Does Installing Flowmaster Increase Your Gas Mileage?

Flowmasters are some of the best aftermarket exhaust systems around, but you might be wondering if Flowmaster will increase your gas mileage.

So does installing Flowmaster increase your vehicle’s gas mileage? In short, yes, however, you shouldn’t expect to see a huge increase in mileage. While Flowmaster can increase gas mileage by a few percent, the results you see will depend a lot more on how you choose to drive your vehicle.

As someone who has been playing around with aftermarket parts for years now, I know the stress that can come from being unsure of the effects a part might have on your vehicle.

While I mostly enjoy tuning my cars for performance, getting a bit of extra gas mileage out of your vehicle is a great bonus too. 

So what is Flowmaster and what benefits can come from installing one on your vehicle? And most importantly, does Flowmaster increase gas mileage?

What is Flowmaster?

Does Installing Flowmaster Increase Your Gas Mileage 1 Does Installing Flowmaster Increase Your Gas Mileage?

For those who don’t know, Flowmaster is a company that produces aftermarket exhaust systems. 

They are known as some of the best available on the market and are highly customizable and available in a variety of different configurations, making them a great choice for pretty much any owner or any vehicle.

Many Flowmaster systems are available in single, dual, rear, or side exit configurations meaning that you can customize your vehicle however you want to, not to mention the nearly unlimited choices that you have in deciding exactly how loud or quiet you want your vehicle to be. 

If you are interested in installing an aftermarket exhaust system, there is no doubt that Flowmaster will pop up at some point in your research, and with so many options, there’s no doubt that no matter what you are looking for in an exhaust system, it’s pretty likely that Flowmaster has something for you.

What Are Some Benefits Of Flowmaster?

Flowmaster exhaust systems can come with a variety of benefits, the first of which is improved engine sound. 

While there are plenty of performance benefits that can come from upgrading your exhaust system, sound is usually the main thing people tune their exhaust for. Being loud is often associated with being fast, so many owners often tune their cars to be louder.

However, the good thing about Flowmaster is that you can tune your car to be as loud or as quiet as you want to.

No matter what, Flowmaster can allow you to make your car sound however you want it to, depending on what exactly your preferences are.

Besides sound, Flowmaster can also increase your vehicle’s horsepower by up to 10%, improving acceleration and overall speed.

Flowmaster systems are designed to reconfigure your vehicle’s stock system to boost overall performance, so there is no doubt that after installation, you will notice that your vehicle accelerates faster and you are able to pass up other vehicles on the highway more easily. 

Flowmaster can also help your engine run cooler. Flowmasters have larger pipes than most stock exhaust systems, allowing more air to be taken in and allowing exhaust to flow out unobstructed.

This causes the engine to run more efficiently and at a lower temperature.

Still the overall focus of Flowmaster is to control noise and make your vehicle sound exactly the way you want it to, so while there are additional benefits to performance, if you don’t care about adjusting the sound your vehicle makes while speeding down the road, you may be better off focusing on upgrading a different part of your car.

Does Flowmaster Increase Gas Mileage?

Does Installing Flowmaster Increase Your Gas Mileage 2 Does Installing Flowmaster Increase Your Gas Mileage?

With so many customization options, an almost unlimited number of sounds to choose from and so many other performance benefits, it’s now time to answer the biggest question. Does Flowmaster increase gas mileage?

While the short answer is yes, the long answer is a bit more complicated. So first, if you do install a Flowmaster exhaust system you can expect to see a slight increase in fuel economy, most likely anywhere between 2% and 10%.

However, this will largely depend on your driving habits. For example, being a part of the car tuning community, I can confidently say that the reason most people spend so much time and money buying and installing aftermarket parts is for performance. 

Car people just really want to see how fast they can get their car to go.

If you are one of these people as well, it is quite likely that after you install a new part, you’ll want to test it out by pushing your vehicle just a little bit harder to see what kind of performance you can get out of it. 

The problem is, If you do this with your vehicle after installing a Flowmaster exhaust system, you almost definitely won’t notice any increase in gas mileage.

However, if you install the Flowmaster system and are conscious and careful about the way you drive, and are sure not to change your driving habits from before, you will almost certainly see some increase in gas mileage. 

The trick here is simply to not let all that extra fuel economy escape out of the back of your exhaust. 

In other words, a Flowmaster exhaust system will make your car perform more efficiently and with more power.

However, where you choose to use those gains is up to you. 

Let’s say you’ve installed a Flowmaster system on your pickup truck and you’ve come to the conclusion that it has increased the power output by 5%. You could use that extra 5% to go just a bit faster which would negate any fuel efficiency gains you’ve gained from installing the part.

However, if you choose not to drive any faster than you normally would, that extra 5% of power output would be translated to improved fuel economy and savings at the gas station.

Bottom line, If you want to drive your car fast, and I don’t blame you for doing so, you won’t see those gains in gas mileage. 

However, if you keep your driving habits the same and choose not to drive faster than you normally would, you will certainly see some gains in fuel efficiency.

Does Installing Flowmaster Increase Your Gas Mileage 3 Does Installing Flowmaster Increase Your Gas Mileage?

Key Takeaways

  • Flowmaster exhaust systems are some of the best on the market.
  • They can provide a variety of benefits including improved noise, increased power and acceleration, and cooler running engine temperatures.
  • Flowmaster systems are also highly customizable and come in a variety of configurations.
  • Flowmaster can increase your vehicle’s gas mileage.
  • Flowmaster’s effects on your vehicle’s gas mileage has a lot more to do with your particular driving habits and whether you choose to drive faster or not.

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