How To Tow A Jeep Patriot Behind A Motorhome (Safely!)

Many RVs have the ability to pull a car behind an RV flat. Can a Jeep Patriot be towed behind a motorhome? Does the Jeep Patriot have the capacity to be towed behind a motorhome? If it does, is it safe? How do you pull a Jeep Patriot behind a motorhome? What equipment should one use to tow a Jeep Patriot?

Tow A Jeep Patriot Behind A Motorhome 1 How To Tow A Jeep Patriot Behind A Motorhome (Safely!)

Can you tow a Jeep Patriot behind a motorhome?

Like many other vehicles, a Jeep Patriot can be towed behind a motorhome. Any Jeep Patriot with a manual transmission, even one with all four wheels on the ground, can be flat-towed. Ensure that you have put the gear into neutral and the transmission in the reverse position when towing the vehicle.

This article will explore if it is possible to tow a Jeep Patriot behind an RV as well as whether it is safe or not. 

It will also guide you on how to pull a Jeep Patriot on the motorhome and the ideal equipment to tow the Patriot behind the motorhome smoothly. Therefore, if you are planning to tow your vehicle behind a motorhome but are unsure whether it is possible, this article will guide you on these.


The Jeep Patriot is a compact SUV that caters primarily to adventure lovers and other offroad activities. 

Most people probably are unaware that it also has an excellent towing capability. The towing capacity is determined by the carrying capacity of the Jeep Patriot, which over the years, the maximum towing capacity didn’t alter that much. It remained within a reasonable range for all the Jeep Patriot models.

Jeep Patriot is undoubtedly a prevalent choice and makes an excellent vehicle to be towed behind large RVs such as motorhomes. Regarding the Jeep Patriot model, the 2WD models are eligible and safe since they are being towed at the back of the motorhome.

To make things a little transparent, 4WD Jeep Patriot models are also suitable for towing behind the motorhome since there are options of lifting the front wheels or deactivating the transfer case. 

Check the owner’s manual before towing the vehicle to avoid damages one could have prevented earlier.

Towing A Jeep Patriot Behind A Motorhome Or RV

If the Jeep Patriot is manual, then all its models can be towed behind a motorhome, including those with four wheels. When pulling the Jeep Patriot, one should change the transfer case to neutral, and the transmission should be in the park position. The Jeep Patriot has many features and characteristics that make it suitable and capable of being towed behind a motorhome. The vehicle has velocities of  23 mpg in the city and 27mpg on the interstate, which makes it convenient to be towed behind a motorhome.

The Jeep Patriot’s weight is another advantage when towing it behind a motorhome. The patriot has a weight range of around 3,100 to 3,400 pounds, which is suitable for motorhomes and other smaller RV classes. 

However, remember that models of the Jeep Patriot levels with 4-wheel drive can be flat towed safely behind a motorhome. Therefore, before pulling the vehicle, check the patriot’s standards manual, which has good information one needs to follow to avoid voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

Like most modern vehicles, the Jeep Patriot has incredibly luxurious amenities and specifications where Jeep models have automatic or manual drives in their production.

One cannot flat tow models with automatic gearboxes with all 4 wheels having direct contact with the surface unless one takes specific precautions or make certain modifications.

One may flat-tow the vehicle with a manual gearbox system even if all its wheels are on the ground.

Tow A Jeep Patriot Behind A Motorhome 1 1 How To Tow A Jeep Patriot Behind A Motorhome (Safely!)

Is it Safe to Tow a Patriot behind a Motorhome?

Towing this vehicle behind a motorhome provides excellent safety as long as one follows all the manufacturer-provided instructions carefully.

Due to this circumstance, one must ensure that the vehicle is properly towed. When towing the car behind the motorhome, one can use a tow dolly to lift the front wheel off the grounds or deactivate the transfer case by shifting the transmission into the park and the neutral position. 

Towing is very safe as long as one strictly adheres to the instructions provided by the manufacturer’s manual. Remember that when one tows an automatic transmission Jeep Patriot model behind the motorhome, one risks damaging the transmission system.

Similar specific safety measures are needed for all-wheel drive Jeep Patriot models. Therefore, towing the jeep behind the motorhome cannot harm the vehicle if done correctly. Many tourists pull their Jeep Patriot each year, yet a few of their vehicles sustain any severe harm.

How to Tow a Jeep Patriot behind a Motorhome

There are different effective ways to tow this vehicle behind a motorhome. First, one can decide to tow the vehicle when the two front wheels are raised, or all the wheels have direct contact with the surface. 

One can use the dolly towing to lift the front wheels off the ground if the Jeep Patriot is an FWD version. Ensure that the motorhome one chooses and the tow bar to use can support the weight of the vehicle being towed.

Finally, one should drive when towing at a speed that does not exceed what the manufacturer has advised. 

Additionally, avoid towing over distances that could result in endangering the automobile. One may tow their vehicle safely and effectively when towing the car behind the motorhome.

Equipment to use while Towing Jeep Patriot.

Before effectively towing a Jeep Patriot, one needs to have a few items. To tow the Jeep Patriot, you will need a low tow bar appropriate for the vehicle.

Second, a base plate kit, an additional brake system, a high-low adaptor, and an operational indicator or warning lights are also required. Another accessory item is a wire harness in case the tow bar is damaged. Regarding the tow bar, it is advisable to have an ox alpha bar component if the jeep has a manual gearbox system.

Therefore, having the right tools and equipment will make the towing process simple even without any aid or guidance from specialists. One should seek the assistance of a towing firm if, for any reason, one is unsure of going about the towing process. However, if one is familiar with the whole process, it will save you money because one can flat tow the vehicle on their own without the help of a flat towing company.

Wrap Up

The Jeep Patriot has luxurious features and specifications just like most other contemporary vehicles. Towing a Jeep Patriotic model having an automatic gearbox at the back of a motorhome with all its wheels in contact with the ground will end up damaging the transmission system. 

One may use a tow dolly to lift the front wheels of the vehicle to allow it to be hauled securely. 

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