Can I Take My Hyundai to Any Dealer for Service?

When it comes to servicing your car, you want the most reliable and convenient option. 

So the question is, how do you know which one will do the best job on your vehicle and which one will service your specific car.

Can I Take My Hyundai to Any Dealer for Service?

Any Hyundai dealer will gladly service your vehicle. All dealers have garages specializing in Hyundai vehicles, so they are up to date on recalls and can diagnose your vehicle’s problem right away.

That said, there are several facets to servicing your Hyundai. 

Many people wonder about taking their vehicle to a dealership versus a corner garage, how much annual dealer service may cost, and what might void a Hyundai warranty. 

Let us look at those questions in greater detail. 

Do I have to use the main dealer for service?

While it may be more convenient to go to a Jiffy Lube, Firestone, or another available car garage, I think it is best to go to any main dealer for Hyundai service.

A general garage might offer cheaper deals and faster service, but a Hyundai dealer will have the correct parts and mechanics on hand to fix problems specific to a Hyundai.

They will also run more thorough tests to make sure you leave the dealership with all possible issues fixed.

For instance, you could go into the main dealer expecting a simple oil and air filter change.

The dealership could run a few diagnostic tests and see that you also have low tire treading or your brakes need changing. 

How often should a Hyundai need servicing?

Most dealers recommend servicing a car at least every six months.

At the very least, you should get your oil and air filters changed and a tire rotation for extra measure.

At the end of your service, the dealer often places a sticker in the corner of your windshield detailing when your next service is. 

That could be on a specific date, when you hit a certain mileage, or when you hit a certain percentage on your oil usage.

Whatever method you use for measuring when you should service your car, be sure to do it regularly, the same way you have regular dental or medical checkups.

When it comes to more intense services, like changing tires or flushing out your engine, you should do those at specific mileage intervals.

How long does a car service take?

Can I Take My Hyundai to Any Dealer for Service 1 Can I Take My Hyundai to Any Dealer for Service?

Depending on what servicing your car needs, it might take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. 

During this time, you can choose to take a loaner car out to run errands while you wait, or you can stay in the dealership’s waiting room. 

Remember that a whole team of mechanics will check your car over, thoroughly ensuring that no stone stays unturned in servicing your car.

The only time you might need to leave the dealership without your car is if the mechanic team encounters a barrage of significant problems or if there is a waitlist for a specific part crucial to your car’s repair.

I find that waiting in the dealership’s waiting room is a great time to catch up on emails, work, or reading.

Do dealerships overcharge for service?

How much you will pay for service can play a role in whether you go to a corner garage or dealership for service.

People are generally aware that dealerships will charge more for servicing a vehicle, accounting for the labor involved in the service, the quality of parts, and so on. 

That said, remember that cheaper does not always mean better service or vehicle quality, even though some people have claimed to buy quality tires at Walmart.

Your car service bill also depends on whether your car is under warranty.

For example, for the first six months of owning your car, you might receive basic car services, like oil changes, for free. The older your car gets, the fewer services will be under warranty, so your bill may increase steadily with every service.

If you wish, do some research into local garages and see what people say about their services. 

You might prefer a more personal touch with a corner garage, where you might talk to the mechanic as they work on your car.

How much does Hyundai service cost?

According to a report from RepairPal, the average maintenance cost for a Hyundai car is around $468.

Of course, that cost depends on your mileage, your car’s age, and where you get your car serviced.

On average, though, Hyundai’s maintenance cost is among the cheapest across all car brands in the U.S.

They are also less likely to need severe repairs every year, “severe,” meaning that the repair will cost three times the annual repair cost.

Hyundai also has plenty of warranty plans available to help minimize your annual servicing cost. 

Is Hyundai high maintenance?

Going off the previous question, Hyundai is not a high-maintenance vehicle. 

You still need to take it in every six months or so for regular maintenance, but the average annual cost of those services will be lower than most other cars.

Hyundai does have some problems specific to the brand, such as engine and brake issues. 

Once again, compared to other brands, those issues are not costly and not likely to happen to every Hyundai car owner.

In fact, according to Reader’s Digest, Hyundai is the fourth cheapest car to maintain among the ten most popular car brands.


Although we have answered lots of questions about Hyundai dealer service already, here are a few more to cover our bases.

Is it illegal not to service your car?

There is no legal requirement for getting your car serviced from time to time. 

Sometimes it seems like people put too much emphasis on regular car service, especially when it gets costly.

Still, regularly changing your car’s oil and having a trained, experienced mechanic check it out is the best way to extend your car’s life.

What will void my Hyundai warranty?

Although there is no legal requirement to get your car regularly serviced, you should get your Hyundai serviced within a specific time of buying it.

Most new cars come with a warranty that allows you basic maintenance service for free. 

You must get your new car serviced within a specific time, otherwise, that warranty becomes void.

Hyundai has different warranties for different repairs, most of which you must use within 60 months of first using your car. 

Some repairs, such as a battery or air conditioning, must be used within 12 or 24 months.

In short, the best way to void a Hyundai warranty is simply not to use it before it expires.

Is it worth keeping a full dealer service history?

A full dealer service history is exactly what it sounds like: a detailed report of when and where your car got serviced and what services it received.

A dealer service history comes in handy when trying to sell your car. 

Buyers will usually ask for a detailed service history to indicate that you took care of your car and it has stayed in peak condition.  

Most buyers will probably not care whether you got your car serviced at a dealer or a garage as long as your car received regular, quality service.

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  1. when the dealer you bought the car from stops servicing them where can you go to get it serviced ( with in 20 miles ) I’m in rockford mich. ????