What Is Sports Mode On A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

If you are finding yourself in the situation of wanting to know more about the sports mode on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, then you have come to the right place! This article can help you find some answers and become a little more educated about sports mode on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We’ve done all the research for you and have exactly what you need to know!

sports mode jeep grand cherokee 1 What Is Sports Mode On A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

What Is Sports Mode On A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Sports mode on a Jeep Grand Cherokee is an additional option when shifting gears that will allow the vehicle to have more power, in particular when driving off-road. It allows sharp corners to be taken more smoothly as well as helps to accelerate the speed faster.

Knowing how and when to use the sports mode on your Jeep is essential! To learn more about what sports mode is and how to use it, keep reading!

What Does Sports Mode Do?

Within the Jeep Grand Cherokee, there are multiple driving modes that consist of normal, sport, mud, snow, eco, etc. The point of having various driving modes is to be able to adapt the vehicle’s approach to changes in terrain condition. Sports mode, in particular, is to assist in rocky terrain that has quick changes in them such as corners or multiple steep hills on the road.

While you can use sports mode in any terrain that is a little more challenging for your engine to drive on, rather than on the flat and straight roads in town, the major purpose of sports mode is to be used for outdoor and off-roading use.

You do not have to have a vehicle that has sports mode to go off-roading, but it is beneficial to have that extra horsepower, torque, and traction to help the engine get over rougher terrain like sand without being overworked, which can cause significant damage to your engine if you are doing it often enough.

If you are someone who is frequently outdoors and goes off-roading in their vehicle and doesn’t already have sports mode, it may be something to consider when purchasing a new vehicle. It is also important to note that if your current vehicle does not have sports mode already, it cannot be installed on a vehicle that wasn’t preemptively designed for it.

When Should I Use Sports Mode?

Sports mode can be used wherever and for whatever. It will not harm your vehicle to use sports mode for activities other than sharp corners and rough terrain. That being said, you should take advantage of sports mode in those instances as well, as that is what it is meant to assist in.

This can greater enhance the quality of your ride making it less bumpy and jolting, and can decrease stress on the engine as well. You should never use sports mode when it is raining or snowing. Moments on the road when you need to speed up quickly are also times to use sports mode, like moving past cars in the passing lane for example.

In a vehicle without sports mode, or when not using sports mode, there will be a delay in the engine as you hit the accelerator. When you are in sports mode, there is no delay and the accelerator will immediately follow through and get you up to speed.

With the quicker get up and go of sports mode, you should also take note that this mode does require the use of more gas, which can be a downside. This issue of using more gas can be avoided and managed by only using sports mode when needed and on rare occasions when you need a little boost of acceleration.

How Do I Use Sports Mode?

sports mode jeep grand cherokee 1 1 What Is Sports Mode On A Jeep Grand Cherokee?

In most Jeep Grand Cherokees you can turn on sports mode either with the press of a button or with a dial switch to the appropriate mode. The location of this will be different and vary from each model of Jeep Grand Cherokee, but typically it will be near the gear stick either on the dashboard or on the console between the driver and passenger seat.

When you turn on the vehicle, the mode should automatically be able to determine what kind of terrain it is currently on and adjust to the appropriate mode. To adjust this manually, just turn the dial or press the button of the mode you want to be in and it should switch without any issue.

You do not have to be in park to be able to switch to sports mode, you can do this while driving. While you don’t have to come to a complete stop to do this, it is recommended that you slow to a reasonable speed when switching modes to allow the gears to change properly without too much friction and urgency from being in high motion.

Coming to a slower speed will also notify your vehicle that gears will be changing and can allow the gears to receive that message properly to avoid any confusion or malfunctioning of the gears while changing.

How Do I Turn Off Sports Mode?

Turning off sports mode is just as easy as turning it on. To turn off sports mode, you will simply just press the same button or change the dial that you used to turn it on. Again, remember that depending on the model of Grand Cherokee you have, the location of this button or dial will be located in different areas of the vehicle, so be aware of where that capability is in your respective vehicle.

Being familiar with the location of all modes will be helpful in situations where you need to change gears quickly when you don’t have much time to search for them and then react.

You should also note that similar to switching sports mode on, you do not need to come to a complete stop to switch sports mode off. While it won’t cause any harm to the vehicle to switch it off when you’re completely stopped, you shoecouldn’t feel obligated to pull over and stop to turn sports mode off when it is perfectly fine to switch it while driving and in motion.

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