What Does the Ford F250 Platinum Package Include?

The Super Duty Ford F-250 line comes in 6 different models with various levels of amenities and pricing. With the Platinum package being one of the most expensive, the extra features are important when considering if the price is worth it.

A Ford Super Duty F-250 Platinum truck includes unique front seats, quad beam LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, collision warning, powered running boards, and more. All the basic features from 5 other models combined are supplemented with additional features to create the Platinum package.

The Platinum truck certainly has more luxury features, but it also has a hefty price starting at $66,615 for the 2022 model. Keep reading about all of the features that the Ford F250 Platinum trim includes to see if the price is worth it and if this is the right truck for you.

Super Duty F-250 models

XL, XLT, LARIAT, King Ranch, Platinum, and Limited are the six different types of Ford Super Duty F-250 trucks you can buy. Excluding the Limited, the other five models build on each other in increasing levels of cost and number of amenities. With each level up, the next truck includes all the basic features of the one before and adds a few extra nice features. (Source)

The cheapest of these models is the XL that has basic features. It has manual controls, a 2.3 inch screen, the Ford SYNC phone connection system, and stability control. The XLT adds some safety features like automatic emergency brakes and blind spot alerts. It also adds automatic high beams and a larger screen with an improved phone connection.

The LARIAT transitions the F-250 to higher luxury with all auto powered controls, a decked-out speaker system, leather seats, a 12-inch screen, and the next level of SYNC. The King Ranch is an even more comfortable ride adding heated seats with an antique leather finish, as well as a back-up cam, and two-tone body accents.

Finally, the Platinum package includes all the basic features of the King Ranch while adding multi-contour leather seats, power deployed running boards, adaptive cruise control, and LED headlights. (Source)

Body and Bed

The Ford F-250 Platinum is 80″ wide, 260-266″ long, and 78-82″ tall depending on if it has a regular cab, super cab, or crew cab. The wheelbase ranges from 141.6″ for a regular cab to 176″ for an LWB crew cab.

Most external appearance features are standard, it has handles and bumpers in the body color and an aluminum grill. The lights are quad-beam LEDs with fog light and auto high beam capabilities. There are also LED lights that illuminate the inside of the bed.

The tailgate has remote release, power locks, and a tailgate step. The bed has four cleats for typing down cargo and reinforced box sides. Tie-down hooks and tow hooks are both standard.

The only external protection feature that comes standard is well liners for the rear wheels. However, there are numerous optional features. You can get spray-in bed liner, drop-in bed liner, or bed mats. You can add wheel well liners on the front and wheel locks. There are various pickup box cover options and two types of toolboxes you can get installed in the bed. (Source)

In the Cab

Dual-zone climate control is standard, but there’s also an optional additional cab heater that may be helpful if you live somewhere with a cold climate.

Other optional features include various types of flooring mats if you don’t like the standard color coordinated carpet, alternate switch placement, dark marsala colored seats, a backup alarm, and a vehicle safe. The optional adaptive steering add-on responds to vehicle speed to adjust steering sensitivity.

The dash includes an 8″ LCD screen with a built-in navigation system and phone connectivity that will play on a 10 speaker sound system. The screen also displays two rearview cameras, one is mounted on the tailgate and one is mounted high center. The camera display provides trailer backup guidance and enables a lot of cool safety features.

The 180/360 cameras enable three driving assist safety features. The blind spot information system helps you keep track of cross-traffic and will even work with trailers up to 33 feet long. The adaptive cruise control system is able to recognize the speed of the car in front of you and adjust your cruise accordingly.

It also has collision warnings and will automatically brake assist to avoid crashes. The auto brakes only kick in when necessary, after giving warnings and without an appropriate response from the driver. this is perfect for emergencies and surprise hazards.

The standard seats are pure black leather and the front seats are heated, ventilated, and have 10-way power adjustments. The front seats have memory features to help you keep these adjustments and also boast easy exit and entry. Rear seats can fold flat and lock into place. Crew cabs will also have seat heaters in the back. (Source)

Under the Hood

The Platinum F-250 has four-wheel drive and a V8 engine is 2 valve and 6.2L. This combined with the automatic six-speed transmission provides tremendous power. There are also optional upgrade options for larger engines and/or a 10-speed transmission that has different modes for different driving conditions.

The alternator comes standard as either 200 or 240 amp but also has upgrade options including dual 397-amp alternators. The fuel tank is either 34 or 48 gallons, depending on cab type and wheelbase measurement. This truck has a standard four wheel disc Anti-Lock Brake System as well as trailer brake control.

A 6.2L gas V8 engine will provide 385 horsepower at 5,750 rpm, with 430 torque at 3,800 rpm. A slightly larger gas engine (7.3L) will increase your horsepower to 430 at 5,500 rpm and increase your torque to 475 at 4,000 rpm. The highest power option will be a 6.7L diesel engine providing 475 horsepower at 2,600 rpm and 1,050 torque at 1,600 rpm. (Source)

Suspension is also great with coil springs, shock absorbers, and a stabilizer bar. A 4×4 F-250 has a max front GAWR of 5,600 lbs and a rear of 6,340 lbs.

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