Can A Prius Be Towed Behind A Motorhome? Safely?

If you own a Prius and want to try moving the vehicle behind your motorhome, you should first be more familiar with different towing methods. By towing a Prius, you are putting the vehicle at risk if you were to opt for the wrong method that could cause severe vehicle damage. Instead, you can learn more about how the Prius works and the best way to tow it. 

Can A Prius Be Towed Behind A Motorhome 1 Can A Prius Be Towed Behind A Motorhome? Safely?

Can you tow a Prius behind a motorhome?

A Prius can be towed behind a motorhome, but how you choose to do it will be the deciding factor. You cannot flat-tow a Prius or any other similar electric or hybrid vehicle. Instead, you should try to dolly tow or trailer tow your Prius behind a motorhome safely. 

When towing a Prius behind an RV, the car should be towed at a slower speed than the RV. If the speed difference is too significant, it can cause damage to both vehicles. You won’t need to worry about weight either because a Prius is small and light, but this guide tells you the best way to tow a Prius behind a motorhome. 

We have industry knowledge about how hybrids and electric vehicles work, including different Prius models. The design of these cars makes it impossible to flat tow them because of the drivetrain components, motor, and transmission. Keep reading to become an expert on towing a Prius with a motorhome. 

Can A Prius Be Towed Behind A Motorhome?

It is not recommended to tow a Prius behind a motorhome through flat-towing. Keeping all four wheels on the ground while towing this vehicle will cause transmission and motor damage. 

Instead, you should opt for a different towing method. This includes either trailer towing or dolly towing. Luckily this is a small and lightweight vehicle, so the other options are pretty easy to execute.

When using either of these methods, you are eliminating the flat-tow method that leaves the front wheels on the ground for towing. This makes it easier to move the vehicle and helps avoid damaging the car. 

The most effective method is putting the Prius in a small trailer, but it is much more expensive to buy a trailer to do so. The dolly tow method raises the front wheels off the ground and only pulls the car with the back wheels rolling. 

Be sure to turn off any locking steering and always keep the vehicle in neutral before attempting a dolly tow. If you decide on the trailer method, you can leave all settings the same and lock the brakes in the trailer. 

We will explain below why you can’t flat-tow a Prius because this tends to be the most preferred towing method. 

Can A Prius Be Towed Behind A Motorhome 1 1 Can A Prius Be Towed Behind A Motorhome? Safely?

Why Can’t You Flat-Tow A Prius Behind A Motorhome?

You can tow many vehicles behind a motorhome, but there are a few reasons why you cannot flat tow a Prius behind a motorhome. 

Many people are unaware of the fact that it is not possible to flat-tow a Prius behind a motorhome. This is because of the motor and transmission design of the vehicle. 

The design of a Prius is not friendly for four-wheel drive, which translates to four-wheel towing too. 

A Prius uses an electronic continuously variable transmission system, so if you were to pull the vehicle with all four wheels down, it would disrupt this transmission system and cause expensive damage.

The drivetrain components would also be tested because they would lock up on you. This would cause a pulling on the vehicle, and the wheels would slide rather than roll comfortably. 

This is why when you elevate the front wheels not to roll while towing, the vehicle is safe from any damage. The transmission system does not get interrupted, and the rear wheels rotate without a problem. 

How Can You Tow A Prius Behind A Motorhome?

Towing a Prius behind a motorhome can be difficult because of the vehicle’s smaller size. The vehicle design is also unique, limiting you to fewer towing methods.

If you are wondering how to tow a Prius behind your motorhome, the answer is simple!. There are two ways that you can do it that are mentioned below. 

Dolly Towing

Dolly Towing is a reliable way of towing your Prius behind a motorhome. The dolly elevates the front wheels off the ground and allows for better visibility and safety when driving in an RV.

It also has some advantages over tow straps, like being able to easily disconnect between vehicles and using it on hard surfaces like asphalt or dirt roads without damaging or scratching your car.

The elevated wheel prevents contact with the ground, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your car or getting stuck in mud or sand.

Trailer Towing

Trailer towing your Prius behind a motorhome is the best way. But it is more expensive and takes all wheels off the ground. 

When buying a trailer, you can opt for a flat-bed trailer or an enclosed one. Because the Prius is compact, you can typically fit the car on all types of flatbeds to save some money.

You simply need to drive the vehicle up the ramp and onto the trailer. After doing so, you can put the car into park and turn on the parking brake for extra security. 

There are also straps to tie the vehicle down, especially on a flat-bed trailer. This keeps the Prius in place while driving to avoid any rocking when taking turns or hitting bumps. 

Can Any Other Hybrid Cars Be Flat-Towed Behind A Motorhome?

There are no electric cars that you can flat-tow. The design of the motors and the transmission placement makes it impossible. 

Electric cars are still a new concept, and there are not many electric cars that you can flat-tow. However, the future of electric cars is bright as more and more companies are investing in these vehicles.

For now, you must stick to the dolly towing or trailer towing method for any hybrid or electric vehicle. Most electric cars should only be towed on a trailer with all four wheels up and off the ground too. 

This includes cars like Tesla. We are aware of two vehicles, including the Chevy Bolt and Nissan Leaf, that are capable of dolly towing. You are also limited to one towing method for electric cars. 

The list is longer for hybrids, though, and this includes the Prius.

What Is The Best Way To Tow A Prius Behind A Motorhome?

The best way to tow a Prius behind a motorhome is to use the hitch on the back of your motorhome and then use the flatbed or enclosed trailer to load the vehicle.

This keeps the tires off the ground at all times and allows you to drive faster and safer for long distances. You should also make sure your trailer includes lights for nighttime driving too. 

Dolly towing can be done, but depending on your Prius design, you could also run into some problems by just leaving the rear tires on the ground too.

We think it is best to avoid this issue altogether and spend a little more on a trailer. This will eliminate any concerns you have and make it easier to tow your Prius behind your motorhome regularly. 

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