How To Tow A Jeep Liberty Behind A Motorhome: 3 Easy Ways!

For those heading off on long trips, knowing how to tow a Jeep Liberty behind a motorhome is crucial to avoid any vehicle damage during the long ride. Choosing the wrong tow method or hooking up the equipment wrong could result in severe vehicle damage that will cost lots of money. Learning how to do this properly is necessary, and we intend to show you the right way. 

How can you tow a Jeep Liberty behind a motorhome?

You can tow a Jeep Liberty behind a motorhome by flat-towing, dolly towing, or trailer towing the vehicle. All three methods are effective, but you need to consider the features of your vehicle too. You also need the proper equipment like a hitch and towing kit to do this properly.

You need to make sure that your Jeep Liberty is not too heavy for your motorhome to try and tow by checking the weight and motorhome towing capacity. The type of Liberty you drive and whether it is 2WD or 4WD also matter in choosing the proper towing method. We will show you how to safely tow a Jeep Liberty behind a motorhome in this guide.  

We learned these towing methods by researching more about the Jeep Liberty vehicle and combining this knowledge with years of industry expertise. You should know why things like the transmission matter for towing, and this guide explains it all for you.    

How To Tow A Jeep Liberty Behind A Motorhome?

The Jeep Liberty is a fan favorite among the many different Jeep models on the market. It is a popular vehicle to tow behind a motorhome too. But how can you do it?

It is worth mentioning that a Jeep Liberty is perfectly capable of flat-towing, and you can tow it behind a motorhome. But figuring out how to do it is a little more complicated. 

You will need to purchase some equipment before anything else. This includes a flat-towing package with base plates, tow bars, safety cables, and a supplemental braking system if needed. 

There are three methods to consider when trying to tow your Jeep Liberty behind a motorhome.


When you flat tow the Liberty, all four wheels are on the ground while driving. It is the most popular method and works on every Liberty type.

However, you should always check the transmission type and whether it is a 2WD or 4WD vehicle. Because the tires are moving while the car is not running, it can be an issue for some. 

If your Jeep Liberty is 2WD, you must remove the driveshaft or install a driveshaft override to flat-tow the vehicle. A 4WD Liberty is better for this type of towing because you can put the car in neutral and go. 

Dolly Towing

If you determine that flat-towing is not the best method for your Liberty type, you can opt for dolly towing instead. This is a capable method that works best on front-wheel drive vehicles. 

This is because the vehicle gets lifted with the front two wheels resting on a dolly while the rear wheels remain firmly on the ground for towing. 

The setup process for dolly towing is fast and easy too. You drive the vehicle up on a ramp at an angle and lock it into place on the dolly system. 

Always check the weight capacity of the dolly before doing so too. 

Trailer Towing

The last option is probably the most expensive because it involves buying either a flatbed or an enclosed trailer.

But it will tow any vehicle type, including all Jeep Liberty models. It does not matter whether they are front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive either. 

This is often the preferred method if you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle because it requires less maintenance to get set up. 

How Much Does A Jeep Liberty Weigh?

On average, the Jeep Liberty weighs between 3,500 to 4,320 pounds, depending on the features, year, and trim level. 

When you make vehicle customizations, you can also cause the weight to change. For example, upgraded tires or engines are popular modifications that can increase the weight of your vehicle. 

Another example is whether your Jeep has a lift too. Don’t worry, though. Your motorhome can handle this too. 

Luckily, most motorhomes have a towing capacity of 5,000 to 15,000 pounds depending on the class type and size.

This means towing capacity should not be a problem. However, the driving type and style of the vehicle could be the determining factor. 

You should check the exact weight of your Jeep Liberty model in the owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website. This will allow you to check the motorhome towing capacity and confirm whether it can be handled. 

Is It Safe To Tow A Jeep Liberty Behind A Motorhome?

When making your way around the country, you need to be aware of the risks involved. By towing your Jeep Liberty behind a motorhome, you also increase the driving risks. 

However, this is a safe activity to try, and the risks you face are completely manageable. Before starting your journey, it is best to be aware of these risks and take appropriate precautions.

You should take the proper steps by buying high-quality equipment, including a heavy-duty tow bar, extra lights, and braking assistance systems. 

You can also check out your motorhome and Jeep before the trip to see if any maintenance is required. The last thing you want is damage to appear while towing. 

By taking the proper steps, you can eliminate many risks, and by practicing safe driving, you should not have any significant problems doing so. 

Is It Legal To Tow A Jeep Liberty Behind A Motorhome?

Towing a motorhome behind a Jeep Liberty is not illegal. However, there are some restrictions on the length and weight of the tow vehicle.

You may need to check with your state on exact laws, but you are allowed to tow a Jeep Liberty behind your motorhome. 

Something that many people try to do that is illegal is triple towing. This means that when you attach your Jeep Liberty for towing, you also have a third item towed behind the Jeep.

This would include items like boats or ATVs. This is prohibited in almost every state because it is less stable and much more dangerous for drivers. 

You should have no legal concerns when preparing your Jeep Liberty to tow behind your motorhome. This is a perfectly legal practice done by people all over the country every year successfully. 

Other Tips To Tow A Jeep Liberty Behind A Motorhome

Towing your vehicle behind your motorhome can be risky because it is more difficult to control the speed of the two vehicles. But it can be done with a Jeep Liberty, depending on the vehicle design. 

Because this is a complex process, there are safety tips to keep in mind to ensure best practices are used to avoid any issues while driving. 

Double Check Your Towing Capacity

To ensure your Jeep Liberty is not too heavy to be towed, you should double-check your motorhome’s towing capacity.

If your motorhome’s towing capacity is less than the capacity of a Jeep Liberty, you will be unable to flat-tow the vehicle. 

Overloading your motorhome could lead to many different problems like poor performance, transmission failure, and engine issues. 

However, if you are not sure of the weight or you are unsure about how much weight your motorhome can tow, you can always ask a professional.

Turn On Lights For Driving

When you have a Jeep Liberty riding behind a motorhome, you must also ensure the lights are connected. 

Your vehicle must have lights to be seen by other drivers. The lights on your vehicle should also be connected to the motorhome’s hitch so that they can be seen as well.

This makes it safer to tow, especially at night. Other drivers are more aware of you, which is helpful when braking too. 

You can also add high visibility towing lights in the trailer and hitch for improved visibility on the road. This will reduce your risk of collision while driving. 

Use A Breakaway Battery Monitor

You can also hook up a breakaway battery monitor on your hitch system as another safety feature. This will essentially alert you if the hitch ever came unattached and your vehicle was on the loose.

It also includes an automatic braking feature to slow you down to limit the impact of the problem. It will initiate a sound to warn you that something has happened too. 

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