How Long Do Ford Raptors Last? Maximum Mileage ExplainedV

The Ford Raptor is a sturdy vehicle that can handle a lot of wear and tear, but how long do Ford Raptors last? 

How many miles can a Ford Raptor last?

Ford Raptors are an upgrade to the traditional F-150 series. While estimates do vary based on your driving style, with its sleek design and amazing off-roading capabilities, a Ford Raptor can last well over 400,000 miles before giving up. 

Having driven the F-150 before moving on to the Ford Raptor, we know how long these magnificent vehicles can go and what you need to know to keep your Raptor going for years to come.

How Long Do Ford Raptors Last 1 How Long Do Ford Raptors Last? Maximum Mileage ExplainedV

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Ford Raptor Lifespan

The average lifespan of a Ford Raptor is 400,000 miles. This varies depending on how the vehicle is used, how well it is maintained, and the quality of the used parts. 

Most Raptors will last between 300,000 and 500,000 miles with proper care. High-quality parts and regular maintenance can help extend the vehicle’s lifespan. 

Also, driving habits affect how long a Raptor will last. Those who drive their Raptor gently and avoid off-road adventures are more likely to see their vehicle last for many years to come.

History of the Ford Raptor 

The Ford Raptor is a purpose-built off-road truck that first emerged in 2010. It was designed specifically for the Baja 1000 races and quickly gained popularity among drivers who loved its powerful engine and rugged design. 

The first generation of Raptors was manufactured from 2010 until 2014, when Ford released the second generation of the truck. 

The new and improved Raptors featured even more power and enhanced suspension, making them even better suited for off-road driving. 

In 2019, Ford also launched its first-ever Raptor Ranger, a smaller truck version designed for everyday driving. 

With its versatile design and impressive capabilities, the Ford Raptor has become one of the most popular off-road trucks on the market.

Ford Raptor: A Timeline 

2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

The 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is a high-performance off-road truck that is available in either a 4×2 or 4×4 drivetrain. 

It is powered by a 4.6L V-8 engine that produces 248 horsepower and is paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The Raptor has a maximum speed of 100 miles per hour and can travel up to 11 miles per gallon in the city and 16 miles per gallon on the highway. 

It has a starting MSRP of $13,000, and a fully loaded model can cost up to $22,060. The Raptor has several off-road features, including skid plates, a hill start assist, and an electronic locking rear differential. 

It also has a unique suspension system that allows for 14 inches of ground clearance and 12 inches of travel. The 2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-performance off-road truck.

2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

The 2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is a full-size pickup truck that was first introduced in 2010. It is distinguished from other Ford F-150 models by its larger stature, more powerful engine, and off-road-tuned suspension. 

The 2014 Raptor has a starting MSRP of $44,995 and comes standard with a 6.2L V8 engine that produces 411 horsepower. It also has a 6-speed automatic transmission with overdrive and four-wheel drive. 

The estimated MPG for the 2014 Raptor is 11 city/16 highway. The 2014 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor is an excellent option for those looking for a more powerful and capable truck.

How Long Do Ford Raptors Last 1 1 How Long Do Ford Raptors Last? Maximum Mileage ExplainedV

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

2017 Ford F-150 Raptor: Starting at $49,520, the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor comes with a 3.5L V-6 engine and a 10-spd w/OD transmission. It has 450 @ 5,500 rpm horsepower and gets an EPA-estimated 11/16 mpg. 

The Raptor trim level is new for 2017 and is available on both the SuperCab and SuperCrew body styles. It features an upgraded 450-hp twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine, Fox Racing shocks, an off-road mode for the Terrain Management System, and more. 

If you’re looking for a truck that’s built for off-roading, the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is a great option.

2020 Ford F-150 Raptor

The 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor is a high-performance pickup truck that offers an impressive blend of power, speed, and off-road capability. Under the hood, the Raptor has a 3.5L V-6 engine that produces 450 horsepower and 5,000 RPM. 

The engine is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission with overdrive, and the Raptor has a max towing capacity of 8,200 pounds. 

The Raptor’s suspension has been specially tuned for off-road performance, and it features FOX Racing Shox for superior handling on rough terrain. 

The interior of the Raptor is comfortable and well equipped, with standard features that include heated front seats, a SYNC 3 infotainment system, an eight-inch touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto compatibility, and more.

Ways to Enhance the Longevity of a Ford Raptor

One way to increase the longevity of a ford raptor is to change the oil regularly. This will help remove any dirt and debris build-up that can clog the engine and cause it to overheat. 

In addition, it is important to check the fluids regularly and top off any that are low. This includes the coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. 

Another way to increase the longevity of a ford raptor is to keep the tires inflated to the correct pressure. This will help prevent premature wear and tear on the tires and improve fuel economy. Finally, it is important to have the vehicle serviced regularly. 

This will help identify potential problems that could lead to a breakdown. By following these simple tips, you can help increase the longevity of your ford raptor.

Factors Affecting the Quality of a Ford Raptor 

Several factors can affect the quality of a Ford Raptor. Here are five of the most important ones:

  1. The age of the vehicle: Obviously, a newer Raptor will be of higher quality than an older one. If you’re considering buying a used Raptor, make sure to pay attention to how well it’s been cared for.
  2. The mileage: Once again, a Raptor with fewer miles on it will be of higher quality than one with more miles. If you’re looking at two identical Raptors and one has twice the mileage, it’s probably not going to be as good of a buy.
  3. The location: Where the Raptor was purchased can also affect its quality. For example, if you buy a Raptor from a dealership in California, it’s likely to be of better quality than one bought from a dealership in Florida. This is because cars in states with warmer climates tend to experience more wear and tear than those in cooler states.
  4. The price: In general, you get what you pay for when it comes to cars. So if you find a Raptor that’s significantly cheaper than similar models, there’s probably a reason why. It could be that the car has been in an accident or has more miles than advertised. Either way, it’s important to do your research before making a purchase.
  5. The model year: Like any other car, the model year can affect the quality of a Ford Raptor. For example, a 2020 model is going to be of better quality than a 2019 model simply because it’s newer. 

Key Takeaways 

  • The Ford Raptor can easily go for 400,000 miles depending on how you drive it and keep it maintained.
  • A great way to take care of your Ford Raptor is changing the oil regularly, as this stops the buildup of dirt and debris that could clog your engine.
  • Keeping your Raptor clean goes a long way toward prolonging its life.
  • When buying a used Raptor, new is always better.

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