Can Jiffy Lube Reset Service Lights? [Know Before You Go!]

When your service engine light turns on, you may choose to take your car to Jiffy Lube. However, sometimes the service engine light of your car is still on after they complete the service. Can Jiffy Lube reset your car’s service engine light?

Can Jiffy Lube Reset Service Lights?

Jiffy Lube can reset the service engine and the check engine light. They often reset the service engine light so car owners have peace of mind and know that their car’s engine has been properly serviced. However, the car’s service engine light will turn back on if the service was not done correctly.

More information about Jiffy Lube and your car’s service engine light is included below.

How Do You Reset the Service Engine Light After an Oil Change?

Sometimes, your car’s service engine light will automatically turn off after you have your oil changed or do it yourself and isn’t actually a symptom of something wrong.

However, other times it won’t turn off automatically, and it needs to be reset by you or the car repair shop that you took it to. What you need to do to reset your car’s service engine varies by what car you have.

Exactly how you reset your car’s service engine light is included in the owner’s manual. However, how you can do so is below if you have lost or don’t have your owner’s manual.

If you own a Jeep and need to reset the service engine light, turn the ignition to the “on” position after entering the car and closing the door.

Press the gas pedal 3 times slowly. Make sure you do it within 10 seconds, or the light won’t turn off. Then, turn off the car. To make sure the light is off, turn on the car. 

To reset the service engine light on some GMC and Chevy vehicles, you need to turn the key to the accessory notch. Then, press the gas pedal all the way down once. 

After you turn the key, make sure you press the gas pedal within 5 seconds, so get comfortable before turning the key. The oil or service engine light will flash, then turn off. Take your foot off of the gas pedal and turn off the car.

For other GMC and Chevy vehicles, you don’t need to even touch the gas pedal. Instead, find the “Enter” button that is on the Driver Information Center. Press and hold the button down until the service engine light turns off.

Can Jiffy Lube Reset Service Lights 1 Can Jiffy Lube Reset Service Lights? [Know Before You Go!]

Will the Service Engine Light Go Off After an Oil Change?

Typically, your car’s service engine light will turn off after you get an oil change. It may not turn off immediately, but it will after you drive your car 3-4 times.

This will give the service engine light time to turn off. If the check engine light does not turn off after you get an oil change, that was not the reason why your car needed to be serviced, and you should take your car to a repair shop that you trust.

If your oil change wasn’t done correctly, the cap isn’t on correctly, or the dipstick is not in the correct position, your service engine light will not turn off after you get an oil change. 

Luckily, these problems are easy to fix, even if you don’t go back to where you got your oil changed.

However, sometimes your car’s service engine light needs to be reset before it will turn off. It is sometimes not programmed to turn off automatically, even though when it is programmed to turn off automatically, it gives peace of mind to the owners of the car.

Why is Jiffy Lube Expensive?

Jiffy Lube is expensive because it is a corporate-operated car-service store. They want to make as much money as possible, and corporate sets prices that they think you will be willing to pay, including high prices for a simple diagnostic test or oil filter change. 

They set the prices as high as they can and often don’t think about the fact that you don’t want to spend a lot of money to have your car serviced or repaired.

Sometimes, Jiffy Lube’s employees are not trained properly, so services and repairs are not done correctly. This means that multiple visits will be required, which you will have to pay for.

According to users on Reddit, Jiffy Lube has been nicknamed “Iffy Lube.” Also, Jiffy Lube employees upsell as much as they possibly can and make you feel like you need to have those services and repairs done to your car, especially if they think that you don’t know much about cars and the necessary repairs. 

If you think you can have a service or repair done to your car for a lower price somewhere else, take it to a different repair shop.

If you think that Jiffy Lube is overcharging you, make sure you get a receipt and challenge unnecessary charges.

Do Jiffy Lube Oil Changes Show Up on Carfax?

Some oil changes done by Jiffy Lube show up on Carfax, but most don’t. Carfax doesn’t require anything to be reported to them, the information is offered voluntarily. 

Jiffy Lube employees have to choose to input that information into the Carfax system, which they don’t often do because they have other things to do while at work. 

However, when these oil changes are reported to Carfax, they do show up in their system for you to see. Carfax considers Jiffy Lube to be a reliable source of oil change information, so they include it in their service report of the car that you are looking at. 

However, this doesn’t mean that if Jiffy Lube hasn’t reported oil changes to Carfax, you can’t see if oil changes have been done at one of their stores in the past. 

Once you own the car, you can go to Jiffy Lube and request the file of your car. All oil changes done to the car at Jiffy Lube will be included in that file.

Unfortunately, sometimes Jiffy Lube loses files on cars, especially if no services have been performed on the car by them in a few years. If Jiffy Lube loses your car’s file, you won’t be able to check how often they changed your car’s oil or if they even changed it at all.

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