How to Program 4Runner Garage Door Opener

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Did you get a 4Runner garage door opener? If you did, you may be overwhelmed by the multitude of operations your device has and do not know how to program all of it. Don’t worry, because I have looked up the instructions on how to program your 4Runner and can teach you how to program your 4Runner garage door opener.

To program the garage door opener a person will hold the garage door remote close to the HomeLink panel. The person will then press the open button on the remote at the same time as the memory slot button on the HomeLink panel until the lights on both the remote and panel start blinking.

There are several different features the 4Runner uses such as remote control usage or rolling code usage. Each of the different types of features has its own programming rules. Read on to learn how to program all of the features on your 4Runner garage door opener.

How to Program 4Runner Remote

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To begin to program your 4Runner garage door remote you are going to want to turn on your car. To do any programming your car should be turned on. This is because the entire system is linked up with your car.

Once you have turned your car on you are going to grab your 4Runner garage door remote control and hold it up next to your HomeLink panel. This will be located between the driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat on the roof of your car. There should be three buttons that have the number ‘1’ ‘2’ and ‘3’ on them. These are your memory slots. You can store the memory of your garage door opener in these three slots.

You will start by choosing one of these slots. It does not matter which one you choose they can be chosen out of order, but it might be easier for you if you start with slot ‘1’ because then you will not overwrite that slot later on.

Once you have chosen your slot you will hold your remote control up to the HomeLink panel and press and hold your garage door opener along with pressing the memory slot on your car. Both the HomeLink panel and your garage door opener should have a light that will start frantically blinking. This means that your garage door opener is programmed to your car and therefore everything is secured and ready for usage.

How to Program the Rolling Code Technology

If your 4Runner uses a rolling code things are a little different. This means that you do not have a garage door opener, but only the garage door opener machine that is connected to your garage door and the HomeLink panel. To program your rolling code technology you are still going to want to turn your car on. The best way to program this type is with a friend who will sit in the car for you to help.

You will start by pressing the learn or smart button on your garage door opener that is installed on your garage door. The learn or smart button differs depending on which kind of 4Runner model you have, but both function the same way. Once you have pressed the button you have 30 seconds to program your car, which is why having a friend in your car can be helpful. Especially since your car needs to be turned on to program the 4Runner. Your friend should be located in the car to complete the next steps.

Once you have pressed the learn button you are going to firmly press and hold one of the ‘1’ ‘2’ or ‘3’ buttons on your HomeLink panel. You will then repeat the firm press on the same slot on your HomeLink panel two more times after that first press to complete the learning process. You should be able to tell it worked due to the flashing lights again. Once you have done that your garage door is ready to be used.

How to Reprogram a 4Runner Garage Door Opener

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A 4Runner garage door opener memory can be reprogrammed if you are moving to a new home. It is super easy and not much different from programming your 4Runner garage door opener the first time.

To reprogram your 4Runner you are going to start by turning on your car again. You will then press and hold the desired HomeLink Panel button either ‘1’ ‘2’ or ‘3’ for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds the HomeLink indicator light will start to slowly flash. You are going to keep pressing the HomeLink button and press the transmitter button on your new HomeLink remote until the light on the HomeLink Panel changes from a slow flash to a rapid flashing movement. After that, you can release the button.

If you are using a rolling code option then you can reprogram using the same system above except instead of using the remote to hold against the HomeLink Panel you will press the learn or smart button and then press the HomeLink memory panel button for 20 seconds.

How to Erase a 4Runner Garage Door Opener

If you are selling your car you may want to protect your home by erasing the memory of your 4Runner garage door opener. You will start by turning on your car of course. Once your car is turned on you are going to press and hold the two outside buttons on your HomeLink panel for 10 seconds. You will be able to tell when 10 seconds have passed because the indicator light will start to flash. The memory will then be erased and you are fine to give your car to someone else.

A good warning, though, make sure that you test your garage door opener to make sure that your car was reprogrammed. You do not want a stranger to have access to your garage door so try it out before you hand over the keys to keep you and your family safe from intruders.

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