Can You Sleep in a Toyota Highlander?

The Toyota Highlander is a chic, sporty vehicle that seems to have it all, but here’s the million-dollar question: can you sleep in a Toyota Highlander? Here’s the truth:

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The Toyota Highlander can most definitely be slept in. It is a large vehicle with plenty of cargo space. This makes it an ideal candidate for off-roading, car camping, or all of the above. In fact, with the seats removed, the Highlander can comfortably sleep two average-sized adults.

The Highlander has that and more to offer. Read on for more info on the Highlander and what it can do!

Sleeping Comfortably in a Highlander

As mentioned above, the Toyota Highlander has plenty of passenger and cargo space to offer. This makes it the perfect choice for long road trips, off-roading, and car camping. It is fairly simple to create a comfortable space by following these simple steps:

First, remove all luggage, racks, and any other items from the back of your car. Having it as empty as possible will create a smooth, comfortable sleeping space. Of course, you can put all these things back in once the seats are put down.

Next, you will need to find the middle seat belt buckle and push it down through the hole in the seat. You don’t want that or the strap getting in the way when folding the seats down. Make sure all the headrests are pushed down as far as they can go. This will optimize the space in the back of the car.

Once you have completed the above steps, look for the levers to put the seats down. These should be located on each end, directly next to the headrests (the shoulder of the seat). Pull the levers up and lay the seats down.

Once you have done this, the folded seats should be level with the cargo floor. Pretty straightforward, right? Now that you have done all that, simply lay down blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, and whatever else you might want, to create a comfortable sleeping area.

Once the night is over, you can easily set the seats up again by simply reversing the process. Clear out your sleeping gear, lift the seats, adjust the headrests, and you should be good to go! If you are having any sort of trouble folding the seats or vice versa, you can consult your user manual to find the help you need.

Believe it or not, there is actually a Toyota Highlander mattress on the market now. Different types of mattresses can be installed in either the cargo area or between the front and middle seats. This is an especially nice perk for those who enjoy sleeping in their Toyota Highlander. These mattresses come in different sizes and with prices from $50 to $190.

The Toyota Highlander’s Finest Features

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Not only is it possible to sleep in the back of your Toyota Highlander, but it is possible to do that and more in the utmost comfort. There are different trim packs (LE, XLE, and Limited Platinum) that offer a variety of features. The Highlander can comfortably seat eight people and sleep at least one, if not two, people.

The trimmed leather seats are an especially nice addition to the vehicle, as are the heating features for the front seats. Camping in your car has never been better. The limited platinum trim level offers all of these things, plus heating features for the second-row seats in addition to the front. The limited platinum pack also comes with a panoramic sunroof—a perfect luxury for sleeping under the stars.

Additionally, the highlander can fulfill most (if not all) of your off-roading and towing needs. It has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds (if properly equipped). T

his will allow you to hitch and tow small trailers, campers, and plenty of other outdoor gear with no problem. Roof racks are also available for the Highlander should you need to bring along extra gear. It makes an excellent tent, tower, and all the above!

The Highlander is also a very capable vehicle when going off-road. It offers at least eight inches of ground clearance (and that’s without a lift kit), plus a dynamic torque-control all-wheel-drive system (AWD).

The AWD system makes the Highlander an extremely smooth-riding vehicle and gives it excellent control and handling capability in almost any terrain. Whether it be rain, rock, snow, sun, sand, or anything else, the Highlander can do it all!

An additional perk is that you do not have to worry about scratching. The Highlander has enough ground clearance that the underside of the car will not get scuffed up on rocky, rough terrain.

Other Models

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Toyota sure knows what it’s doing. In addition to the Highlander, two other Toyota models are equally great for sleeping in. Here is some info on both of them:

The Toyota RAV4. Like the Highlander, the RAV4 provides different trim packages with different features. The standard trim level comes with comfortable cloth seats and plenty of legroom for stretching out.

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The SE trim level offers all that and more, including a sun (or moon) roof, which is excellent for stargazing at night in a safe, comfortable area. The limited-edition trim level has all of the above, except it also offers trimmed leather seats rather than cloth. This will greatly enhance your car camping experience and make it a much more luxurious one. The RAV4 can seat five passengers and sleep at least one.

The Toyota 4Runner. The 4Runner is fairly similar to both the RAV4 and the Highlander in that it takes comfort to the next level. The trim level packs are pretty much the same as those of the RAV4. The basic pack comes with cozy cloth seats and both five and seven-passenger configurations.

The upgraded pack provides cloth seats and a sunroof. The platinum level provides all those things and optional leather seats for a perfectly comfortable experience. Each of these models offers different perks and all are great. You really can’t go wrong.

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