Can a Highlander Hybrid Tow a Trailer?

The Highlander is a great vehicle for many different purposes. 

It’s not just an SUV; it can also be the perfect family vehicle! But what about if you need to tow something? 

Well, today, we are going to answer that question with our Highlander Hybrid Tow Test! 

We are going to see how much power the Highlander has compared to others in its class and then test whether it can tow a trailer.

Can a Highlander Hybrid Tow a Trailer?

The Highlander Hybrid can tow up to 3,500 pounds, which is quite impressive! The Toyota Highlander has two times more towing capacity than the Mazda CX-50 and Nissan Rogue! That is great for this Highlander SUV hybrid that only weighs about 5,000 pounds itself.

That’s not all; read on to learn more about the Highlander Hybrid.

What Is a Highlander Hybrid?

First, let’s talk about what Highlander actually means. 

Highlander, of course, is referring to the Highlander region in Scotland where people were tough and strong. 

The Highlander was also a warrior fighting for their land with honor, so it’s pretty inspiring!

Now that you know what Highlander really means, let’s talk about this Toyota SUV hybrid itself. 

A Highlander Hybrid is just like any other Highlander, but with the added bonus of being a hybrid. 

This Highlander is great for its size and can feel just like any other Highlander when you are driving it!

What Is the Highlander Hybrid’s Towing Capacity?

So, the Highlander Hybrid towing capacity is 3,500 pounds.

But what does this mean? If you are looking at the Highlander Tow Test, for example, it means that you can use your Highlander to tow a trailer or boat up to 3,500 pounds!

But wait, there’s more! Not only do Highlander hybrids have better capabilities than other SUVs, but Highlander hybrids are also better in terms of fuel economy! The Highlander Hybrid is great for towing because it has a tow mode that gives the Highlander hybrid even more power than others.

Highlander Hybrid Cargo Space Specs:

Another Highlander Hybrid benefit is its cargo space. 

Highlander hybrids have about 47 cubic feet of total cargo space and 60/40 split-folding rear seats! This makes the Highlander great for towing, but it also means you can take a lot with you too.

If we give Highlander hybrids an A+ in terms of their tow capabilities, Highlander hybrids get an A+ in terms of their cargo space too! 

So, Highlander hybrids are good SUVs for towing.

Furthermore, Highlander Hybrid reviews suggest its cargo space is best for trips.

So, Highlander hybrids are good SUVs when it comes to towing and cargo space! They have more power than many other competitors in its class, along with better fuel economy too! 

All around, Highlander hybrids get an A+ rating.

Highlander Hybrid Performance Specs:

Another Highlander benefit is its performance specs, including an acceleration time of just about eight seconds from 0-60. 

Highlander hybrids have a horsepower of 270 and an awesome fuel economy of 22 mpg in the city! Highlander Hybrid reviews from real customers suggest that Highlander hybrids are great SUVs for towing.

How Much Does A Highlander Hybrid Weigh?

The Highlander weighs just about 5000 pounds, which isn’t that bad considering all the features this SUV includes. 

Highlander hybrids weigh about 1000-1500 pounds less than Highlander VE and Highlander SE.

How Much Power Does A Highlander Hybrid Have?

Hybrid Highlanders have 250 horsepower, while others in its class usually only have 200 hp on average!

A Highlander Hybrid can tow a trailer just as well, if not better than many other SUVs, and Highlander hybrids are great because they have 250 horsepower, which is quite impressive! 

The Highlander has two times more towing capacity than the Mazda CX-50 and Nissan Rogue!

Which Trailers Can A Highlander Hybrid Tow?

Trailers Highlander hybrids can tow include:

  • A boat trailer up to 3500 pounds which is impressive for Highlander hybrids.
  • Conventional trailers like a utility, camping and more! Highlander hybrids are great SUVs when it comes to their features and specs.

The trailers should be Highlander hybrid-specific, not just Highlander.

What Should I Look For Before Towing a Trailer?

When attempting to tow a trailer using a Highland Hybrid, Highlander hybrids should be in Tow Mode.

One should also make sure that the Highlander is properly hooked up and ready to go before attempting to tow a trailer.

Do Hybrids Have a Resale Value?

One of the benefits of a Highlander Hybrid is that it has a long resale value, and Highlander hybrids don’t lose their value over time. 

In fact, Highlander hybrid cars increase in value!

This means Highlander hybrids are wise investments for towing. 

Highlander hybrid cars also have a higher resale value than many other SUVs, which is great if you’re looking for an SUV that’s good at doing everything!

You can also sell Highlander hybrids to dealerships; Highlander hybrid cars are good investments for resale value due to their features and specs.

What Are The Safety Features Of Highlander Hybrid?

The safety features Highlander hybrids have are traction control, anti-lock brakes/braking assistance, stability control, and more! Highlander hybrids also both come with front side airbags as part of their safety features too.

The Highlander Hybrid has a five-star overall crash test rating. 

So, Highlander hybrids are great for towing and have the best safety ratings.

What Are The Interior Features Of A Highlander Hybrid?

Highlander hybrids have a ton of interior features, including:

  • Heated front seats for those chilly days
  • a backup camera
  • rearview mirrors with heating capabilities
  • Satellite radio
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • a premium sound system
  • a power liftgate
  • These are just some of the Highlander Hybrid’s interior features.

What Else Should You Know About the Highlander Hybrid?

This vehicle is for people who want a versatile SUV that can tow trailers, has great safety features, and comes with many interior features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a Highlander Hybrid Tow A Trailer?

Yes, Highlander hybrids have great towing capabilities and can tow trailers up to 3500 pounds easily!

How Much Does The Average Highlander Hybrid Weigh?

Most of the time, they weigh about 5000 pounds. Some are heavier than others, but the average is about 5000 pounds.

How Much Power Does A Highlander Hybrid Have?

Highlander hybrids have 250 horsepower, which makes them great for towing!

Which Trailers Can A Highlander Tow?

Some of the trailers that a Highland can tow include boats and other types of trailers, too.

How Much Does It Cost To Fill Up A Highlander Hybrid?

Usually, it costs about $60 to fill up, but if you fill-up the Highlander hybrid with premium gas, it costs about $70 to fill.

How Much Does The Average Resale Value Of A Highlander Hybrid?

Usually, a Highlander Hybrid’s resale value is on average about 60-65% of their original price after five years. This means that they’re good investments for resale value.

Closing Thought

Basically, Highlander hybrids are great SUVs that can tow trailers up to 3500 pounds, have good resale value and come with many interior features. ,

Highlander hybrids don’t lose their value over time at all; in fact, they increase in price due to their features, specs, and capabilities!

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