What Is The Best Camper For 2021?

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If you are thinking of buying a 2021 camper, there are many options for you. You might be looking at the models or the manufacturers, but many factors play a part in getting a good camper that fits your preferences.

What Is The Best Camper of 2021?

The “best” camper, of course, depends on your specific wish list. The size of your camper, the cost of the camper, and what particular special features you’re looking for will all determine what is the “best” camper for you. Taking all of these factors into consideration, we have assembled a list of the 12 best campers of 2021, which is sure to have exactly what you’re looking for.

All these campers have distinct features from each other, so you are sure to pick out the features that stand out most to you (though they are distinct from pop-up campers you’d put in the back of your truck). The campers come with all size types and lengths, are made of different materials, and come with more features than you can ever imagine.

Consider the following guide your go-to when you need any information on campers you can buy in 2021. The following campers are some of them:

Outfitter Apex 8

Scott Mavis is known for developing some of the best campers in the country. Its new Outfitter Apex 8 is its new 2021 installments with significant upgrades compared to its previous models.

One of its unique features is the heated basement that is large enough to hold some of the most notable amenities necessary for your trips. Its added freshwater tank can hold up to 44 gallons, 16 gallons for the black water tank and a maximum of 16 gallons for its grey water tank.

It also comes with other essential features such as a toilet with marine-grade porcelain quality Weblon soft walls highly insulated and a mini-refrigerator that can hold all your trip’s meals. There is under bed storage; interior cabinets made up of maple wood, a propane tank, and overhead storage cabinets for all your essentials. 

This camper’s body is not made up of a composite from which goes all the way to the roof. The exterior’s ruggedness makes it durable and long-lasting so that it can be used for years without the need for costly major repairs.

Its dry weight is only 1,450 pounds, which is a standard weight for most campers. The camper can get hauled by a three-quarter-ton pickup truck.

The low-profile body makes it an ideal choice for consumers who need a simple camper. With sales still ongoing in 2021, the Apex 8 will cost you about $39,000. It is road-tested, so you are sure to use it for miles in the years to come.

Its build is unique, comprising mostly wood with wraps of aluminum ideal to be hauled by both ¾-ton and half-ton pickups. Since it is from Bluff Dale, Texas, you are sure to find many unique aspects to the design and the features that come with it.

Capri Retreat

When it comes to ordering, it is versatile since you have up to two options. It can either be entirely decked out or order the outer shell and add the components you need. 

It has ‘The Works” option package, which includes several components, such as an air conditioner from Polar Cub 9,200, a DSI water heater, a refrigerator, a sink with a faucet, and even a video and audio package, among others.

Buying a package is an excellent option if you don’t have the capabilities of making significant changes on your own, and you want all that this camper has to offer under one roof. The exteriors are beautiful, with diamond patterns on all sides using the body’s aluminum. The exterior panels can come with up to 10 different color schemes that you can choose from.

The interior can also be made to stand out from any basic camper on the road. Some wood paneling that can be integrated into it includes pine, weathered cedar, cypress, and pecan. The weight is on the higher side with about 1,750 pounds with a price point of $21,845. 

Northern Lite 8-11EX WET

One of British Columbia’s camper gems is in the 2021 market too. It is one of the most luxurious in the camper industry while retailing at about $44,200. One of the reasons why it is elegant with such a price point is its outer shell. It is made up of fiberglass, which is rare to be used in campers.

The structure prevents leaks and provides good aerodynamics reducing air friction during your travels on the road. It is strong and can withstand the harshest weather conditions in the country.

The floor plan is nine feet and can fit as large as a queen-sized bed. A wet bath is also part of the package with a massive kitchenette, dinette, and more storage than you need. 

You might think the 2,650-pound weight is a lot, but not for the features you are getting. It can still get hauled by a ¾-ton pickup with no constraints to it. Its propane tank can hold up to 20 gallons, progressive dynamics converter with 45-amps, integrated, LED lighting and even a cooktop with three burners. It has everything that you would imagine a luxury camper can have.

Alaskan 7 Cabover

What is your preference? A pop-up or hard-side camper? Well, Alaskan 7 Cabover has this covered for you. As a hybrid, you have the best of both worlds.

Its pop-top has a patent, including a hydraulic system to raise and lower the camper’s whole top side. You only have to operate this mechanism with a switch, so no need to worry about the technical specifications that go into it.

The hydraulic system has many advantages, especially in its spacing. When raised, you can stand and still have enough headroom in the camper. Lowering it gives it better usage of gas due to the low resistance of wind throughout the body.

Its overhead storage is what you can wish for any camper. You can store as many items as possible and still have enough room for anything you want to pick up along the way. This camper only sells for $29,900, which you can check from the manufacturers and camper retail places along the way. 

Four-Wheel Camper Flatbed Hawk

California offers some of the top camper trucks used in the country. The Four-Wheel flatbed Hawk is one of the most durable campers ever. Its circumference is as narrow as it gets with a uniquely designed rear kickback.

It can handle all off-road conditions, and you can feel at home no matter the situation outside your camper. It is shocking how affordable it is, with starting prices at $27,400 with all the features it packs.

Its dry weight is only 1,325 pounds and can go up to 2,100 with everything included making it still lightweight even for the most challenging terrain to pass through. Its low profile makes it smaller, but the build gives you a chance to explore anywhere.

Even with decades of use, this camper still has more life due to its durability than other campers with basic builds. The kitchenette is small enough with a refrigerator. The dining area is located on the rear side, making it quite big for such a camper.

It can fit a standard size bed with more room for storing essential items for your entire trip. If that is not enough, it also packs an indoor shower and holds tanks for freshwater with enough space to add another tank for more water. The exterior can come with different color schemes that you prefer, which you can select when making an order.

Lance 825

Lance Campers are known for being the heavyweights of the camper’s industry. They build and get more camper trucks out there faster than other manufacturers, not only in the country but globally. If you are looking for a short bed camper, Lance 825 may be the right one for you.

Most ¾-ton pickup trucks can haul this 1,832-pound camper easily. Its floor plan is only 8 feet by 6 feet, giving you enough space to do all that can be one within the confines of a camper. 

The exterior has an aerodynamic look, making it attractive with the white color and colored stripes on the side. It has a unique component known as a charging center, which you can add a solar panel or even a generator to charge the battery quickly.

Its cooktop is two-burner and comes with an added mini-refrigerator, a wet bath, three tanks for fresh, grey, and black water. Its base model starts at $23,850, which is a cost that most camper enthusiasts consider fair as they look at all the features you are getting.

Host Mammoth 11.6

From the look of this camper, it is large. It may be the largest as it is designed to offer so much more space than you typically get in a camper. The name tells it all. The design has up to three slide-outs on each side. When they are out, they increase the interior space twofold, giving you more room to do so much more and even have more stuff when you go for long journeys.

The kitchenette is large, which is a feature you would expect; it can fit a queen-size bed and even a massive dry bath. One feature you barely see campers with, but his one has a fireplace. Yes, you heard that right, a fireplace. 

From the size, you can tell that the camper packs much weight. Its dry weight starts at a whole 4,700 pounds, so you need a truck with a rear wheel that can haul up to 5,500 pounds minimum. The weight and all the features give it a price point of $65,000. For what you are getting, the cost is worth your investment.

Arctic Fox 811

Northwood has been proud to have the Arctic Fox 811 be the camper with the most sales since its release to the market. This camper’s initial dry weight is only 2,873 pounds but goes up to 4,500 pounds when the load is full.

Its holding tanks, including the propane tank, the fresh, black, and grey water tanks, are the largest for a camper. The floor-length is ample, as well as the cabover height. It is recommended to use a DRW truck to mount the camper because of its weight. If you are looking for something with a good value and worth, the Arctic Fox 811 has a standard cost of $29,250. 

Hallmark Ute 8.5

Hallmark RV has done it again, adding the Hallmark Ute 8.5 in its camper catalog. It’s a model that they are proud of since it has had many sales in the last couple of months.

The body’s construction has composite fiberglass and balsa wood for more stability from the core to the exterior. It is lightweight, with just about 1,645 pounds dry, making it ideal for all types of adventures you plan to go to. This camper will only cost you about $41,000. 

NuCamp Cirrus 920

It is one-of-a-kind campers since it is a long-bed camper with custom designs of diamond-plated bumpers. European innovations included in the design, such as quiet water heaters and heating systems, save the camper from having excessive weight.

It has all the necessary grey, black, and freshwater tanks big enough to be used for days before offloading. It also has a solar power system with 160 watts, a motorized rear awning, a massive wardrobe, among other features. Its price point is a bit on the higher side costing $39,500. 

Bundutec Wild

The design is superb and mainly built for half-ton trucks. Its wood frame is rugged and includes fiberglass and aluminum roof frame. It has a water bath with a holding tank made only for this purpose.

The Thetford Cassette toilet is part of the package, and you can add solar panels. Its 7-foot floorplan ensures enough space to hold everything while still having enough room to move around. The cost is affordable at $18,600, which is quite a bargain.

Rugged Mountain 9RL

Rugged Mountain campers were established no more than a decade ago and have received positive outcomes in the market. The Rugged Mountain 9RL is the best they have launched in 2020, and it is doing well in terms of sales.

Its dry weight starts from 3.460 pounds and comes with various features such as a DSI water heater, dual battery compartments, three water tanks for grey, fresh and black water, a microwave, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The cost is only $28,350. But for an additional $9,950, you can get the rugged package.


Every camper has unique features, and the more elements, the more costly it can get. To make your desired purchases, you can use the information from this list and consult both the manufacturer and the retailer on any other added specifications for the campers.

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