Does A Dodge Durango Have A Cabin Air Filter? Answered!

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To get proper ventilation in your Dodge Durango, you need to have a cabin air filter that will provide clean air through your heating and cooling system (this is true for the majority of cars).

Riding in a vehicle with an odor or dirty airflow can create an uncomfortable and unhealthy experience. These filters are placed in every Durango model so that extended use of your A/C or heat won’t ruin the air quality in the truck. 

Does A Dodge Durango Have A Cabin Air Filter 1 1 Does A Dodge Durango Have A Cabin Air Filter? Answered!

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Does A Dodge Durango Have A Cabin Air Filter? 

If you ever wonder whether the Dodge Durango has a cabin air filter, it does. The cabin air filter is behind the glove box, under the dash, or beneath the hood depending on your model type. This filter lasts about 10,000 to 20,000 miles to provide proper interior ventilation

The cabin air filter removes dust and other particles from the air you breathe. It also helps to keep your vehicle’s interior clean while using heat and air conditioning throughout the year. 

This guide explains more about whether a Dodge Durango has a cabin air filter, how long they last, and how to change it when it has worn out. 

Industry experience and careful research allowed us to compile this guide for you to understand. You will see a cabin air filter in every Dodge Durango to improve airflow and ventilation. 

Does A Dodge Durango Have A Cabin Air Filter?

A Dodge Durango has a cabin air filter that is typically placed behind the glove compartment or under the truck’s hood. This allows for optimal ventilation inside the cabin for both the driver and passengers. 

This filter is designed to remove dust, smoke, and other pollutants from the air before it enters the passenger compartment. It acts as the perfect ventilation system while operating the vehicle. 

There is also an engine air filter inside the Durango. These are key to removing bad smells or toxins from the air inside your vehicle. 

The consensus best Dodge Durango model is the 2022 R/T plus. You will see the cabin air filter underneath the hood in this vehicle. This is uncommon compared to other trucks, but common in the Durangos. 

How To Know If You Need A New Dodge Durango Cabin Air Filter

Does A Dodge Durango Have A Cabin Air Filter 1 Does A Dodge Durango Have A Cabin Air Filter? Answered!

The cabin air filter is vital to your vehicle’s engine and cabin. It removes dust, dirt, fumes, harmful pollutants, allergens like pollen, and other particles entering the cabin from the air.

If your Dodge Durango Cabin Air Filter has been in use for more than 3 years, replacing it with a replacement one may be time. This warning light will often appear on your dashboard to indicate a change must be made. 

The Dodge Durango consistently receives below-average reliability ratings too. You should expect regular maintenance, including cabin air filter replacements. 

If you need to replace your Dodge Durango cabin air filter, you will want to immediately take care of it. You can also lookout for some of the symptoms mentioned below to indicate whether you need a new filter or not. It’s not a labor heavy project, but it’s an important one.

Interior Odor

Because the cabin air filter is known to generate cleaner air while your A/C or heat runs, it tends to maintain a neutral smell. But when the filter is worn, this changes quickly. 

If you smell this odor, your system is not filtering the air coming into your vehicle and needs to be replaced. The odor would occur when you turn on your AC or heater and generate airflow inside the truck. 

Decreased Air Flow

This filter helps clean the outside air coming into your vehicle. When it wears down, you will also notice decreased airflow inside the truck when you start it up or run the A/C and heat. 

This can be a problem for a few reasons like a lack of ventilation or the inability to warm up or cool down the truck’s interior. It can present a major problem in harsh summer or winter temperatures too. 

Excessive Noises From Air Vents

The cabin air filter on your Dodge Durango is designed to filter out dirt and debris from the cabin air. When it wears down, it will make a lot of noise.

You may notice this excessive noise when driving on long trips or driving at high speeds. This is a common indication that the filter is clogged or damaged. 

Where Is The Cabin Air Filter Located In A Dodge Durango?

A cabin air filter is a device that traps dust and other particles in the air inside a vehicle. This prevents dirt from getting into the car’s passenger cabin, which can cause health problems.

Depending on the exact Durango model you own, the exact location can vary. Below you will find the different places to look. 

Behind The Glove Compartment

This filter removes particles from the air that enters the passenger cabin of a vehicle. It is often located behind the glove compartment and can be either an air filter or a box containing activated carbon filters. 

Under The Dashboard

Another area you might find the cabin air filter on older Dodge Durango models is under the dashboard. This has become less common with the new vehicle releases, but any used Durango owners should remember this area. 

Under The Hood

Many Dodge Durango models will place the cabin air filter under the car’s hood. It gives you easy access when the time comes to make a change.

However, drivers less experienced with vehicle maintenance tend to be discouraged when making changes under the hood. If this is you, try consulting an expert to check your filters for wear and tear. 

How To Change A Dodge Durango Cabin Air Filter

The Dodge Durango cabin air filter is always located in the front of the vehicle. It is recommended to change it every year or when it becomes clogged. 

These filters last about 10,000-20,000 miles in the Dodge Durango. You should change them once a year or when you reach this mileage limit. Here is how you can change the filter quickly. 

1. Locate Your Cabin Air Filter

You first need to find the cabin air filter in your Durango. You should check behind the glove box or under the hood. Most Durango’s will provide access to this filter by removing the glove box first.  

2. Remove Glove Box Drawer

When you open the glove box, you will notice a chord that can easily be adjusted. You should pull this chord downward and out. 

This results in the string letting go and giving you more access. From there, you can completely remove the glove box from the dashboard. 

3. Open Access Door

The access door is easily removable. A button on each side can be pressed down, and the access door will pop open. 

Take precautions when opening this because it tends to be fragile. The side clips don’t require much force to get the door open either. 

4. Carefully Remove Old Filter

Now you need to remove the old filter from the compartment and then you need to put a new filter into it. This is simple and the filter slides out easily without needing too much pressure. 

5. Put Your New Filter Into The Open Compartment

The next step will be putting a new filter into the compartment of your car. You should make sure that it is not too tight or too loose before closing your glove box again.