How Do Subaru Heated Wipers Work? Why They Are Worth It!

If you have ever driven through a storm, you know the challenges. But understanding how Subaru heated wipers work can make winter driving safer and easier. Waiting for your window to defrost is highly time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you are in a rush. The heated wipers fix this problem by quickly warming up the windshield to melt the ice blocking your vision. 

How Do Subaru Heated Wipers Work 1 1 How Do Subaru Heated Wipers Work? Why They Are Worth It!

How do Subaru heated wipers work?

Subaru heated wipers work well because they have a heating element to warm the windshield automatically. The heating element warms up the wiper blade and helps it sweep away snow, ice, and rain. With these wipers, you can view the road with less effort. 

The Subaru Heated Wiper system uses a sensor to detect when the windshield is too cold for safety reasons. The system uses the heater from the windshield wiper blades to prevent ice, frost, or snow from building up on the glass and potentially causing an accident. Once the windshield warms up, the heater will turn off until it gets cold again.

Every heated wiper on a Subaru works slightly differently, so reading the technical specs is necessary to understand the functionality. This guide includes all information directly from Subaru to know how it works.  

How Do Subaru Heated Wipers Work?

The Subaru Heated Wipers are a Subaru feature that is available on models of the Subaru Forester, Outback, and Legacy. It is designed to provide drivers with increased visibility during the winter months.

The heated wiper blades work by using a heating element integrated into the blade cover.

This heating element provides warmth to the blade cover, which heats the windshield and offers better visibility for drivers.

This system works best when it is below freezing outside, and it does not work at all when temperatures are above 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

They work by heating the wiper using an automated sensor. When the sensor detects cold temperatures, it will heat the windshield and melt away snow and ice. 

The wiper motor has an electrical connection to this tank, which allows it to receive power and heat to make this possible. 

When you turn on your car’s wipers, they will automatically activate if they sense ice or snow on your windshield. With these wipers, you can clear snow and ice from your windshield safely and efficiently.

The heated wiper blades are made of a unique material that is flexible and durable. The material has a heating element that heats the wiper blade as soon as you start your car.

The car’s battery powers this heating element, so it won’t work if your car battery dies or if you have no power coming from the battery.

How Do Subaru Heated Wipers Work 1 How Do Subaru Heated Wipers Work? Why They Are Worth It!

Do All Subarus Have Heated Windshield Wipers? 

Heated wiper blades are a safety feature that can help you avoid a dangerous accident. They are designed to turn on when it is too cold outside and to turn off when the temperature is appropriate.

You should be able to feel the difference in temperature between the windshield and the heated wiper blade. But do all Subaru’s have this feature? 

They don’t, but below are the three vehicles that most commonly come equipped. It also depends on your region to determine if your dealership will offer this added feature. 

Subaru Legacy

The Subaru Legacy is a popular vehicle with excellent winter driving capabilities. If you live in an area with cold weather or place a custom order, your Legacy will include heated windshield wipers. 

One of the best models to get is the Legacy GT. It comes with an easy-to-use automated switch to activate them too. 

Subaru Outback

Another vehicle that tends to come equipped with the infamous heated wipers is the Subaru Outback. They are often referred to as Wiper De-icers because they melt ice and snow away. 

On the Outback, the blades are automated, and they activate for 10-15 minutes to heat the windshield, so you have increased visibility. They turn off automatically, too, so you can save power. 

Subaru Forester

Subaru Foresters are another common SUV choice for drivers that includes heated wipers for winter driving. They come on all Forester models, too, and every recent year’s release in cold-weather regions consists of this feature. 

How Do You Know If You Have Heated Wipers?

Heated wiper blades are designed to provide a more comfortable and efficient way to clean your windshield.

They can be beneficial for drivers who live in areas where winter is cold and snowy or for drivers who have a hard time seeing the road. But you need to know whether you have them or not first. 

Examine The Wipers

You can look at the wipers first to see if they are heated. You will notice small wires hidden around this area to indicate the wipers are receiving power from the battery to activate the heating sensor. 

Look At The Dashboard

You can check the dashboard or console area to see if there is an activation button. It will likely be near the wiper button that you use to turn them on. 

Check The Owner’s Manual 

The last way to confirm you have heated wipers is by reading the owner’s manual. This is recommended because it will include specific instructions and more information on how they work on your Subaru. 

How Do You Turn On Subaru Heated Windshield Wipers?

The heated windshield wipers are turned on by pressing the button on the panel, console, or dashboard. Pressing this button will turn them off as well on most vehicle models. 

You can also simply turn the wipers on, and they have a feature that automatically detects the temperature. If it is freezing, they will activate. 

This is an easy-to-use feature, and nothing about the design is complicated. Check your owner’s manual to see exactly how to operate your specific Subaru heated wipers. 

The heated windshield wiper system is a heated wiper blade that offers a warm, dry wiping action to keep the windshield clean and clear in cold or inclement weather.

This is a great safety feature to have if you live in a cold climate or drive during the winter months. The heated windshield wiper blades will help keep your windshield clear of ice, snow, and frost.

Benefits Of Subaru Heated Wipers

The benefits of heated windshield wipers are numerous. They make driving more comfortable and safer. They are available on many Subaru vehicles, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. 

Better Visibility

These heated windshield wipers provide better visibility in difficult conditions, especially while driving. The warm windshield melts the snow away faster.

This eliminates the risk of snow sticking to your windshield during your rides to create ice as the temperature drops. It helps you see out of your windshield better in storms and blizzards. 

Faster Windshield Cleaning

The heated wiper will clean your windshield faster than any other method. It melts snow and ice more quickly than any defroster, and you don’t need to get out of the car to do it. 

Better Windshield Durability 

It will also help your windshield remain more durable in cold weather. When a windshield gets too cold, it can crack. 

But with heated wipers, this won’t happen, and you are better protected from any potential damages. 

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