Do Subaru Wheels Fit Hondas? Important Facts!

It is not uncommon to try and mix and match parts for cars together. This is why many people wonder whether Subaru wheels can fit on a Honda vehicle. Trying to fit a Subaru wheel on a Honda may seem like a good idea, but you should be aware of the risks. Proper measurements should be taken, and you should also understand the geometry of a wheel first. 

Do Subaru Wheels Fit Hondas 1 Do Subaru Wheels Fit Hondas? Important Facts!

Are Subaru wheels compatible with Hondas?

When it comes to wheels, Subaru does not make wheels that will fit on a Honda and vice versa. This is because they use a different bolt pattern to connect the wheel and the rims, so they will not work correctly. You should avoid trying to use Subaru wheels to fit a Honda. 

There are a few key factors to consider when asking this question. While it might be easy to save some money to use these wheels interchangeably, it cannot be done because of the different bolt patterns, wheel size, and wheel offset. This guide will explain more about this question too.  

We compiled the different bolt patterns on all Subaru and Honda vehicles to conclude that these wheels are not interchangeable. The advice in this guide is based on this research and manufacturer recommendations. 

Do Subaru Wheels Fit Honda?

The most important thing to remember is that if you want the best wheels for your car, you should go with the brand that makes those wheels.

You will not succeed in matching a set of Subaru wheels to fit on any Honda model. They have different-sized rims with different bolt patterns.

This means you cannot fit them correctly, and if you tried, it would cause the vehicle to ride with no balance. This could result in accidents or vehicle damage, making it something to avoid entirely. 

The wheel size, offset, and hub bore will differ for each vehicle. The wheels would not fit on any other vehicle besides what it was designed for.

If you are unsure what wheel size your vehicle uses, you can find this information in the owner’s manual.

Is It Safe To Use Subaru Wheels On A Honda?

Do Subaru Wheels Fit Hondas 1 1 Do Subaru Wheels Fit Hondas? Important Facts!

Subaru wheels are known for their durability and high performance. However, some people have asked if it is safe to use them on a Honda.

No, it’s not safe to use Subaru wheels on a Honda because they are not sized correctly. This would lead to unstable riding and a lack of vehicle balance while driving.

There are some differences in the suspension and braking systems that need to be considered when trying to use these wheels with a different vehicle type. 

The wheel diameter of the Honda is not the right size to accommodate the wheel size of the Subaru. If you are going to buy a car, you must know your vehicle’s wheel diameter and wheel size.

It isn’t recommended or encouraged, but you can still do it if you feel confident in your abilities and are willing to take the risk. You should expect poor vehicle performance, though with a high risk of damages. 

Are Honda and Subaru Wheels Interchangeable?

Honda and Subaru are two popular car brands. They have a significant amount of difference in their features and designs. However, they do not offer interchangeable wheels. 

If you want to know if your car wheels can be exchanged with another brand, you will need to learn how to measure the wheels, rims, and bolt pattern. 

When buying a new set of wheels for your car, ensure that you get the right size and style that matches your car’s make and model. 

This will ensure that you get the best performance out of your new wheels without any problems in the future.

What Is The Wheel Bolt Pattern On Subaru And Honda Wheels?

The pattern on the wheel bolts is a vital indicator of the type of wheels. It tells you whether the wheels are made by Subaru or Honda and what other wheel you can use on the vehicle. 

Both of these brands use different wheel bolt patterns. Below you will see what each brand uses and what wheel types they are compatible with. 

Subaru Wheels

Nearly every single Subaru vehicle uses a 5×100 bolt pattern on the wheel. This is because they need to make sure that their cars are compatible with each other and other vehicles on the market.

However, this does not make them compatible with Hondas. But you will notice many Toyota and Volkswagen vehicles match this lug and bolt pattern. 

Honda Wheels

Many Honda vehicles used a 5×120 bolt pattern, but not the entire lineup of Honda cars, trucks, and SUVs. They use a variety of different bolt patterns making it more difficult to find a universal fit. 

This differs from Subaru, but you will still see famous brands like BMW and Acura with many interchangeable wheels with the same bolt pattern. 

What To Consider When Using A Different Wheel To Fit A Honda

When using a different wheel that fits your Honda, there are several factors to consider. These include the size of the wheel, the bolt pattern, and the wheel offset. 

All of these factors are critical for getting the right wheel fit along with the correct tire fit. 

Bolt Pattern

You need to determine the bolt pattern on your wheel by counting how many lug nuts there are. After doing so, quickly measure the distance between the two primary lug nuts to get the exact sizing of the wheel. 

Every wheel differs based on this crucial feature. This is why Subaru wheels will not fit on a Honda vehicle safely. 

Wheel Size

The size of the wheel is another factor that matters when trying different wheels to fit a Honda. If you try to use the wrong wheel size, it could cause vehicle imbalance.

This would result in decreased performance on the road. It also has an impact on how safe your vehicle will drive. 

Wheel Offset

The last factor you need to consider is the wheel offset. You don’t want a wheel that will interfere with other key features of your car, like the brakes or suspension.

Because of this, the wheel offset must match what your vehicle calls for, or else it will provide an uncomfortable driving experience. 

What Happens If You Use The Wrong Wheel To Fit A Honda?

If you use the wrong wheel to fit a Honda, you will damage your car. The wheel may not be able to withstand the vehicle’s weight, and it could result in severe damage.

Assuming the tire is the wrong size or the bolt pattern doesn’t match, your wheel will not fit tightly. This leads to bad fuel economy, loud road noise, and a bad look on the car.

The wheel you use also needs to match the tires. This would result in you using incorrect tires on the Honda, creating extra road friction resulting in a waste of fuel and rubbing on the car fenders.

This can cause damage to the fenders and hurt your ability to brake. The car will also lack stability, and making turns will be tricky without stopping or sliding. 

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