How to Jump A Diesel Truck With Two Batteries [Safely!]

How to Jump A Diesel Truck With Two Batteries 1 How to Jump A Diesel Truck With Two Batteries [Safely!]

Most people know how to jump a car. Cars with dying batteries are common and many people have to deal with them in their everyday lives. So what about dual battery diesel trucks? If asked to jump one of these cars, would you know what to do?

How to Jump A Diesel Truck With Two Batteries

To jump a diesel truck with two batteries, connect the positive and negative cables to the positive and negative sides of one of the truck’s batteries. Connect the other side of the cables to the car being used to jump the truck and turn it on. Then, turn on the truck with dead batteries.

More information about how to jump-start your diesel engine truck with two batteries is below.

How to Jump a Diesel Truck with Two Batteries

The process of jumping a diesel truck that has two batteries is relatively simple.

Though we told you about the process earlier, here is a slightly more in-depth list of what you will need to do to jump-start your truck.

  • Locate jumper cable clamps
  • Open the hood
  • Ask for help
  • Attach the positive cable to the positive terminal on one battery
  • Attach the negative cable to the negative terminal on the other battery
  • Start the engine
  • Turn off both cars
  • Detach the cables
  • Recharge the battery by driving for at least 30 minutes.

If you are worried that your truck will die again, especially if you think it will die soon, after you jump-start the car, take it to an auto repair shop immediately. The last thing you want to happen is to be stuck on the side of the road because your truck’s battery died.

If your truck still does not start after you jump-start it, try attaching the jumper cables to your truck’s other battery, as that may be the one that is dead. Make sure the jumper cables that you are using work and are in good condition. 

If your truck still doesn’t start, your truck’s battery or electrical system likely isn’t the issue that is causing it to not start.

Which Battery Do I Use to Jump a Diesel Truck?

When you jump your diesel truck, try to use the battery of a car that has the same amount of voltage that your truck’s battery has. If you don’t use a battery that has the same amount of voltage that your truck’s battery has, it may damage your battery.

If you use a battery that has more voltage than your truck’s battery, it may overload the battery or your car’s system, which will cause even more issues. 

The likelihood of this happening increases every time you jump-start your truck using a battery with a higher amount of voltage than what your truck’s battery has.

On the other hand, if you use a battery that has a lower amount of voltage than what your truck’s battery has to jump-start it, your truck’s battery will likely drain the other battery, but won’t have enough power to start your truck

Then you will be left with two dead batteries and no way to jump-start your truck, and you will likely have to call a tow truck.

Can You Jump-Start a 24V Truck with a 12V Car?

You can jump-start a 24V truck with a 12V car, but it will be hard to do, and it may not work. In all likelihood, it will damage the 12V car that you are using to jump-start your truck. 

The 12V car will not have enough power to charge your truck’s battery enough to allow it to start unless the battery is not completely dead. If your truck’s battery still has some charge left, using a 12V battery may jump-start it.

However, you can use two 12V batteries to jump-start your 24V truck with no issues, although you may need to connect the two 12V batteries with another cable.

However, it is extremely hard to determine if your truck’s battery still has some power left unless you have the necessary tools. Many people don’t carry these tools, as they are not often needed, even when your car’s battery is dead.

Can You Push Start a Diesel?

You technically can push-start or bump-start a diesel truck or vehicle, but it likely won’t work. Modern cars don’t need to be pushed in order to start. Instead, when the key is turned, the ignition starts the car. If that ignition isn’t triggered, your car won’t start.

Pushing your diesel car won’t trigger the ignition, so your car won’t actually start. 

It may start moving, but it will be a terrifying experience for everyone inside of the car because the driver will have no control of the vehicle. It will just roll until something stops it.

However, if you want to try to push-start your diesel vehicle, which I don’t advise if you have a truck, as it is extremely heavy and you will likely hurt yourself while pushing it, put your vehicle in fourth or fifth gear (this method will only work with a manual diesel car). 

You could also put your vehicle in second gear, depress the clutch, then have someone outside of the car push you.

You can’t push-start a diesel vehicle that has a dead battery. It will not give the battery power, and you will not be able to actually start the car. You will simply roll until you use the emergency brake or crash into something, which I don’t advise doing.

Overall, it is relatively easy to jump-start your diesel truck that has two batteries, so you won’t have to worry the next time your car’s batteries die while you are not home. 

Always keep jumper cables in your truck or car, as you never know when you will need them. They are relatively small, so they won’t take up much space in your trunk or under-seat storage space.

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