How To Put A Chevy Truck In Neutral Without The Key

It happens to the best of us, we either lose our keys or leave the lights on overnight and the battery dies. In order to jump the car or move it to another destination, it will have to be put in neutral without the keys. There are several ways to do this on a Chevy truck.

How To Put A Chevy Truck In Neutral Without The Key

There is a mechanical release button on most cars’ shifting panels, but Chevy trucks do not have a shifting panel. In order to put a Chevy truck in neutral, someone will have to get under the truck and find the linkage or disconnect the linkage from the inside of the car.

Continue reading to learn more about putting your car in neutral without the keys.

How to Put a Manual Car in Neutral

Putting a manual car in neutral without the keys is very simple and easy. All you need to do is press the clutch and put the car into neutral like you normally would.

Just make sure that you are also pressing on the handbrake to prevent the car from rolling.

Putting a manual car in neutral without the keys is the same process as with keys. You don’t need the keys to easily put a manual car in neutral.

How to Put an Automatic Car in Neutral

Putting an automatic car in neutral is also fairly simple. On the shifting panel in your car, there will be a small square on the shifting panel that is the same color as the shifting panel. You have probably noticed it before and always wondered what is for.

Today is the day to put it to use.

Start by taking a flathead screwdriver and prying this piece of plastic off. Then, put it in a safe place so that you won’t lose it and can put it back on when you are finished.

Once the cover is off you will be able to access the mechanical release button by pushing down this button with the screwdriver.

You will need to use the screwdriver in order to reach the button and unlock the shifter. You will now be able to shift the car without it being on and without a key in the ignition.

This applies to older automatic cars that have a shifting knob. Most automatic cars being made today have a shifting gear instead and the process will be a little different.

Newer automatic cars have a shifting dial that is usually in a different spot than normal. There will still be a mechanical release button, but it won’t always be next to the shifting dial. In order to find it, refer to the car’s manual for further instructions. Once you locate it, the process is the same.

Find a screwdriver, pop the cover off and press the button with the screwdriver to release the shifter.

If you have any difficulty finding the mechanical release button, refer to the manual. Every car is different, and the car manual has everything you need to know about the car.

How to Put a Chevy Truck in Neutral

How To Put A Chevy Truck In Neutral Without The Key 1 How To Put A Chevy Truck In Neutral Without The Key

Chevy Silverado trucks are a little different when it comes to shifting the car in neutral without a key.

Chevy trucks have a shifting gear next to the steering wheel, so there often isn’t an accessible button to release the shifter.

One option is to put the car in neutral from underneath the car. Make sure to put secure wheel blocks in front and behind all of the wheels. You will be underneath the car, so you don’t want it to roll when it is placed in neutral.

Grab a flashlight, climb underneath the truck, and locate the transmission. This is usually near the engine. There will be a cable that runs along with the transmission. You will know it is the right wire if it has a switch and lever on it.

Once you locate the wire, disconnect it and push the lever twice, making a clicking noise. This should have put the car in neutral. To put it back in the park, push the lever twice again and reconnect the wire.

If you don’t want to get underneath the car to disconnect the linkage, you can do it from inside the car as well.

In case the car starts rolling you will be able to quickly press on the brakes. It’s hard to find the release button for a Chevy Silverado, so it’s easier to find the linkage and put it in neutral that way.

Remove the plastic covering below the steering wheel. You can then find the wire and pop it off with a screwdriver.

Once it is disconnected you can pull it twice to make two clicking sounds. In order to put it back in park, push it down two times for two clicks, and reconnect it. It will sound much like it does when you use your gear shifter.

Essentially, you are shifting the car into neutral without the gear shifter. This is a much safer option as opposed to getting underneath the car

How to Put a 2020 Chevy Silverado in Neutral

Specifically for a 2020 Chevy Silverado, there is another option for putting it in neutral without starting the engine.

Now that newer cars have a push start button, you can use this to put it in neutral.

Start by pressing the ignition key for five seconds without pressing the brakes. The car should then startup. While pressing on the brakes, take the shifting gear and put it into neutral.

Go over to the left of the steering wheel where the four-wheel drive is and press the two-wheel-drive button five times. The car should then say it is in neutral. It will then stay in neutral for 20 seconds, allowing you to do whatever you need to.

Whether you lost your keys or the car battery died, don’t worry! You can still put your car in neutral without the keys and move your Chevy truck.

The process is slightly different than most automatic cars.

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