How Long do Lexus RX 350 Tires Last?

The RX 350 is a mid-sized luxury crossover SUV by Toyota’s Lexus brand. This model was released in 2007 to replace the RX 330 and is still in production. 

This name change was due to the 3.0-liter engine being replaced with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine.

The Lexus RX 350 is known for its excellent safety ratings, superior fuel economy, and reliability. 

The vehicle carries a maximum payload of 1,500 pounds. Gas Mileage ranges from 21 to 23 MPG. 

How Long do Lexus RX 350 Tires Last?

High-quality tires like the ones that come with the Lexus RX 350 can last up to 60,000 miles on average, depending on the specific tire type and driving conditions. The average American drives approximately 15,000 per year, meaning Lexus RX 350 tires will last four years. 

If you follow the recommended pressure levels and check your Lexus RX 350 tires for wear, you should expect to replace them between 70,000 and 80,000 miles. 

Replacing your tires will ensure that they are in good condition and won’t blow out while driving. 

Continue reading to learn how long Lexus RX 350 tires last, how you know it’s time for new tires, and what you should expect to pay for your tires.

RX 350 Tires

My owner’s manual recommends that Lexus RX 350 tires be replaced once they reach about 6/32″ of remaining tread depth.

This is considered relatively low for most casual drivers who cover moderate distances in their vehicle (less than 20,000 miles per year). 

I definitely exceed this milage and need to ensure my tires are well-maintained. 

Some drivers (like me) who use their vehicle primarily for city or town driving may find that they need new Lexus RX 350 tires sooner than later. 

Alternatively, those who drive mainly on the highway may find their tires last upwards of 80,000 miles.

Many factors impact the life of your tires. Proper inflation can help them wear more evenly, which leads to increased longevity. 

Lexus recommends that drivers have their Lexus RX 350 tires rotated every 7,500 miles to ensure that they wear out evenly. 

In 2010 18-inch wheels replaced the 17-inch wheels on the RX 350. 

The 18-inch wheels come equipped with either Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422 Plus or Michelin Premier LTX tires. Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422 tires have a 65,000-mile treadwear warranty, and Michelin Premier LTX tires have a 60,000-mile warranty.

Storage, Location, Weather

Storage location, weather conditions, maintenance schedule, road conditions, and mileage all impact when your tires need to be replaced. 

Vehicle manufacturers suggest six years as the point when tires need replacing.

Tire manufacturers generally set warranties at around six years.

Tire manufacturers recommend replacement at no later than ten years, regardless of tire condition.

Tires break down and oxidize naturally over time, so driving on old tires can be dangerous, even if the rubber looks unworn. 

I used to find it challenging to spend money on tires without any visible issues, but a blowout on the interstate changed my mind.

A tire left sitting for years is just as dangerous as a heavily worn tire. 

I try to keep my vehicle stored in a garage where the tires are not sitting in water or constantly exposed to sunlight. 

This definitely extends the useful life of my tires and prevents the rubber from breaking down. 

To determine the tire’s age, look for DOT followed by 12 digits on the side of the tire. The date code is the final four digits. 

The first two digits are the week of production, and the last two digits are the year. 

How Do I Know if My Tires Need To Be Replaced? 

Tires are made from various materials and compounds, leading to a wide range of life expectancy. 

For example, Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season tires are made of rubber and steel, with a life expectancy of 75,000 miles. 

The typical all-season tire can last anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 miles depending on the quality and makeup.

When replacing Lexus RX 350 tires, it is essential to remember that car manufacturers set the recommended tire pressure for a reason. 

Driving with underinflated or overinflated tires can impact vehicle handling and fuel economy. This can affect the life of your tires.

Drivers who feel they need new tires but want to use them longer should have the vehicle inspected to determine whether they are underinflated or have other issues.

If there is significant wear on the tires’ sidewalls, then it indicates that they may need to be replaced soon to prevent a blowout.

Replacing Lexus RX 350 tires can be an expensive job, so it is best to learn the signs of when the wheels need replacement.

I use a tire pressure gauge and regularly look for treadwear to keep my tires in good condition for as long as possible. 

The “quarter test” is an excellent way to check tire wear. Place a quarter upside down in the most worn tire groove.

If you can see the top of Wahington’s head, the tread depth is 4/32″. This is dangerously low and indicates it’s time for a tire replacement. 

Tire rotation will even out wear patterns and keep your tires in better condition for longer. 

Also, check alignment as tire wear is affected if your vehicle constantly pulls to the side. 

How Long do Lexus RX 350 Tires Last 1 How Long do Lexus RX 350 Tires Last?

What Is the UTQG?

The UTQG is, an acronym for Uniform Tire Quality Grade is a government-mandated rating system in the United States.

This rating looks at two main components: tread wear and traction.

The control tire used for testing is given a rating of 100. A 200 rating means the tire tread lasts twice as long as the control tire, and so on.

Michelin Premier LTX tires have a UTQG treadwear rating of 620, and Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422 tires have a UTQG treadwear rating of 640. 

These high ratings show high-quality tires with durable, long-lasting tread.

I use the UTQG as confirmation that I’m purchasing a quality tire. 

I don’t mind paying more if the durability ratings are solid. 

Should You Purchase Used Tires?

Drivers who do not have a lot of money to spend on tires can choose to buy used tires from tire dealerships or private sellers, which are often in excellent condition. 

Prices for used wheels with good tread can be more affordable than buying new ones while still offering peace of mind that they will last a long time.

Used tires can be a smart way to reduce cost when buying new wheels, but they must be in good condition.

Wheel wells can hold a maximum of up to 50 PSI without risk of damage, so you should make sure you know what pressure your tires were inflated at.

Used Lexus RX 350 tires should never be bought from individuals who have not had them inspected or changed by reputable mechanics as they may already be damaged and dangerous. 

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Lexus RX 350 Tires?

The price for used Lexus RX 350 tires will vary depending on the quality and wear. 

The best way to find out what the tires are worth is to compare prices at several tire dealerships and private sellers to find a fair price. 

The cost of a new set of wheels will depend on the make and model and the specific type of tire being bought. 

The average price for one tire from a dealership ranges from $150 to $350, not including installation or balancing fees. High-performance tires can increase costs by up to $200 more.

Tires are an integral part of your car, and it is vital to know how long they should last. 

It is also advisable for drivers who feel like their tires may be worn out or underinflated to inspect them by a reputable mechanic.

When buying new wheels, be sure you’re comparing prices from different sources, so you get the best possible deal while still getting quality products that will keep your car running smoothly.

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