Can You Fix A Misfire With A Fuel Injector Cleaner?

Engine additives, like fuel injector cleaners and octane boosters, are enticing products that promise impressive results for your vehicle. But can these aftermarket products resolve significant issues like engine misfires?

Fuel injector cleaners can help reduce engine misfires when used correctly. Products like Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus can remove leftover deposits, improve performance, and increase fuel efficiency. That said, you’ll need professional services if you notice issues even after cleaning.

When it comes to using fuel injector cleaners to freshen your vehicle or resolve issues like engine misfiring, there’s a lot to consider. Let’s take a deeper look at everything you need to know before you proceed.

Will Cleaning Your Fuel Injector Help With Misfires?


Engine misfires can be the result of clogged, dirty, and faulty fuel injectors. Fortunately, fuel injector cleaners can resolve the issue when used correctly.

Vehicles build up deposits and debris over time, which can inhibit fuel delivery and cause decreased engine performance or engine misfire.

Fuel injection cleaners, like Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus (on Amazon), are designed to remove leftover debris in a vehicle’s fuel system, including the injectors, valves, and piston tops.

That said, if you believe the fuel injectors are still clogged after cleaning, you’ll need to take your vehicle to a certified mechanic for professional services.

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What Are Other Signs of a Clogged Fuel Injector?

Keeping your fuel injectors clean ensures there aren’t any carbon deposits and your vehicle runs smoothly.

But how can you tell if your fuel injector is in need of a good cleaning?

Here are some tell-tale signs that you have a clogged fuel injector:

Engine Misfires

As mentioned earlier, clogged, leaking, and faulty fuel injectors can cause an engine to misfire. You may notice sputtering when you try to accelerate or while driving.

Poor spark plugs can also cause engine misfires, so getting a comprehensive diagnostic is best.

Rough Idling

Bumpy idling signals that your vehicle isn’t receiving enough gasoline, and clogged fuel injectors may be the culprit.

Dirty, blocked, and broken fuel injectors will restrict fuel delivery, and you may notice vibration while idle. It’s also possible to hear the engine cut in and out.

Severely clogged fuel injectors can cause an engine to stall, so it’s best to resolve this issue as soon as possible.  

Issues With the RPM Needle

Have you ever looked at your RPM needle while sitting idle?

If you notice that the needle bounces up and down, your vehicle is either receiving too much air or gas. This can signify that your fuel injectors have a leak.

Alternatively, you may have clogged fuel injectors, lean fuel ratios, or vacuum leaks.

Dead Engine

Can’t start your vehicle? You may have a simple issue, like clogged fuel injectors. Fuel injectors can become so dirty that they can’t transfer fuel into the intake manifold or cylinders.

These issues happen over time, and you’ll notice performance issues, stalling, and sputtering before the problem becomes severe.

honda crv check engine light Can You Fix A Misfire With A Fuel Injector Cleaner?

Poor Fuel Efficiency

Leaking, clogged, and faulty fuel injectors can also reduce your car’s fuel efficiency. Leaky fuel injectors leak excessive gas into the engine that ends up getting burned off.

You may also notice excessive black smoke from the tailpipe if the issue becomes severe. It’s best to resolve these issues as soon as possible, so you save money on gas.

How Long Does It Take for Fuel Injector Cleaners to Work?

Although fuel injector cleaners can remove leftover carbon deposits and improve performance, you won’t notice results right away.

There are several variables that can affect the time it takes for fuel system cleaners to kick in. Depending on the situation, it may take a few days, weeks, or months.

Many drivers notice improvements in one or two tanks of gas, but this varies. Following all of the product’s instructions will ensure you notice improvements in a timely manner.

Using well-respected brands will help ensure you get the best results. Low-quality products may yield few improvements.

It’s best to drive a couple of hundred miles to provide the fuel cleaner ample time to work through the system. Some drivers notice significant improvements in as little as 30 minutes when driving at high RPMs.

Some mechanics also advise replacing spark plugs and air filters to ensure your engine runs as smoothly as possible.

You’ll know your fuel cleaner works if you have increased acceleration power, improved fuel efficiency, and smooth idling.

What’s the Most Effective Fuel Injector Cleaner?

Technician Removing the gasoline injector part in engine room check dust and test pressure

So, you’re ready to use fuel injector cleaner to freshen your system and increase performance — but which products work best? Here are some of the top fuel system cleaners to keep in mind:

Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Complete Fuel System Cleaner

The Chevron Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner is one of the best options on the market. It works on all kinds of gasoline engines, regardless of whether you have a sedan, truck, motorcycle, or SUV.

The clearing solution contains polyetheramine, or PEA, which helps the cleaning process and makes it highly effective. The ingredient erodes carbon deposits that build up over time, allowing your vehicle to run more efficiently.

As a complete fuel system cleaner, Chevron’s Techron Concentrate Plus is a great option to consider for gasoline-powered engines.

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Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Injector Cleaner

Consider the Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant and Injector Cleaner (on Amazon) if you have a diesel engine.

Diesel engines need specialized cleaning solutions to break down carbon deposits. The Lucas Injector Cleaner is designed for diesel fuel systems, whether injected or carburated.

The added lubrication provides higher performance for diesel injectors, fuel rails, and other components.

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Gumout Regane High Mileage Fuel System Cleaner

Higher mileage vehicles — over 75,000 miles — typically need different products than new vehicles fresh off the lot. Older cars usually have high quantities of carbon and sedimentary deposits, especially if you’ve never used a fuel system cleaner.

That’s why you need to try Gumout Regane High Mileage Fuel System Cleaner (on Amazon).

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This powerful fuel system cleaner includes PEA, which helps break apart deposits on the fuel injectors. The cleaner may also help reduce friction and improve fuel economy.

Lastly, strong fuel system cleaners can perform preventative maintenance for future carbon deposits and enhance overall performance.

With a high customer review rating on Amazon, you can rest assured that many customers are happy with their purchase and results with Gumout Regane High Mileage Cleaner.

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