2024 Honda CR-V LX vs EX: the Essential differences Revealed!

Choosing between the 2023 CR-V LX and EX can be challenging; our article “2023 Honda CR-V LX vs EX: What’s the difference between trim levels” clearly delineates the distinctions. Discover each trim’s unique features and benefits to make an informed decision tailored to your needs.

Image for Honda CR-V LX vs EX shows a red Honda CR-V ex against a grassy background

The Honda CR-V has made a name for itself as an excellent compact SUV. It has top reliability ratings across several sites and high owner satisfaction. 

Since it entered the market, the CR-V has wowed audiences with many features. However, some trims are more bare than others, that’s why we pinned the Honda CR-V LX vs EX, to see which is best.

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Currently, the CR-V has the following trim levels: LX, EX, Sport Hybrid, EX-L, Sport-L Hybrid, and Sport Towing Hybrid. This article covers the Honda CR-V LX vs. EX battle and will not consider the hybrids. 

In the Honda CR-V LX vs EX battle, the Honda CR-V LX is the most basic vehicle but has many driver features and a spacious interior. The Honda CR-V EX is the top trim level, with an upscale interior and more driver aids. 

There are many differences other than interior features. So, if you want to know the critical details in the Honda CR-V LX vs EX battle, read on. 

What are the key differences between the Honda CR-V LX and EX?

There are many differences between the Honda CR-V LX and Honda CR-V EX, most of which are in the interior. So, let’s dive into the key differences between the Honda CR-V EX and LX. 

Honda CR-V LX vs. EX: Interior features comparison

The main differences between the EX and LX are in the interior. So, to better understand what these differences are, we’ve created the following table, which is based on the 2024 Honda CR-V.

Honda CR-V LXHonda CR-V EX
7.0-inch driver information screen7.0-inch driver information screen
160-watt audio system 240-watt audio system with 6 speakers
Automatic Climate Control SystemApple Car Play and Android Auto Compatibility
Apple Car Play and Android Auto CompatibilityDriver’s seat with 10-way power adjustment, including 2-way power lumbar support
Driver’s seat with manual height adjustmentHeated front seats
Illuminated driver- and passenger-side vanity mirrors
One-touch power moonroof with tilt features
Rear privacy glass
Smart Entry with Walk Away Auto Lock

As you can see, the new Honda CR-V EX comes with significantly more features and significant differences in entertainment. The EX has a more powerful sound system with more speakers for a more immersive experience. 

Other creature comforts include a power-adjustable heated seat and privacy glass. If these are vital for you, then the EX is your option. 

However, the differences in the vehicle don’t end there. One significant variation between the two trim levels is the price. 

Honda CR-V Lx vs EX: Price and trim level variations

The Honda CR-V LX vs EX battle also has crucial differences in the price. As one might expect, the EX is the most expensive version, but by how much? 

The following are the starting MSRP for the 2024 Honda CR-V:

  • Honda CR-V LX: $29,050 
  • Honda CR-V EX: $32,010

It’s important to note that these starting prices can vary depending on location and availability. As we’ve seen previously, MSRPs can change suddenly due to external circumstances. 

However, the difference of approximately $3,000 will likely stand between the two trim levels. 

So, do the trim levels only vary in interior features and price? Not exactly. In fact, there are even more differences in the exterior. 

Comparison of exterior features

Both trim levels might look the same from afar, but there’s one key difference. Wheel size changes between them. 

The Honda CR-V LX has a 17-inch steel wheel, while the EX has an 18-inch alloy wheel, giving it a sportier look. This is an aspect to consider if you’re keen on having a meatier tire. 

Performance and MPG ratings

Is there a performance difference between the Honda CR-V LX and the EX? The short answer is no; there’s no performance difference between CR-V trim levels. 

Both provide excellent MPG ratings, and you’re sure to get the most out of your gas tank, thanks to its 1.5L engine. Of course, MPG ratings differ for Hybrids, but those are for another article. 

However, one aspect does change the MPG rating. You can buy a Honda CR-V in either 2WD or AWD, and the EPA mileage ratings are as follows:

Honda CR-V LX (2WD/AWD)Fuel Economy (in MPG)Honda CR-V EX (2WD/AWD)

Overall, the CR-V has excellent fuel economy, with the combined MPG rating for 2WD models ranking at the top of its class. At the same time, the combined MPG rating for AWD CR-Vs is also excellent. 

Image for: Honda CR-V LX vs EX shows  the interior which can change between trim levels
2023 Honda CR-V

With that being said, performance for both is respectable. The 1-5L 4-cylinder engine puts out 190 hp, 179 lb-ft of torque and both come with a CVT transmission. 

Seating and comfort differences

While the LX and EX trim levels of the Honda CR-V have the same seating capacity, there are slight differences in passenger volume. Interestingly, while more luxurious, the EX version has less space, given that there’s more stuff inside it, such as speakers. 

Though slight, the Honda CR-V LX vs. EX battle differs in interior room. The specs are as follows:

Honda CR-V LX Interior Volume (cubic feet)Honda CR-V EX
106Passenger Volume (cubic feet)103.5
76.5Maximum Cargo Volume (cubic feet)76.5

While a difference of 2.5 cubic feet might seem small, it’s important to note that there are plenty of tall passengers who cherish those extra bits of room. Therefore, this could be a game changer for some buyers. 

Regarding cargo space, both vehicles offer an adequate 76.5 cubic feet, and entry is optimized for accessibility so that you won’t have issues with this aspect. 

Honda CR-V LX vs EX: Safety Features 

Differences in standard and optional features

Safety features are one of the most important differences between the LX and EX trim levels. The EX comes with many as standard, while the LX has them as optional and, in some cases, doesn’t come with them. 

The EX has two key features that the LX doesn’t have, and these are: 

  • Blind Spot Information System (BSI)
  • Cross Traffic Monitor 

If you want these options in your CR-V, you can talk to your dealer to see if they can be included in your next purchase. 

Honda CR-V LX vs EX: Which trim level is suitable for your needs?

There’s no denying that both Honda CR-V trim levels are excellent. The LX might not have the same features as its more expensive counterpart, but it’s still an outstanding vehicle. 

After all, Consumer Reports has ranked the CR-V as “CR Recommended” for six years straight since 2019. So, there’s no doubt that either choice is a standout. 

However, the details can also play a crucial difference. The Honda CR-V EX is the best option if comfort and interior features are necessary. At the same time, $3,000 is a considerable difference, which might sway you to purchase the LX while still getting an excellent SUV.  

Choosing between AWD and FWD based on your driving conditions

When choosing, the big difference is whether you want 2WD or AWD. If you live in areas with snow, mud, and harsh weather, then all-wheel drive is the most reasonable choice. 

The price difference is around $1,500 more for the AWD version. However, it’s important to note that this might change depending on location, so consider this in your budget.

Even if you live in states with no snow and the weather is more stable, such as the lower states, some buyers consider AWD an added safety feature. The benefit is that both trims are available in 2WD or AWD, making the choice easier. 

Closing thoughts: Honda CR-V LX vs. EX

In our final analysis, choosing between the Honda CR-V LX and EX trims comes down to balancing feature preferences against budget considerations. The EX trim, with its enhanced audio system, heated seats, and additional creature comforts like a moonroof and smart entry, offers a more upscale experience, justifying its higher price tag. 

However, weighing these luxuries against the approximately $3,000 price difference from the more basic LX model is essential. At the same time, the LX still provides a solid, reliable ride without the frills, which applies for other Honda SUVs, such as the Honda Pilot. 

The exterior and performance aspects further color this decision-making process. The EX’s sportier looks, with its 18-inch alloy wheels, might appeal to those seeking a more sophisticated SUV. 

Performance-wise, both trims are equal, offering similar fuel economy and driving experience. This similarity in performance underscores that the choice is more about style and comfort than any significant mechanical differences.

Ultimately, whether the EX’s additional features and comforts are worth the extra investment depends on individual needs and preferences. For some, the LX will tick all the necessary boxes, offering the renowned reliability and satisfaction of the CR-V at a more accessible price point. 

For others, the added luxury and convenience of the EX will be worth the stretch. Either way, both trims uphold the CR-V’s reputation as a top contender in the compact SUV market, making them both worthy options for prospective buyers.

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