What is the Roomiest Toyota SUV?

Toyota is well known for its excellent vehicles, most of which have superb off-roading and handling capabilities that anybody would love to be the owner of. However, there are also those out there who might need something other than off-roading capabilities and that is size and space. If you are looking to get a vehicle to accommodate you and all the friends or family you need, Toyota might have the one you are looking for.

According to Toyota, the roomiest SUV available is the Toyota Sequoia. The Land Cruiser is large enough but the Sequoia wins for passenger space, especially if there is a need for two or three car seats to be fitted into the back row. The Sequoia can accommodate eight passengers total.

Now you know how many people the Sequoia will fit, but like any other car owner, you undoubtedly want to know a little bit more about what else it might have to offer. Below you will find a few details about the features, specs, and pros and cons of the Toyota Sequoia and everything else. Hopefully, knowing this will help you to decide whether or not the Toyota Sequoia is the car that you need in your life.

Toyota Sequoia: The Specs

Aside from having plenty of passenger and cargo space to boast, the Sequoia has plenty of other things to offer. Let’s start by talking about the exterior. Just like Toyota’s other vehicles, the Sequoia has a boxy, sturdy, appearance that fits well its capabilities. If nothing else, the sporty yet rugged appearance of the Sequoia is enough to draw many people in.

The exterior is fitted with heated rearview mirrors with power-folding and turn signal features. The Sequoia also boasts a 5.7-liter V8 engine and a rear-wheel drivetrain. To add to the sporty and rugged look, Sequoias are usually outfitted with chrome grilles on the front. This can give it an intimidating look as well.

These things, combined with LED headlights, a fluid washer system, an automatic sunroof, and chrome and black accents make for a pretty well-dressed-up car. In addition, there are plenty of trim package options that you can choose from. They get more expensive as you upgrade, but most people would find that cost to be well worth it for the features they get.

Let’s talk for a moment about the interior (which is quite possibly one of the most coveted features the Sequoia has to offer). If you value comfort and elegance over all else, then the Sequoia is probably a great choice for you. The models come with upholstered easy-to-clean fabric seats. However, if you were to invest in any of the trim packages available, they could easily be upgraded to leather seats (which is the most popular option).

And, as mentioned earlier, there is plenty of room for your passengers. You will find that there is space for eight passengers at least. This includes any children you may need car seats for in the back seat. There is plenty of room for more than one car seat at a time. This little fact makes the Sequoia a fantastic family car.

Toyota Sequoia: The Pros and Cons

Now that you know a little more about what the Toyota Sequoia has to offer, you undoubtedly want to know about the pros and cons of buying one. Here are a few of the most basic ones. Hopefully, knowing these will help you to make a final decision on whether the Sequoia is good for you or not.


First and foremost, we have the aforementioned space to talk about. There are no competitors that can beat the Sequoia’s 120 cubic feet of cargo space. To access all of this space at once, you will, of course, have to fold down all the rear seats, but if you need to haul bulky cargo (furniture, appliances, etc.) this is hardly anything to complain about. Plus, with the powered liftgate, this is made ten times easier.

Plus, with the enlarged third row, your passengers, whether large or small, will be perfectly comfortable while sitting in the back. You can fit car seats if needed and you won’t have any trouble buckling them in or even taking them out. If space is what you are going for, the Sequoia is a perfect choice.

Most Sequoias are only equipped with RWD but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a more than capable off-roader. The Sequoia is equipped with TRD suspension which adds a huge level of control to the vehicle and allows it to tackle steep ascents and descents with perfect ease. Don’t get cocky, of course, but you’d be surprised at what the Sequoia can do so don’t underestimate its abilities.

The Sequoia is no racecar, but for its size, it has remarkable speed. It can cruise from 0 to 60 in less than eight seconds, a feat that is not manageable by many vehicles. If you want something safe and secure for your family but that will still go fast with ease, the Sequoia is a more than considerable choice.


Despite all these things, however, the Sequoia is nowhere near perfect. One of these imperfections is the shockingly bad fuel economy. It pulls about 13 mpg in the city and 17 mpg on the highway. This gas guzzler might be a capable off-roader and a sufficient family car, but it will cost you money in this department.

Additionally, the Sequoia has a fairly outdated infotainment system which can make it difficult to use at times. The smartphone connectivity is spotty and rarely completely efficient. It works okay, but updating it would seriously help the driver to have a better time making use of it.

Plus, the SUV is big enough that the road feel is terrible. This means you will have to pay extra attention to your surroundings while you drive. It handles very differently from other vehicles, so you cannot afford to lose focus or you could find yourself losing control of the car.

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