What is BMW X3 M Sport Package? (Explained!)

Many people who want to purchase a luxurious vehicle choose the BMW X3. However, the BMW comes in a variety of trim packages, and one of them being the M Sport package. What is the BMW X3 M Sport package, and what features does the car have?

The BMW X3 M Sports package is one of the trim packages for the BMW X3, a compact SUV. It has 19 to 21-inch wheels, a sportier exterior, and an M-model-specific steering wheel. The M Sport trim package is available for several BMW vehicles, such as the 1, 3, and 5 series.

The BMW X3 M is a powerful car, and it has features that other BMWs that look similar don’t have. Adding the Sports package makes it even more powerful. Keep reading to learn more about what the M Sports Package has to offer.

What is the BMW X3 M Sport Package?

The M Sport package is a trim package for the BMW X3. However, the M Sport package is also available for a variety of different BMWs other than the X3. The M Sport trim package is available for the BMW 1 through 7 Series, the X1, through X7, and the Z4.

The M Sport Package is a derivative of BMW’s M racing division. This package brings everything good about the BMW racing vehicles to their daily drivers, such as the X3.

The BMW X3 M Sport package has 19 to 21 inch wheels. Owners get to choose the exact size of tire fitted on the vehicle. It also has a Shadowline exterior trim which helps the exterior of the car look sporty. The BMW X3 M Sport package also includes M Sport brakes. These brakes are blue instead of the normal black, giving the BMW X3 a racing look.

The steering wheel of the BMW X3 M Sport vehicle is different from the other BMW steering wheels because it has an M on it. While this doesn’t alter the function of the steering wheel, it adds to the look. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather. The exterior appearance and the leather wrapped steering wheel, is not the only difference that owners notice. They also notice that the car is more powerful than other BMWs with different trim packages.

The M Sport package costs an additional $1,300.

How is the BMW X3 M Sport Package Different from Other Trim Packages?

The BMW X3 M Sport is different from other trim packages that BMW offers because of the larger wheels and the sportier exterior. Specifically, the front air intakes are larger than the ones found on BMW vehicles with other trim packages. If your BMW X3 has the M Sport package, then you will see ‘M’ badges on the exterior signifying the trim package.

What is BMW X3 M Sport Package? (Explained!)

Although most people don’t think that the larger wheels found on the BMW X3 M Sport don’t affect the performance of the car, they are wrong. The larger wheels make the car feel more athletic while it is being driven. With the larger wheels comes an improved brake system, so the larger wheels make it easier for drivers to brake suddenly when necessary.

The BMW X3 M Sport package has a strong suspension system that is necessary when you are turning a corner quickly, so if you hate slowing down to an almost stop when turning, you should get a BMW X3 with the M Sport package.

The BMW X3 is also available in the following trims: the SE, ES, Sport, and M sport Plus. The M sport Plus is the highest trim model available for the BMW X3 and has more features than the M Sport package. However, if you have a BMW X3 M Sport, you will not be disappointed.

2022 BMW X3 M Sport

The 2022 BMW X3 M Sport is the most recent model of the BMW X3 that the M Sport trim package is available for. It is a beautiful, sporty car that you will enjoy driving for years to come. All BMW X3s are compact SUVs that can seat up to 5 people. Below we’ll discuss some of the features included in BMW X3 M Sport vehicles.

The X3 M Sport get 14 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the highway. In the center console there is a 12.3-inch infotainment center. While driving the BMW X3 M Sport, drivers can choose adjust their driving mode based on the conditions. they’re in.

Because this vehicle has the M sports package, it has upgrades such as the Adaptive M suspension, the M differential, and M xDrive.

Starting MSRP for the 2022 BMW X3 M is $69,900. With 503 hp (with the competition package) and 4,400 pounds of towing capacity, the BMW X3 M Sport is a sure to be one of the most powerful vehicles on the road.

Most of the 2022 BMW X3 M Sport is customizable, right down to the calipers. You can choose from 7 different colors for the main body of the vehicle. Available color choices are as follows:

  • Brooklyn Grey Metallic
  • Carbon Black Metallic
  • Black Saphire Metallic
  • Alpine White
  • Marina Bay Blue Metallic
  • Toronto Red Metallic
  • Sao Paulo Yellow

Overall, the 2022 BMW X3 M Sport is a wonderful car that is fun to drive, looks sporty and athletic.

The 2022 BMW X3 M Sport doesn’t have as many safety features as some other vehicles, and it hasn’t been given a reliability rating from J.D. Power yet. This model is expected to be one of the most popular BMW vehicles of 2022. However, most people will choose to get a different package than the M sport.

If you don’t want to purchase a BMW X3, but you still want a BMW with the M Sport package, you are in luck because it is available in most BMW models, so you can choose the BMW that suits your family’s needs and budget better than the X3.

The M Sport trim package for the BMW X3 looks different than other trim packages for the same vehicle, but not much else is different. However, it is still a great trim package you should consider getting when purchasing a BMW.

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