Is It Bad to Buy Walmart Tires?

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Walmart surpasses 5,000 stores across the United States, and 3,500 of them are supercenters. With so many Walmarts, the avid motorist might wonder if they’re a quality place to buy car accessories and parts. In this blog, I’ll review the selection at Walmart and answer if buying tires from Walmart is a bad option.

To give a direct answer upfront, no, there is nothing wrong with tires from Walmart. Many may feel that the supermarket is not the best place to purchase parts for their car and opt for an automotive shop.

However, Walmart has a sizable selection and the same low prices on tires that the store is known for in other categories. It’s also easy to find tires from several outlets, as Walmart is a widespread company.

Ordering online is also exceptionally easy. If you can wait for shipping, it’s a great way to get your tires to your door without having to leave your home.

So, as a whole, there’s no reason to avoid getting your tires from Walmart if you find the tires you need at a competitive price. While you may have reasons for preferring automotive stores, there is nothing inferior about the tires themselves and you shouldn’t fear putting them on your car.

Benefits of Walmart Tires

What makes Walmart tires worth having, and why should you go out to your local supermarket to outfit your new vehicle? Here are some of the most notable perks of shopping for tires at Walmart.

Low Prices

Generally speaking, Walmart’s prices are lower than most others. Their prices on tires are competitive not just with other supermarkets but with discount tire outlets and automotive stores.

If you happen to find an outlet selling the tire you need for less, most Walmarts will offer price matching. That means that you can bring proof of the lower price to them and they’ll sell you the tire at that cheapest price.

As a whole, tires from Walmart will be cheaper than others without being lower in quality. If you’re on a budget, there are few places where you can find good tires for cheaper.

Easy Installation

Another excellent perk of buying your tires at Walmart is how easy it is to install your tires with Walmart. The vast majority of Walmarts that offer a selection of tires will also offer mechanical assistance.

The mechanics and technicians at Walmart offer many services, such as general tuneups, oil changes, and light repairs. One of the many on offer is to rotate, replace, or otherwise service your tires.

When you make your purchase, you can also have the mechanics put them onto your vehicle for you. Doing so makes it so that you can purchase your tires and leave the store with them already on rather than deal with the hassle of doing it yourself.

No Hassle

It’s no secret that many people feel that representatives at mechanics and car dealerships can be a bit pushy. I’ve had many experiences of feeling like I was being milked for as much money as possible even when going in for a basic service.

Many people do their best not to deal with such mechanics or car dealers if they can, but vehicle repairs make it necessary. Thankfully, this is much less of a problem at Walmart.

Most mechanics or dealers work on commission, which is a large part of why they can be so pushy. Walmart technicians and assistants don’t have their income based on such a system.

Because of this, they have no reason to be pushy on extra services or repairs – so they simply aren’t. Buying your tires and having them put in place at Walmart is usually as easy as an order at the counter and then waiting patiently.

Drawbacks of Walmart

There are plenty of cons to getting your tires at Walmart as well which may be enough to push you to other outlets. Here are some of the primary drawbacks of shopping at Walmart for your tires.

Limited Selection

Walmart supercenters will often have an entire automotive section, but that doesn’t mean it’s extensive. While they have a selection of tires, it’s much less than what you’ll see at a dedicated automotive shop.

There will often be a handful of racks with a couple of dozen tires. Generally, these are for smaller vehicles for service vehicles like golf carts.

That said, you can often get around this by simply ordering online. While you won’t be able to use the Walmart mechanics when doing so, you can always take the tires and vehicle there once the delivery is made.

Is It Bad to Buy Walmart Tires?

Not All Walmarts Carry Tires

Another issue with the selection of tires is that not all Walmarts will carry them. The only stores that carry them are the supercenters, as others are primarily grocery stores.

Even then, however, some supercenters still may not carry them. Furthermore, some that do may carry a much smaller selection.

These selection issues can make finding a tire in a physical outlet a bit more difficult. You may need to go to several Walmarts to find tires that you would want.

Overall, the selection and ease of purchase will be lower than at a dedicated automotive store. The tradeoff of lower prices and less of a hassle is yours to make if you prefer it.

Again, however, this issue is completely solved by ordering online. If you don’t need your tires immediately and are just replacing your tires due to wear and tear, ordering online can make everything much easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we know Walmart tires are perfectly fine to use, there are still some questions floating around. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in regards to tires.

What brands does Walmart carry?

Walmart will carry a variety of brands, but it depends entirely on the store near you. Some of the brands include, but are not limited to:

  • Goodyear
  • SuperMax
  • Douglas
  • Ohtsu
  • Firestone

There are only a few brands that Walmart doesn’t carry. If you have a brand you prefer, you might find it at Walmart with ease.

Does Walmart sell tires for different types of vehicles?

Yes, Walmart sells tires for many different types of vehicles. You can find tires for trucks, sedans, compacts, carts, ATVs, wagons, and more in their selection.

Are all Walmart tires good quality?

Generally speaking, no, not every tire you can find at Walmart will be of excellent quality. It’s this issue that causes many to believe Walmart tires are bad.

Walmart stocks dozens of brands, and some of these can be low-quality discount tires. Do some research into the tire you’re buying to make sure you’re getting a high-quality tire.

Driving Out

So, is it bad to buy Walmart tires? Ultimately, no, there is nothing wrong with them and you’ll have a wide selection to choose from when using the online stores.

That said, not every tire from Walmart will be high-quality. Make sure you’re researching your chosen brand to get a good deal and a great tire.

If you have more questions about tires and vehicles, feel free to contact us. You can also browse our extensive blog for more information.

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