Can You Tow A VW Gti Behind A Motorhome?

Can you tow a VW GTI behind a motorhome is a common question asked by those considering buying a Volkswagen to tow behind their motorhome.

Since there are several models of Volkswagen vehicles, it pays to know which one is towable behind a motorhome. 

Can You Tow A VW Gti Behind A Motorhome 1 1 Can You Tow A VW Gti Behind A Motorhome?

Can You Tow A VW Gti Behind A Motorhome?

The good news is that since the Volkswagen GTI is a light vehicle, it can be easily towed behind a motorhome. That said, you should still check the specs on the RV to make sure that it can tow vehicles.

Most motorhomes have been designed to tow vehicles that weigh up to 3000 lbs, and the Volkswagen GTI weighs around 2800 lbs., which means that you will have to determine whether or not your motorhome can tow a vehicle weighing over 2500 lbs. You are going to find out all you need if you are considering towing a VW GTI behind a motorhome.

As motorhome enthusiasts who have towed vehicles behind our RV we can help guide you through the process.

Tow a VW GTI behind a Motorhome

It’s a good idea to examine the car manual before arranging a journey where you’ll be flat towing your Volkswagen vehicle. 

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual should be able to inform you whether or not it can be flat-towed. You may still have access to a car manual if you no longer have one.

Many automobile manufacturers make PDF copies of their owner’s manuals available online. To obtain the relevant car manual online, you’ll need to know your vehicle’s precise make, year, and model. 

You should visit a local mechanic shop if your vehicle’s handbook does not recommend flat towing and you are convinced it can manage it. Your local technician may adequately inspect your car.

Although the manufacturer’s guidelines may not indicate it, your local technician may be able to alter your car so that it may be securely towed, even if the manufacturer’s recommendations do not suggest it.

If you’re concerned about flat towing, even if your local technician says it’ll be alright, you may always follow the manufacturer’s advice and not flat tow your car. If you want to flat-tow a vehicle that isn’t equipped for it, you’ll need to modify it first. 

Modifications to your car should alleviate your concerns because they will allow your vehicle to be flat towed securely.

Can You Tow A VW Gti Behind A Motorhome 2 Can You Tow A VW Gti Behind A Motorhome?

Is it Legal to Flat Tow?

Yes, flat towing a car is allowed; however, there are restrictions in many states that you must observe while flat towing. These protections are for the driver’s and other drivers’ safety on the road.

The following is a summary of some of the safety rules put in place for flat towing. It’s vital to keep in mind that certain states may just demand a few, while others may require many more. 

You should be thoroughly aware of the flat towing rules in effect before flat towing any car, especially over state lines. The license plates of the motorhome and the vehicle that it is towing must be visible at all times.

In addition to breakaway breaks, auxiliary brakes are an additional braking method that may be used while towing automobiles. 

With the added weight, it aids the car in stopping effectively. It is mandatory that safety chains be installed and used. These give an extra layer of protection when towing a car. The car would still be tied to the chains if something went wrong.

Taillights must be visible and functional. This will work if the car being towed is small enough not to obscure the larger vehicle’s tail lights. 

You must set up the cables so that the towed car’s tail lights operate to notify other vehicles of your halting and turning if the towed vehicle blocks the taillights.

Tips to Tow a VW GTI behind a Motorhome

You should be OK, as it is not a large car, but you should double-check the RV’s requirements to be sure—most RVs can pull automobiles weighing up to 3500 pounds, while a GTI weighs around 2800 pounds tops.

Use a front-wheel-drive VW along with a vehicle dolly; this will allow the back wheels to freewheel like they were intended to do. A vehicle dolly is also more stable and safer, especially at high speeds- because flat tow is not recommended for any car of that size.

Keep in mind that the Volkswagon GTI should be run on premium gas whenever you can.

Make contact with an RV dealer in your area since they tend to deal with this regularly and know what cars can be flat-towed. 

Furthermore, they can help guide you on how to get your motorhome outfitted so that it will be able to tow a vehicle such as the Volkswagen GTI. You may get base plates for many years and models of VWs if you install a base plate for the automobile. In their owner’s manuals, VW has never categorized their vehicles as flat towable. 

Only manual transmission versions, however, may be flat towed.

Install the RV battery charger, which is connected to the MH through a cable. Then just press the start button once to activate the “acc” and leave the key fob in the vehicle. If you leave the key in the ignition and leave the car out of range, the acc will shut down and relook the wheel. It keeps on if you leave them in the car. 

You’ll need to turn off the “convenience auto-lock” option since the doors will automatically lock once the car starts moving.

One problem many folks looking to tow a Volkswagen GTI behind a motorhome face is the turning of the odometer. 

There is an easy fix for all those who were wondering how to stop. Because your key is removed when towing, the panel is not operated, and the digital odometer shows no rise in the distance.

If the ignition switch must be in the ACC position in your situation, the instrument panel may be powered so that the odometer may record any hauled distance. You should be aware if your GTI has been towed.

If that’s the case, you might be able to disable the odometer by removing a fuse.

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