What Is The Best Year For The Chevy HHR? Avoid The 2006 Model!

Chevy has made a variety of cars since they founded the company. Some are traditional and iconic, and others are just plain weird.

One of such cars is the Chevy HHR. This quirky car represents the heyday of retrodesign of the 2000s.

What Is The Best Year For The Chevy HHR 1 What Is The Best Year For The Chevy HHR? Avoid The 2006 Model!

So, what is the best year for the Chevy HHR?

What Is The Best Year For The Chevy HHR?

The best year for the Chevy HHR is 2007.

However, 2008-2011 Chevy HHR owners have not had many issues, so 2008-2011 are also good years for the Chevy HHR. 2006 Chevy HHR owners have reported many problems, so avoid all 2006 Chevy HHRs.

The Chevy HHR has a reliability rating of 3 out of 5 stars. This isn’t a great rating, but it helps in answering “what is the best year for the Chevy HHR?”

Chevy discontinued the HHR in 2011 for a variety of reasons. 

We’ll discuss some reasons behind this decision below. 

Although Chevy HHRs received average reliability ratings and high safety ratings, some models had several issues.

Are Chevrolet HHRs Reliable?

Chevy HHRs are reliable. 

This line of Chevy vehicles received a 4 out of 5-star reliability rating from Repair Pal

This is an above-average rating.

Although Chevy HHRs are reliable, they need to be repaired and maintained at times. Luckily, it only costs about $542 every year to repair and maintain a Chevy HHR. Although that may seem high, it is a lower than average cost, especially compared to other similar cars.

However, Chevy HHRs need repairs less often than other vehicles. 

Additionally, these vehicles experience serious repairs less often.

Both these factors prove the Chevy HHRs reliability.

What are the Problems with the Chevy HHR?

Unfortunately, many Chevy HHR owners have noticed that repairs need to be made before they can drive it safely. 

The following issues were reported by Chevy HHR owners:

  • Rattling noise
  • Clunk when driving over speed bumps
  • Power steering fails
  • Transmission slip
  • Burnt transmission fluid
  • Damaged transmission solenoid
  • Faulty clutch
  • Faulty torque converter
  • Worn-out gas cap
  • Lurch forward
  • Excessive vibrating
  • Rapid RPM drop
  • Faulty alternator
  • Battery replacement required
  • Water leak
  • Coolant leak

Although most Chevy HHR owners only notice one or two of these issues in their cars, there is a possibility that all issues will occur in your Chevy HHR.

If you notice any of these issues, take your vehicle to a nearby repair shop that you trust or repair it yourself. 

Only repair your car yourself if you have experience doing so and know how to correctly diagnose the issue.

How Many Miles Does a Chevy HHR Last?

Chevy HHRs last between 200,000 to 320,000 miles of use. 

Most Chevy HHR owners have found that their car lasts for 300,000 miles, but others still use their HHR with 320,000 miles of use.

Those that lead the list in “what is the best year for the Chevy HHR?” usually last for many miles.

If you properly maintain your Chevy HHR, it will last for over 300,000 miles of use. 

However, if you don’t maintain it properly, it will only last for 200,000 miles or so.

If you purchase a used Chevy HHR, try to find the maintenance history, as you never know if the previous owner did the proper amount of maintenance.

Why was the Chevy HHR Discontinued?

The Chevy HHR was manufactured from 2006 to 2011. 

Although owners loved the powerful engine and unique exterior appearance, the car was discontinued because of a low number of sales and several repairs that needed to be made by owners.

What Is The Best Year For The Chevy HHR 1 1 What Is The Best Year For The Chevy HHR? Avoid The 2006 Model!

The Chevy HHR has a unique appearance based on cars made in the 1940s. 

While some people enjoyed driving a vintage-looking car with modern interior features, many others didn’t. 

In other words, it appealed to a small demographic.

This led to a low number of sales, which caused Chevy to discontinue the car

They chose to stop making retro-looking cars and instead focus on the sleek, modern ones that appealed to a large market.

Another reason why Chevy chose to stop making the Chevy HHR is the number of issues that owners found. 

Owners found that sometimes the car lurched, the power steering failed, and various leaks occurred.

People don’t like purchasing a vehicle that will break or malfunction after being driven for a few thousand miles.

Although the Chevy HHR had a relatively powerful engine, it got a relatively low gas mileage. 

On average, it got a combined gas mileage of 24 miles per gallon. 

For a car that only seats up to 5 people at a time, this is extremely low gas mileage. 

Many other vehicles made at the time, including other Chevy vehicles, received a higher gas mileage.

However, those who own the Chevy HHR enjoy the large cargo space that it has and the ability to connect to various devices via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth connectivity was rare in cars made in 2006-2011, so this was a neat feature that nearly convinced people to purchase a Chevy HHR.

Overall, the Chevy HHR is a great car that will serve you well for a long time, even when it is regularly used.

However, it will only last for a long time if you properly maintain it. 

Make sure the oil is changed regularly, fluids are full before you take a road trip, and necessary repairs are made quickly.

Closing Thoughts On What Is The Best Year For The Chevy HHR?

2007 is the best year for the Chevy HHR, although 2008 through 2011 are also great years. 

Many owners have faced a variety of issues with their 2006 Chevy HHR, although that may be because proper maintenance was not done promptly.

Before you purchase a Chevy HHR, make sure the car works well for you and your lifestyle, and make sure it doesn’t have any issues that need to be repaired. 

Make sure all recalls that were issued towards the Chevy HHR that you are looking to purchase have been resolved before you purchase it.

If there are any outstanding repairs or recalls, ask the owner to fix them before you buy the vehicle or to lower the price so you can fix them yourself.

If you like driving a vintage car, but don’t want to sacrifice modern features to do so, this is a great car for you to consider. 

So, what is the best year for the Chevy HHR? 2007 is an excellent option, as it has many problems sorted out. You may be able to find a Chevy HHR at your local used car dealership that is in decent shape.

Best of luck finding the perfect Chevy HHR!

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