk. 

  1. Generic Emergency Gas Can

All of us try to avoid running out of gas, but sometimes we get so into the fun of off-roading that it slips our minds to keep an eye on that needle. For that reason, it’s always a good idea to keep an emergency gas can fully stocked and ready to use in your jeep.

We love the Generic Emergency Gas Can. It holds 1.3 gallons of fuel, which should be enough to get you off the road and to your nearest gas station. The bright red design is easy to locate, and the narrow design makes it easy to slide into small spaces.

Plus, this gas tank doubles as a block for your tires. Shove it under your tire, and it will prevent it from spinning in mud, snow, ice, or sand. 

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  1. Slime Pro Series Ultimate Tire Repair Kit

Serious off-roaders know the importance of high-quality tires, but no one can predict a leak. If you plan on hitting some rough terrain, you should make sure you have some Slime Pro Series Ultimate Tire Repair on hand.  

This 13-piece kit has everything you need to repair a leak in your off-road tires. It includes an aluminum reamer, a plugger, and 10 strips of plug material – along with a tube of rubber cement. 

The insertion tool gives you a nice grip and is easy to use. This kit comes in handy when you need it most, and it can really get you out of some sticky situations on the trail. 

  1. Maxtrax MKII Recovery Board

When your jeep gets stuck, one of the best things you can have is the Maxtrax MKII Recovery Board set. This set includes two 46” x 13” nylon boards available in 6 different colors. They are reinforced with fiber for extra strength and durability. 

These boards make it incredibly easy to get yourself out when your jeep gets stuck. They feature deep cleats that really grip the ground and heavy-duty rivets that perfectly grip your tires to prevent them from slipping in all sorts of environments. 

The boards also have six handles and a built-in shovel at each end for digging. The mounts let you attach them to your vehicle, or you can lay them flat using their stackable design. You simply can’t go wrong with this recovery tool. 

  1. ZEAK Premium Electric Winch

A high-quality winch is a must-have for any serious off-roader out there. After just one use, you’ll be more than glad that you had it on hand. 

The ZEAK Premium Electric Winch is rated at 13,000 pounds and includes a waterproof synthetic rope, a wireless remote, and a mounting system. 

The entire product is completely weather-sealed, allowing you to use it in the harshest conditions, including rain and snow. 

The electric motor will certainly treat you well with 6HP and 4.5kW, and the clevis hook is tough and ready to go. This product will quickly become your best friend in dire situations. 

  1. Motormic Tow Strap Recovery Kit

Some jeep owners like to build their own kits made of their favorite products. Others enjoy the convenience of a pre-built kit that has everything they need in case a towing situation arises. 

For the latter, we have the Motormic Tow Strap Recovery Kit. This highly-rated kit comes packed with a tough towing rope along with:

  • 2” shackle hitch receiver
  • ⅝” locking pin
  • ¾” D-ring shackles with safety ring

The whole kit comes in a heavy-duty bag with plenty of space – perfect for storing in your jeep. The tow strap is rated at over 41,000 pounds, and the D-rings are corrosion resistant. The hitch receiver comes with a safety lock pin and a set of keys to prevent theft. 

  1. Hi-Lift Jack

If you’re running an off-road vehicle, you likely have some giant off-road tires. With your vehicle already lifted far above the ground like that, it’s important to have a high lift jack like this one. 

The Hi-Lift Jack comes in three different heights that soar above the average jack:

  • 48 inches
  • 42 inches
  • 60 inches

The heavy-duty all-cast jack weighs a max of 35 pounds, so you know it’s built to handle heavy equipment. All of the other components on this jack feature a powder-coated finish and zinc-plated hardware for extra durability. 

This jack is easy to use, but it’s always super important to use high jacks responsibly. When used properly, you can lift yourself over bumps and boulders or make necessary repairs on the trail. 

When misused, a high jack can quickly become dangerous. Be sure to read the manual carefully before attempting any trail repairs. 

  1. GearAmerica Off-Road Gloves

Anyone who has ever had to recover an off-road vehicle knows how important a solid pair of gloves are. Handling ropes, straps, chains, hitches, and winches can be dreadful in the cold, snow, and heat. 

These GearAmerica Off-Road Gloves do an excellent job of protecting your hands, whether you’re towing or shoveling. The high visibility orange is an important safety feature, while the ventilation is just enough to keep your hands from overheating. 

These gloves are abrasion-resistant and give you a sturdy grip, which is super important during any kind of recovery method. The impact guards protect your hands, and the abrasion pads sit where they’re needed most. 

  1. Emergency Survival Kit

When an emergency happens during an off-roading trip, it’s best to be prepared. Some emergencies have quick fixes, such as a flat tire, while others may require a little more time and wait. 

This emergency survival kit is packed with 142 pieces of equipment that can help save the day – or at least make it a little safer and easier. 

Some of the items included in this pack are:

  • Folding shovel and pick
  • 3-mode tactical flashlight
  • Military knife
  • Survival bracelet
  • Wire saw
  • Whistle
  • Parachute cord
  • First aid kit
  • Fishing tools
  • Firestarter

These items are just a few of the many you get in this survival kit. And it’s all packed neatly in an 8” x 6” x 5” bag. 

Final Thoughts

The jeep life is the only life for some of us, and it always will be. Keep your jeep adventures safe and exciting by using some of this essential safety, recovery, and survival equipment. It’s always best to expect the unexpected, so you’re not trapped in an inconvenient or even dangerous situation. 

So clean up your jeep, stock it up with some gear, and hit the road for your next adventure! 

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