How To Tow A Ford Ranger Behind A Motorhome: A 5 Step Guide!

If you own a Ford Ranger but have a long trip planned, you should learn how to tow it behind a motorhome to make your travels faster and easier. Overloading your motorhome or trying to tow a vehicle the wrong way could lead to costly problems with the engine or transmission. Instead, you can learn more about the best methods to avoid these issues. 

How To Tow A Ford Ranger Behind A Motorhome 1 How To Tow A Ford Ranger Behind A Motorhome: A 5 Step Guide!

What’s the best way to tow a Ford Ranger behind a motorhome?

The best way to tow a Ford Ranger behind a motorhome is by flat-towing it with a heavy-duty pull bar. This will provide the best results. Be sure to put the vehicle in four-wheel drive and neutral before towing it, and use only a Class A or Class C motorhome to do so. 

Towing a Ford Ranger behind a motorhome is not easy, and if you don’t know what you are doing, it could end up being dangerous. This guide will teach you how to tow that vehicle safely with a flat-towing method. You can also learn more about the legality of this towing method and the Ford Ranger in general. 

This guide will introduce those who want to know how to pull a Ford Ranger behind their motor home with a tow bar. It will also help those who might have questions about what to do with their vehicle while driving.

How To Tow A Ford Ranger Behind A Motorhome

Towing a Ford Ranger behind a motorhome is not as easy as it sounds. The process requires that you have the right tools, the suitable towing capacity, and the proper knowledge.

The best way to get this done is by flat-towing the vehicle. You will need to use your tow bar and attach it to the front of your motorhome, then connect the other end of your tow rope to your pickup truck’s hitch receiver. 

Now all you have to do is start driving slowly, keeping an eye on your rearview mirror for any signs of trouble like low tire pressure on your Ranger or an overheating engine.

We recommend avoiding the dolly towing and trailer towing methods if possible. They tend to be more complicated, and this is a larger vehicle. 

Instead, you can learn more about flat-towing and why it is the best method to tow a Ford Ranger behind a motorhome. 

How To Tow A Ford Ranger Behind A Motorhome 1 1 How To Tow A Ford Ranger Behind A Motorhome: A 5 Step Guide!

Best Way To Tow A Ford Ranger Behind A Motorhome

There are many different ways that people tow a Ford Ranger behind a motorhome. Some methods are safer than others, though.

In most cases, the best way to tow a Ford Ranger behind a motorhome is to use a flat-tow method. This is because it’s safer and less likely to damage the vehicle’s interior or cause an accident. 

The type of gas you use in your vehicle could also impact the towing capabilities. Premium gas is known to enhance overall performance and efficiency when doing so. 

This guide can learn more about towing a Ford Ranger behind a motorhome. Follow these steps below to get your Ford Ranger attached to the motorhome and ready for towing. 

1. Put The Vehicle In Four-Wheel-Drive

If your Ford Ranger offers multiple driving options, put it into a four-wheel-drive before starting. This is not a feature on every model, though. 

When you tow a vehicle, this helps with flat-towing because all four tires are flat on the road, so you can get better balance without risking any damage to your car. 

2. Leave The Car In Neutral

Next, you can put the car in neutral too. This should be done before you are ready to hook up the Ranger to the motorhome in a flat area.

If the road isn’t flat, your vehicle could still roll in neutral and give you problems while trying to get things set up safely and securely. 

3. Allow The Powertrain To Disconnect From The Axle

When you put the vehicle into neutral, it should automatically cause the powertrain to disconnect from the vehicle’s axle. 

This means you can start towing the vehicle freely without any resistance from the engine or transmission. 

4. Hook Up Your Vehicle To The Motorhome

Once all of these steps are taken care of, you can hook up the vehicle to the motorhome using a heavy-duty tow bar. 

We recommend buying a complete flat-towing kit that includes every tool needed to lock your vehicle tightly in place for your journey. 

5. Start Towing

After everything has been done, you can start towing your vehicle. But avoid sharp turns or driving at too high of speeds to avoid any problems. 

What Type Of Motorhome Do You Need To Tow A Ford Ranger?

Towing a Ford Ranger can be a challenging task. To make it easier, you need to get the correct type of motorhome.

Below we have listed the three different motorhome types to consider. You should always look at the towing capabilities of a motorhome before buying a new one or attempting to tow any vehicle. 

Class A Motorhome

These motorhomes have the largest tow vehicle capacity and are typically used by recreational vehicles to tow larger objects like big pickup trucks.

A Class A motorhome’s average towing capacity is between 10,000 to 15,000 pounds, so that means you will have no issues towing a Ford Ranger. However, always check the specs before trying to tow anything. 

Class B Motorhome

These motorhomes have the smallest tow vehicle capacity and are generally used for camping purposes or small-scale recreational activities such as fishing or hunting.

The average Class B motorhome can only tow up to 5,000 pounds, which is much less often. This is not recommended to tow a Ford Ranger because it is a larger and heavier vehicle type. 

Class C Motorhome

These motorhomes have an intermediate tow vehicle capacity with a maximum weight between 5,000 pounds and 10,000 pounds for pulling cars and trucks. 

You can generally tow any vehicle type using a Class C motorhome, and because they are smaller, it is easier to maneuver on the road.

This is the preferred motorhome choice by most people. They are also more fuel-efficient and easier to park in different places at lower costs. 

Is It Legal And Safe To Tow A Ford Ranger Behind A Motorhome?

A Ford Ranger is a type of truck that is quite popular in the United States. This vehicle has a small frame and is light enough to be towed with a tow bar of most motorhomes.

It also has a low ground clearance and can be easily driven on roads. This makes it both safe and legal to tow behind a motorhome. 

However, there are still many risks that come with towing a Ford Ranger behind a motorhome. You will need the proper equipment to set up the tow, so your vehicle is secure while driving. 

When towing a Ford Ranger behind a motorhome, the tow vehicle’s driver has an increased chance of being involved in an accident. 

If you are considering towing your Ford Ranger behind your motorhome, make sure you do it safely and legally.

This includes buying a heavy-duty tow bar, adjusting the drivetrain if necessary, and putting your vehicle in a four-wheel-drive and neutral position. This will give you the best towing results. 

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