Mazda Won’t Turn Off? A Complete Troubleshooting Guide

If your Mazda doesn’t turn off, even after you’ve pulled the keys out of the ignition, you are not alone, but how do you troubleshoot this issue?

Mazda Wont Turn Off 1 Mazda Won’t Turn Off? A Complete Troubleshooting Guide

Why won’t my Mazda turn off?

Your Mazda most likely won’t turn off due to an issue with the ignition pump relay, the ignition module, or the start/stop button (for newer Mazdas). Depending on which component is preventing your Mazda from turning off, replacing the part will fix the issue.

After extensively researching Mazda automotive forums, I have gathered enough information to determine why your vehicle won’t turn off and how you can troubleshoot this problem. 

My research has indicated that this is a common issue with some Mazda models and you should consider each possible solution to resolve this problem with your car.

Reasons Your Mazda Won’t Turn Off 

So, you’ve put your Mazda in park, pulled the key out of the ignition, and then the engine won’t turn off? As strange as this may be, I’ve found that it is not an uncommon problem with Mazdas and cars in general.

Drivers occasionally run into this issue with their vehicles, which can be quite frustrating to deal with – especially if it happens when you are away from home.

Before you can fix this, you need to determine exactly what is causing it in the first place. There are a number of different factors that could be contributing to this problem and we need to go through a process of elimination to figure out which one it is.

More often than not, when a Mazda doesn’t turn off, it is usually connected to one of the following components of the vehicle:

  • Ignition Pump Relay
  • Ignition Module 
  • Start/Stop Button

If you are not sure where these components are located in your Mazda, you should grab your vehicle owner’s manual, as this will have all of the information listed. 

Although Mazda generally has a pretty similar design for these systems, each car is different and may require a specialized troubleshooting approach.

Mazda Wont Turn Off 1 1 Mazda Won’t Turn Off? A Complete Troubleshooting Guide

How to Turn Off Your Mazda When the Engine is Still Running

Most people that experience this issue with their Mazda tend to fall into a panic, as they can’t get their car’s engine to turn off. This can be particularly irritating when you are out and do not want to leave your car unattended while it is still turned on. 

There are a couple of different ways that you can turn off your car’s engine if pulling the key out of the ignition did not do the trick. 

If possible, I recommend driving the car to a safe location before you start running any diagnostics on the vehicle. 

Naturally, the best place to do this is at home, if you want to try to fix the problem on your own. However, if you are not comfortable dealing with basic auto mechanics, I recommend that you seek professional help, as you will need to get under the hood of your car. 

Try one of the following methods to shut down your Mazda engine if pulling the key out of the ignition does not work.

Remove the Fuel Pump Fuse 

If your Mazda won’t turn off, you should start by removing the fuse from the fuel pump. Each Mazda has two fuse boxes, one located under the glove compartment of the vehicle and another beside the engine underneath the hood. 

With that said, you should always confirm this before you start working on your vehicle by checking the manual, as the location can sometimes vary. If the fuel pump fuse is under the hood of your Mazda, follow these steps to disconnect it:

  1. Open the hood
  2. Find the fuse box on the right side
  3. Remove the panel cover of the fuse box 
  4. Confirm the location of the fuel pump fuse 
  5. (Using a pair of pliers) Firmly grab the fuse and pull 
  6. Wait 10 seconds (the vehicle should turn off)

The fuel pump fuse is normally about a half-inch long and a half-inch wide. If it is difficult to pull out, do not worry, this is quite normal as it is a large fuse that requires a decent pull to fully remove it from the box. 

Remove Relay Fuse 

On most Mazda vehicles, the relay fuse is also located under the hood in the same box as the fuel pump fuse. 

However, there is a chance that your Mazda model has its relay fuse underneath the dashboard inside the car. 

As always, have your owner’s manual handy so that you can confirm this before you start pulling any fuses. Alternatively, fuse box functions are often listed on the panel cover. You can confirm this by grabbing the cover of the fuse box you are looking at to check to see if the fuse functions are listed on the chart.

Once you have determined the location of your relay fuse follow the same steps that I listed above for the fuel pump. The one thing that you should keep in mind is that the relay fuse is usually larger than the fuel pump fuse. 

Removing the relay fuse will require additional force, which is why I recommend using a large set of pliers if you have a pair available. 

Can I Disconnect my Car Battery to Turn Off the Engine?

The first instinct that most Mazda owners have when they run into this issue is to disconnect their car battery to shut the engine down. While this may seem like a logical temporary solution, you should avoid doing this.

Disconnecting the battery will likely not turn off your engine. It will continue to run because the alternator can supply sufficient power to keep the vehicle running – at least for a short period. 

However, disconnecting your Mazda’s battery while the engine is running can potentially have some adverse effects on the vehicle. 

Although computer malfunctions are rare, this may end up resetting all of your vehicle’s electronic components to their factory settings, which is why unplugging the relay or fuel pump fuse is a much better approach.

How to Fix a Mazda that Won’t Turn Off 

Fixing this issue is usually not the most technical repair, but it does require some automotive knowledge. If you are experienced with getting under the hood of a car and doing mechanical work, you should be able to get your Mazda working by purchasing the right components.

Replace the Fuel Pump Relay 

If the issue is connected to the fuel pump relay, you will need to replace this component. You can replace the fuel pump relay by following these steps:

  1. Remove the fuel pump relay 
  2. Install new fuel pump relay 
  3. Test that the fuel pump relay is operational

Replace Ignition Module 

The ignition module may be the culprit. This can happen due to water damage, but sometimes it is attributed to gradual wear and tear. If the ignition module fails, you can replace it by following these steps:

  1. Disconnect the car battery
  2. Pull out the spark plug wires
  3. Remove the mounting plate
  4. Remove the ignition module coil pack
  5. Install a new ignition module 

You need to approach this installation carefully, as there are delicate components. I recommend that you handle the wiring of the ignition module’s components with care, as damaging them can result in additional and unnecessary repairs.

Replace Start/Stop Button 

If you have a newer Mazda, odds are it is equipped with a start/stop button and a key fob instead of a traditional key ignition. 

While this is not the most common reason behind this issue, it may potentially be preventing your Mazda from shutting down.

Your start/stop button may have some kind of defect. Determining if the start/stop button is behind the problem can be rather challenging, as working on electronic components that are directly connected to your vehicle’s computer is a technical process.

For this fix, I would recommend seeing a professional mechanic that specifically works with Mazdas, as they may need to install a new start/stop button and program it to properly function.

Key Takeaways

  • Your Mazda won’t turn off because of an issue with the ignition pump relay, the ignition module, or the start/stop button.
  • You can temporarily disconnect your vehicle’s fuel pump or relay fuse to get your Mazda to turn off until your solve the issue.
  • Replacing your ignition pump relay, ignition module, or start/stop button should solve the issue with your Mazda not turning off.

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